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Dinosaurs powerpoint by Jeanne Guichard

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1 Dinosaurs powerpoint by Jeanne Guichard

2 Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fierce predator that walked on two powerful legs. This meat-eater had a huge head with large, pointed, replaceable teeth and well-developed jaw muscles. It had tiny arms, each with two fingers. Tyrannosaurus Rex was up to 40 feet Name means tyrant reptile. (King)



5 Brontosaurus- Apatosaurus
It has also been called Brontosaurus (thunder reptile) but the name Apatosaurus was given first. When fully grown it weighed about 30 tons! It therefore spent a great deal of time in the water which helped support its immense weight. They could live to be about 200 years old.



8 Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs yet found. It had a long neck, small head, and relatively short, thick tail. Brachiosaurus walked on four legs. Its front legs were longer than its hind legs. These unusual front legs together with its very long neck gave Brachiosaurus a giraffe-like stance and great height, up to feet tall.



11 Triceratops Name means three horned face. Triceratops had a bony frill to protect its head, neck and shoulders. It's head was enormous, nearly a third as long as its whole body. Its curved jaw was very strong and like a parrots beak. Although it was a plant eater it was very fierce - even fighting with its own kind. Triceratops is the best known horned dinosaur. It had three horns: one on its nose and two long ones above its eyes.



14 Allosaurus Allosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur, which had a very large head, which was balanced only by his very long, very heavy tail. In what is now the United States, Allosaurus was the largest common predator dinosaur. It lived about 100 million years ago, in the Jurassic period of Earth.



17 Albertosaurus It was smaller than Tyrannosaurus, but still a fearsome beast Name means Alberta reptile (discovered in Canada)



20 Diploducus Name means double beam
The term 'double beam' refers to a special feature of diplodocus' backbone. There were small bones below the backbone which had a piece running forward as well as the normal piece that runs back - a 'double beam'. Diplodocus was the one of the longest dinosaurs, it was about as long as a tennis court. Its brain was about the size of a hen's egg Name means double beam



23 Stegosaurus Name means roofed reptile
The Stegosaurus had a very unique row of plate, or ridges that rose from his back in two separate rows, and long spikes at the end of his tail. He was an herbivore, and could have eaten massive amounts of leafy greens during the course of a day, perhaps as much as his own body weight in food.



26 Ankylosaurus was a huge armored dinosaur, measuring about feet long, and 4 feet tall; it weighed roughly 3-4 tons. Its entire top side was heavily protected from carnivores with thick, oval plates embedded (fused) in its leathery skin, 2 rows of spikes along its body, large horns that projected from the back of the head, and a club-like tail. It even had bony plates as protection for its eyes. Only its under-belly was unplated. Flipping it over was the only way to wound it. Ankylosaurus



29 Oviraptor Name means egg thief
It had a short head and a powerful toothless beak. The jaws were curved so that it could crush very hard objects.



32 Velociraptor The Velociraptor was a very fast moving biped dinosaur.
It was a meat eater, who could, according to scientists, outrun anything it came near. The Velociraptor had over eighty very thin and sharp curved teeth, which were well over an inch long.



35 Five Enormous Dinosaurs
Poem from: PowerPoint by Jeanne Guichard Five enormous dinosaurs Shouting out a roar;

36 Along came an alligator
Then there were four.

37 Four enormous dinosaurs
sitting in a tree;

38 ‘Til the wind blew by,

39 Then there were three.

40 Three enormous dinosaurs
were taken to the zoo; ‘Til one got away,


42 Then there were two.

43 Two enormous dinosaurs were having such fun;

44 ‘Til a volcano blew up,

45 Then there was one.

46 One enormous dinosaur, He must of weighed a ton; ‘Til the lakes dried up

47 Then there were none.




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