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10-1 Chapter Ten Organizational Culture and Ethical Values.

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1 10-1 Chapter Ten Organizational Culture and Ethical Values

2 10-2 Levels of Corporate Culture Observable Symbols Ceremonies, Stories, Slogans, Behaviors, Dress, Physical Settings Underlying Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, Attitudes, Feelings

3 10-3 A Typology of Organizational Rites and Their Social Consequences Type of RiteExampleSocial Consequences PassageInduction and basic training; US Army Facilitate transition of person into new social roles and statuses EnhancementAnnual awards nightEnhance social identities and increase status of members RenewalOrganizational development activities Refurbish social structures and improve organization functioning IntegrationOffice holiday partyEncourage and revive common feelings that bind members together and commit them to the organization Source: Adapted from Harrison M. Trice and Janice M. Beyer, “Studying Organizational Cultures through Rites and Ceremonials,” Academy of Management Review 9 (1984), 653-659. Used with permission.

4 10-4 Relationship of Environment and Strategy to Corporate Culture Needs of the Environment Strategic Focus Adaptability Culture Clan Culture Bureaucratic Culture Mission Culture Flexibility External Internal Stability Sources: Based on Daniel R. Denison and Aneil K. Mishra, “Toward a Theory of Organizational Culture and Effectiveness,” Organization Science 6, no. 2 (March-April 1995): 204-23; R. Hooijberg and F. Petrock, “On Culture Change: Using the Company Values Framework to Help Leaders Execute a Transformational Study,” Human Resource Management 32 (1993): 29-50; and R. E. Quinn, Beyond Rational Management: Mastering the Paradoxes And Competing Demands of High Performance (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1988).

5 10-5 Ethical Values in Organizations Ethics Rule of Law Managerial Ethics Social Responsibility Ethical Dilemma

6 10-6 台積人行事的最高準則 堅持高度職業道德 專注於「專業積體電路製造服務」本業 放眼世界市場,國際化經營 注意長期策略,追求永續經營 客戶是我們的夥伴 品質是我們工作與服務的原則 鼓勵在各方面的創新,確保高度企業活力 營造具挑戰性、有樂趣的工作環境 建立開放型管理模式 兼顧員工福利與股東權益,盡力回饋社會 十大經營理念

7 10-7 Forces That Shape Managerial Ethics Is Decision or Behavior Ethical and Socially Responsible? Beliefs and Values Moral Development Ethical Framework Rituals, Ceremonies Stories, Heroes Language, Slogans Symbols Founder, History Government Regulations Customers Special Interest Groups Global Market Forces Structure Policies, Rules Code of Ethics Reward System Selection, Training External StakeholdersOrganizational Systems Personal EthicsOrganizational Culture

8 10-8 Formal Structure and Systems of the Organization Ethics committee Chief Ethics Officer Whistle-blowing Code of ethics Training programs

9 10-9 Shop ‘Til You Drop Workbook Activity Culture ItemDiscount Store Department Store 1. Mission of store: 2. Individual initiative: 3. Reward system: 4. Teamwork: 5. Company loyalty: 6. Dress: 7. Diversity of employees: 8. Service orientation: 9. Human resource development:

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