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Dinosaur Diaries Produced by Elledge/Watkins Second Grade Spindale Elementary Spindale, NC May 2010.

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2 Dinosaur Diaries Produced by Elledge/Watkins Second Grade Spindale Elementary Spindale, NC May 2010

3 National Geographic historic/tyrannosauru s-rex/ historic/tyrannosauru s-rex/ Learn about animals from A-z Discover and explore prehistoric times Learn about bizarre dinosaurs

4 Tyrannosaurus Rex Large meat eating dinosaur 40 feet long with a 4 foot head Name means tyrant lizard He could eat 500 pounds of meat in one bite

5 Land O Dinosaurs ong-long-ago.html ong-long-ago.html Dinosaur Puzzles Magic School Bus Dinosaurs General Information Dinosaur Fact and Fiction

6 Tuatara It has lived for 140 million years unchanged. The tuatara is a part of the family of rhynchocephalla rhyncho beak They are slow growing and can live over 100 million years They lay 6 to15 eggs at one time

7 Dinosaur facts psognathus.php psognathus.php A matching dinosaur game Earth time lines Triassic dinosaur Jurassic dinosaur

8 Compsognathus Smallest dinosaur at 4 feet They eat maet Lived in the jurassic period

9 National geographic dinosaurs101 nce/prehistoric- world.html nce/prehistoric- world.html Prehistoric time-line Dinosaur Photo gallery Dinosaur Video Fossil wars

10 allosarus The allosarus ate meat. It walked on two legs. It was 35 feet long and about 16 feet tall. It weighed as much as trex.

11 Kids dinos com/ com/ Play games Learn about dinosaur Dinosaur Facts Dinosaur pictures

12 troodon Was small and fast Was a hunter Was a meat eater One of the smartest Dinosaurs that ever lived

13 Dinosaur time machine It has facts It has games It has books

14 The dimetrodon He is 6 to11 feet 250lbs Lived 280 million years ago A carnivore it ate other animals

15 Sheppards Dinomight eforkids/dinosaurs/ga mes/name/name_a_ saurus.htm eforkids/dinosaurs/ga mes/name/name_a_ saurus.htm Games Fossils Name-a-saurus Timeline

16 Archeopteryx Had wings and feathers They climbed, flew and ran They were meat eaters

17 Primary games - dinosaurs osaurs/ m osaurs/ m Coloring pages Dinosaur games Dinosaur writing paper

18 stegosaurus Stegosaurus was one of the earliest dinosaurs. It was the first of the armored or plated dinosaurs. A row of 20 tough bony plates grew along this plant eater's back and tail.

19 Discovery Dinosaur Central om/dinosaurs/ om/dinosaurs/ Dinosaur movies Pictures of dinosaurs Information about dinosaurs

20 Velociraptor A pack hunting carnivore About 6 feet tall A hidden retractable claw

21 Ducksters com/animals/dinosau rs.php com/animals/dinosau rs.php Lots of facts about dinosaurs Link to Encyclopedia of dinosaur Links to games

22 Triceratops Lived during a portion of the cretaceous period around 70 million years ago. A full grown triceratops weighed around 7-12 tons. Thats up to 24,000 pounds for the really big ones The triceratops was armored with three fierce horns, one on its snout like a rhino and 2 long horns above its eyes. They were herbivores meaning they are plant eaters and do not eat meat.

23 nh&query=dinosaurs nh&query=dinosaurs Tells about fossils Shows dinosaurs bones It shows a fossil dragon

24 Apatosaurus 70 to 90 feet long Weighed 60,000 pounds It was a plant eater

25 Zoom dinosaurs Picturesofdinosaurs Dinosaurfacts Dinosaurskeletons

26 Supersaurus Tiny head and brain Long neck Four legs Big guts for eating lots of plants

27 National History museum edu/dinosaurs/ edu/dinosaurs/ Dino Dig Game Virtual Tours Dinosaur information Information about fossils

28 Ovirapter Ovirapters had long legs. Ovirapters had big mouths. Ovirapters had sharp claws. Ovirapters where meat and plant eaters

29 Primary Games osaurs/ m osaurs/ m You can play games vidoes are on here Dinosaur facts i

30 deinonychus They hunt in packs They run fast They are meat eaters They have sharp teeth

31 Kid Dig Dinos Dinosuar names Dinosaur history Dinosaur facts

32 dimorphodon My dino lived in England or Mexico It`s a hunter-killer flier It has two types of teeth Its height is 3-4 feet and length is 8 feet

33 Dinosaur train osaurtrain/ osaurtrain/ Dinosaur X-rays Dinosaur names Dinosaur facts

34 triceratops It has 3 horns on it's face. It is a plant eater. It lived in western America It use it's top beak to eat low lying green plants

35 Dinosaurs For Kids com/ com/ Memory games Make your own dinosaur Dinosaur match

36 Acrocanthosaurus It is a meat eater. It's name is acrocanthosaurus It has a long tail It is huge

37 Dinosaurs for kids com/dinosaurs-for- children.php?dinosau r=Craterosaurus com/dinosaurs-for- children.php?dinosau r=Craterosaurus Games Make your own dinosaur Dinosaur matching

38 craterosaurus He is a plant eater He lived 135 million yrs ago He was 12.5 feet He was 1100 pounds He lived in England

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