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A Community Partnership Initiative Supporting Teachers & Their Students Presented by The Institute for Faith-Based Leadership & Philanthropy (IFLP), on behalf of the United Baptist Missionary Convention of Maryland, in Partnership with The Baltimore City Department of Social Services

2 PROJECT PURPOSE The Back to School in January project is an
Initiative organized to support the financial demands placed on the families of disadvantaged students returning to school in the month of January (post-Holiday). The project also supports teachers who are so committed to their students’ success that they take on some of the responsible of meeting some of those demands and needs. 2

3 STATEMENT OF NEED When students return to school in January they
often have a need to replenish their school supplies as preparation is a key element of academic success. Unlike in August and September, the supplies purchased at local retail stores are not discounted to support ‘back to school’ in January. For urban school students from disadvantaged communities, UBMC and BCDSS believes this is a real issue and a real challenge. 3

4 STATEMENT OF NEED The Back to School in January project is targeting three urban schools (Number of students in parentheses) : Tench Tilghman Elementary School (268) Harlem Park Middle School (486) Walbrook High School (2001) Source: All statistics for statement of need obtained from 2005 and 2006 Maryland Report Card: Baltimore City 4

5 STATEMENT OF NEED A significant number of students in these schools
are receiving free or reduced lunch meals, indicating their family’s economic status. % of students receiving free/reduced meals Tench Tilghman Elementary School % Harlem Park Middle School % Walbrook High School % UBMC and BCDSS’s rationale is that if these families can’t afforded ‘food’, it is very likely that they can’t afford to replenish school supplies for the final two semesters of school. 5

6 PROJECT GOALS Goal 1: To establish an on-site ‘supply resource center’
at each target school. Goal 2: To stock each resource center with school supplies for the students with the help of local retailers. Goal 3: To help the administration of each school Document and implement an ‘as needed’ school supply distribution plan to ensure that donated supplies are efficiently monitored and fairly disseminated throughout the school populace. 6

7 ACTION STEPS Present Back to School in January
project to administrators at target schools Work with school administrators to develop supply storage and distribution plans along with budgets. 3. Solicit corporate sponsorship from local retailers via proposals (Gifts of $1,000-$5,000): - Staples - Walmart - Walgreen - Rite Aid - CVS - Office Depot 7

8 ACTION STEPS Identify volunteers to support the project:
- School liaisons - Supply distributors - Supply delivery - Supply monitors - Media contacts - Others: ______________________ 5. Purchase supplies and comparably divide up the number of supplies consistent with the number of students at each school. 6. Coordinate a special event to highlight (a) the “Back to School in January” project, (b) the commitment of all teachers in general, and (c) the community partnerships that made the effort possible. 8

9 TIMETABLE November December January 9 Present to Administrators
Develop Plans & Budgets Solicit Sponsorship Identify Volunteers Purchase Supplies Coordinate Event Host Event & Deliver Supplies 9

10 INTENDED OUTCOMES To promote and support the academic success of
disadvantaged students in three local schools by providing access to school supplies during the latter two semesters of the school year. To provide an alternative for school teachers who would normally use their own financial resources to help fund the school supply needs of their students during non-traditional ‘back to school’ months. 10

11 PROJECT PARTNERS The United Baptist Missionary Convention of Maryland, as lead partner, is a membership organization of close to 150 Maryland churches and faith-based organizations. The goals of the Convention are to provide multiple opportunities, vocational education and leadership development and promote the establishment of outreach initiatives that result in community development and prosperity. The Convention’s present President, Dr. Matthew L. Jones, board of trustees and pastors and leaders have seen the growing burdens and social ills of many disadvantaged persons residing in Baltimore City. The Convention believes that the organization and its membership are commissioned and should be equipped to take a more intentional role in meeting the socioeconomic needs of the communities in which the churches and outreaches are positioned. 11

12 PROJECT PARTNERS The Institute for Faith-based Leadership and Philanthropy (IFLP) was established to provide technical training and services that promote and acknowledge excellence in nonprofit management and operations with the faith-based community. The goals of the organization are to ensure ethical and accountable program operations; promote staff development, organizational professionalism and community partnering; and to coordinate philanthropic or grant maker initiatives established by and benefiting faith-based organizations. IFLP is presently coordinating and supporting the outreach initiatives of the United Baptist Missionary Convention. Rev. Theresa Mercer is president and CEO. Visit 12

13 PROJECT PARTNERS The Baltimore City Department of Social Services mission is to preserve families, protect vulnerable children and adults, and promote self-sufficiency. BCDSS envisions Baltimore City Department of Social Services as a human service organization that enables people to support and protect themselves and their families, through expansion of community based services and partnerships with other organizations. Samuel Chambers, Jr., Director 13

14 FUNDRAISING GOALS Back Pack Sponsor $5,000 1 $ 5,000 (lead)
Level Gift # of gifts Sub-Total Back Pack Sponsor $5, $ 5,000 (lead) Notebook Sponsor $2, $ 4,000 Paper Sponsor $1, $ 3,000 Pencil Sponsor $1, $ 3,000 TOTAL $ 15,000 14

15 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME !!! We need your financial support
to make this project a total success. We appreciate your consideration in advance. Potential Sponsors may take lead sponsorship role with a gift of $5,000 or more. For further consideration, Corporate Sponsorship packages outlining sponsor benefits will be available on November 5, 2006. 16


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