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Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management - Certificate in Electoral Processes 9 th – 13 th July 2012 Guide to Planning for Electoral Management.

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1 Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management - Certificate in Electoral Processes 9 th – 13 th July 2012 Guide to Planning for Electoral Management Bodies

2 Types of Planning Strategic Plan Operational Plans Departmental Activity Plans Individual Activity Plans

3 The Strategic Plan Strategic planning is a systematic process to determine what an organization wants to be in the future and the methods to achieve that end. Develops the future vision and the mission or purpose of EMB, identifies problems, and decides what goals, objectives and actions are required to resolve them.

4 MISSION STATEMENT The Central Election Commission of Georgia is a public body; the mission of the CEC is to be an independent arbiter and conduct the elections in accordance with the law. The election administration is not to be involved in the political discussions.

5 VISION + MISSION STATEMENTS Our vision is to be recognized for excellence in electoral administration. Our mission is to maintain the integrity of Queensland’s electoral system.

6 CORPORATE VALUES STATEMENT Our Corporate Values are committed to:  providing quality electoral services to clients throughout Queensland;  accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in management, administration and delivery;  management practices and client services governed by the principles of social justice: equity, access, equality and participation;  maintaining a work environment which is safe, healthy and promotes innovation and excellence; and  regularly reviewing and evaluating our effectiveness using recorded performance data.

7 MISSION STATEMENT The National Electoral Commission (NEC) is a public institution, whose mission is to organize, conduct and supervise all public elections and referenda, register all eligible voters, demarcate constituency boundaries and make regulations for the efficient performance of its functions.

8 MISSION STATEMENT The NEC also seeks to impartially serve all stakeholders in the electoral process, and to undertake voter education programs for the citizens of Sierra Leone as a means of promoting and sustaining democracy and good governance.

9 BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING Promotes strategic thought and action Improve decision-making Strengthen CEC’s organizational responsiveness and performance Directly benefit policy makers Allows CEC to develop comprehensive plans Ensure a greater chance of organizational success

10 The Strategic Planning Cycle 2.Gathering Information 2.Gathering Information 3. Needs Assessment Issue and Problem Analysis 3. Needs Assessment Issue and Problem Analysis 4.Developing Mission Goals, Objectives Actions 4.Developing Mission Goals, Objectives Actions 5.Adopting and Implementing the Plan 6.Monitoring and evaluation 1.Organizing Process 1.Organizing Process

11 The Strategic Planning Cycle 1. ORGANIZING THE PROCESS Forming the Strategic Planning Team Commissioners, Departmental Heads, others(?) Organizational Framework Team understands the SP process Who will lead? Geographical area covered?

12 The Strategic Planning Cycle 2. GATHERING INFORMATION Physical Environment – buildings owned and buildings used Financial Environment – Healthy budget? Can all members of the team have access to it? Social Environment - # voters, # staff, political parties, NGOs Understanding the EMB– committees, resources

13 The Strategic Planning Cycle 3. NEEDS ASSESSMENT – ISSUE AND PROBLEM ANALYSIS Analyze information collected above Identify, analyze, and prioritize strategic issues or problems KISS SWOT Analysis

14 The Strategic Planning Cycle 4. DEVELOPING MISSION GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND ACTIONS Identify overall goals – long term Identify objectives – short term Need to be SMART

15 The Strategic Planning Cycle S - Specific M - Measurable A - Achievable R - Realistic T – Timebound

16 The Strategic Planning Cycle 5. ADOPTING AND IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN Draft for the Commission Comments back to SPT Adopting the Strategic Plan Print and Publish Implementing the plan Live Document

17 The Strategic Planning Cycle 6. MONITORING AND EVALUATION Responsibility Feasibility Resources – Key people Timetable Evaluation

18 Operational Plans Specific to an event Voter registration Election Out of Country Voting Very detailed written internal document Lead Department All involved

19 Operational Plans Timing of Operational Plans? Concept of Operations Detailed written internal document Timing of Concept document?

20 ACTIVITY PLANS Departmental Activity Plans Numerous activities Deliverables Results Timescale Who is responsible? Examples

21 ACTIVITY PLANS Individual Activity Plans Examination of Departmental Activity Plan Head of Department and CEC employee Departmental meetings Structured meetings Agenda Includes Activity Plans Minutes?

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