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Is proud to present smoke detectors that could save the lives of you and your family!

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1 is proud to present smoke detectors that could save the lives of you and your family!

2 There are two types of Smoke Detection Photoelectric Ionization

3 Photoelectric Sensing Photoelectric Sensing is more sensitive than Ionization Sensing at detecting large particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by smoldering fires, which may smolder for hours before bursting into flame.

4 Ionization Sensing Ionization Sensing is more sensitive than Photoelectric Sensing at detecting small particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by flaming fires, which consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly.

5 Ionization detectors do NOT work fast enough! After conferring with some of the world’s top experts in fire prevention technology (listed below), we’ve opted to cease using ionization-only sensors in any of our products for a very simple reason: Ionization sensors do not react to large smoke particles fast enough to save lives! Below is a partial list of some of the experts who are also members of our Advisory Panel: Adrian Butler (Queensland, Australia) and Karl Westwell (Tauranga, New Zealand), Co-Founders of the World Fire Safety Foundation Richard Patton, FPE – Founder of the Fire Crusade

6 There are two types of Power Supplies AC power is Alternating Current. In the U.S., this is 110 volts. DC power is Direct Current. Direct current is low voltage. All Laser Alert™ and Life Guardian™ products have both AC and DC power capabilities.

7 Insurance carriers state that over 50% of their losses are attributed to fire and smoke damage that would clearly have been prevented with properly maintained and functioning smoke/CO detectors. Power Failures All of our units are both AC and DC; therefore, if there is a power failure, the units still function.

8 Preventable Related Deaths in the U.S. Hundreds of deaths are directly attributable to dwellings not having any form of smoke detectors in the structure. Smoke alarms provide a 40-50% reduction in the rate of fire deaths per 100 reported home structure fires. In 1999-2001, deaths per 100 home fires were 52% lower when working smoke alarms were present.

9 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Deaths in the U.S. Deaths due to toxic gases and/or oxygen deprivation, collectively called smoke inhalation, outnumber fire deaths due to burns. The SG-4100 AC/DC CO Detector plugs into a standard wall socket, placing it below mattress height for maximum protection.

10 The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that Carbon Monoxide, or “CO”, is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America, yet many people don't know they are suffering from CO poisoning until it's too late. Since the symptoms of CO poisoning are like those of the flu, you might not even know you're in danger at first. That's why a carbon monoxide alarm is an excellent way to protect your family. It can detect CO you can't see or taste in the air.

11 2-to-1 if death certificates from 2002 are used 3-to-1 if death certificates prior to1999 are used 5-to-1 if 1994-1998 NFIRS data are used 6-to-1 if 1999-2002 NFIRS data are used The ratio of smoke inhalation deaths vs. fire deaths is:

12 Smoke-Related Deaths in the U.S. Of the deaths directly attributable to fires, 85% were due to disorientation from the structure being filled with smoke. Laser Alert™ detectors provide a solution!

13 The SG-5100 and SG-6100 LASER ALERT™ and Life Guardian™ Detectors, via wireless laser domes, provide a visible guide to a safe exit.



16 Problem: Human Errors Many deaths are directly attributable to dwellings having smoke detectors from which the occupant has removed the battery or disconnected the wires from the detector, as they did not like to hear the detector going off “accidentally”. Our detectors offer a way to reduce these human errors.

17 Our LASER ALERT™ detectors have a “Mute” feature which can temporarily silence the alarm. This is extremely useful in kitchen areas or other locations prone to nuisance alarms. Mute Button (SG-5100 shown)

18 Corrosion and Rust Many detectors, especially in coastal communities, malfunction due to corrosion and rust. Ours are the only detection units (both smoke and carbon monoxide) which are both moisture- and corrosion-resistant.

19 Ordinances and laws regarding the installation and types of smoke/fire/carbon monoxide protection vary from county to county and from state to state.

20 Insurance companies normally discount a homeowner’s property insurance policy if the homeowner has an approved (according to local codes) fire detection system in the residence, whether a single structure, a condominium or an apartment.

21 The same ordinances and laws specify where these detectors are to be placed and how many are required. Current laws regarding manufactured housing are applicable to: Mobile homes Motor homes

22 Market Potential / Demand Based upon available industry figures, the potential wholesale market for smoke detectors, in the United States alone, is over 350 million dollars per year !

23 Market Potential / Demand Based upon available industry figures, the potential retail market for smoke detectors, in the United States alone, is over One billion dollars per year !

24 The important thing to remember is that by using our patented and trademarked units, you will have: The ONLY smoke detectors in the world that emit a pre-targeted LASER beam which points through disorienting smoke to a safe exit! The LASER ALERT™ system - which will become the world-wide standard in smoke/fire detectors!

25 Our SG-6000 Self-Charging Smoke Alarm

26 Two years in development, the SG- 6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ is the world’s most technologically-advanced 110-volt smoke detector, utilizing both photoelectric-sensing principles and a heat sensor as its methodology for detection of smoke and fire. Simply fit the SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ into an existing light fixture — no more unsightly alarms, no dead batteries and no need for “DIY” installation. SG-6000 With Bulb The 10-year life span and unique features re-define the term “user benefits”, and mean that you will never again have to climb on a chair to change a battery or to silence a false alarm.

27 No Batteries Required By utilizing the power fed to the light, the internal rechargeable battery in our SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ requires no battery maintenance for its entire 10-year life. Moisture/Corrosion-resistant The SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ is the world’s only smoke detector that is both moisture- and corrosion- resistant. (Areas such as the garage, the workshop, the laundry and furnace areas are often sources of these conditions.) The SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ is intended for installation only in Baton and pendant-type lighting fixtures that hang within 28cm (11 inches) of the ceiling, and only within ceiling lampshades that allow the flow of air around and through the alarm (this usually means that the lampshade is open at both ends).

28 EasyFlick™ Alarm Test Testing the SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ smoke alarm is easy — simply flick the light switch off, then on ONCE. After a short delay, the SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ will enter a self-test cycle. EasyFlick™ Alarm Silence Nuisance alarms are a thing of the past! To silence a false alarm, simply switch the light on, then switch the light off then on again twice in rapid succession. After a short delay, your SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ smoke alarm will silence and re-set automatically.

29 Hidden By Shade of Ceiling Light Fixture When used in a ceiling light fixture, the SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ is hidden by the shade - making it the first choice for the aesthetically-conscious. Positioning As the SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ smoke detector requires a 110-volt supply of electricity to recharge the integral battery, it should be installed only in light fittings that are used regularly. The unit will continue to function when the light switch is turned off. The SG-6000 LIFE GUARDIAN™ requires the light to be switched on for a total of one hour per week to remain in its fully-charged state.

30 Views of the SG-6000 Top Bottom ProfileWith Bulb

31 Feature Fire AngelAngel Eye Life Guardian™ Detector Photoelectric Smoke Detection Heat Sensor Sound Level Above 100 dB Moisture/Corrosion-resistant SG-6000 Life Guardian™ Detector

32 Feature First AlertKidde All LASER ALERT TM Detectors When activated, laser domes project laser beams to predetermined safe exits Speaker and Strobe Domes Independent Photoelectric and Heat Sensors (except SG-4100) Sound Level Above 100 dB Moisture/Corrosion-resistant SG-4100 / SG-5100 / SG-6100 LASER ALERT™ Detectors

33 SG-4100 / 5100 / 6100 LASER ALERT™ Base Units w/ Transmitters & Satellite Domes These detectors are a radical departure from any detector presently on the world market, as they have features not found on any other detectors available for either residences or commercial/industrial structures. It is a known fact that the majority of deaths in a fire are from smoke inhalation because smoke disorients an individual from knowing which direction has a safe exit from a room, building, structure, etc. Carbon monoxide detectors placed on the ceiling do not activate until the level of dangerous fumes reaches the unit, when the entire room is filled with deadly gas. Each of our base units is equipped with a transmitter which activates various satellite domes, and is packaged with a laser beam satellite dome (the SG-4100 comes with a speaker dome). Combination laser/speaker domes complete the system, along with strobe domes and an under-pillow vibrating pad for the hearing-impaired.

34 SG-4100 / 5100 / 6100 LASER ALERT™ Satellite Domes You can add as many laser beam or speaker domes as needed for your structure; all are activated by signals from transmitters within the various base units you may have installed. When the detector is activated, it immediately signals (activates) all domes linked to it. The laser beam satellite domes point through dense, disorienting smoke to pre-targeted locations, whether a staircase leading down to safety or a door leading out of the structure, while the speaker domes emit a user-recordable voice message.

35 The SG-4100 Protects High-Risk Areas Because carbon monoxide often comes from areas such as the garage, the workshop and the laundry and furnace areas, our SG-4100 LIFE GUARDIAN™ will alert you to danger with features not found on any of our competitors’ products! Our goal is to have the L.I.F.E. brand synonymous with detectors that ensure early warnings of danger in buildings of all sizes, from single-dwelling residences to high-rises. Instant 110-volt Plug-In There is no need for drilling holes and using hand tools. The SG-4100 LIFE GUARDIAN™ plugs into a standard wall outlet, so fitting is instant and fuss-free. SG-4100 CO Detector


37 All of our Base units can transmit to any of our satellite domes, of which we currently have five different types. We also offer a vibrating pad which fits under a bed-pillow; we recommend its use with our strobe dome to alert the hearing-impaired. All of our base units and all of our satellites are AC/DC and have the same type of programmable 8 on/off switches in order to make them compatible with the base unit(s). All base units come with one laser satellite dome (SG-4100 comes with a speaker dome) and, as all of our satellites are programmable, you may purchase additional satellite units at the time of original purchase or at a later date. All of our base units and satellite domes use snap-in connectors for the AC power and are extremely easy to install. All of our satellite domes are on rotating mounting plates so that they may be pointed at a pre-designated target area; staircase, staircase landing, door, etc.

38 All* of the LASER-ALERT base units come packaged with one satellite dome with a laser cannon which can be pre-targeted to a stairwell, the landing on a stairwell or any door leading out of a structure, whether a dwelling or a commercial/industrial building. All of our satellite units are AC/DC, have a snap-in connector and are programmable to be compatible with the base unit(s). There is no limit to the number or types of satellite units you may choose to be part of your smoke/fire/carbon-monoxide protection system. * SG-4100, which is a carbon-monoxide detector, comes with a speaker dome.

39 Use of the rotating mounting plate allows the speaker dome to be pointed toward a bed or other point in an area. All of our speaker domes have built-in recording capabilities. Studies at leading universities have proven that a person is likely to listen more attentively to a familiar voice than to a generic message.

40 Our laser / (programmable) speaker satellite dome performs two functions upon activation: both its laser cannon and the pre-recorded message. All satellite domes emit a horn sound of 100+ dB when activated (while the speaker is on, the horn warning is muted).

41 Our strobe dome emits a brilliant flashing light to alert the hearing impaired, but like all of our satellite domes, it also emits a 100+ dB sound when activated.

42 We are working on several types of CCTV cameras, some with built-in motion detection and all with the ability to alert a remote computer or your cell phone and, by using the arrows on your computer’s keyboard or the directional tabs on your cell phone, the ability to pan and tilt the camera. The usage of these satellite domes ushers in a new era in fire protection as well as offering the ability to monitor your premises, whether residential or industrial, from the screen of your cell phone.

43 Sam Lax, Operating Manager 15415 LEMARSH STREET MISSION HILLS, CA 91345-2602 Tel: 818-674-6112 e-mail: For more information, please contact: Member # 2311302

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