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Family Services Welcome to…. The presentation you are about see welcomes potential new Individuals and their Families to our organization and gives a.

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1 Family Services Welcome to…

2 The presentation you are about see welcomes potential new Individuals and their Families to our organization and gives a brief history and background of what we do. WELCOME…


4 Who We Are… In 1989, Milieu opened the doors to its first home. Since that time, we have specialized in providing residential and vocational services for people with developmental disabilities. Milieu has experienced steady, well-paced growth and has established a reputation for providing quality services. In October 2002, with over a dozen homes ranging in location from Aldergrove to Richmond and two day programs, Milieu expanded to become Milieu Family Services Inc. With the name change, we increased our services to include Home Sharing Services.

5 Individuals Staff Teams Management Team Executive Team Personal Networks The relationships within Milieu are made up of 5 groups: Individuals are people receiving services from Milieu Personal Networks are the families, friends and professionals of the Individuals Staff, Management and Executive Teams are Milieu employees supporting the Individuals

6 What we do… Milieu’s Community Inclusion Services is comprised of individualized, person-centered programs, which offer its participants full opportunities to expand their skills and abilities.

7 What we do… Although our Community Inclusion Services is primarily Employment based, Individuals are given choices to participate in Vocational, Recreational, Educational, Social and Life Skills Programs.

8 What we do… Milieu’s Residential Services offers individuals a home that best suits their needs and is located in their community, with the company of roommates.

9 Applicants are 19 to 70 years of age. Certificate and/or experience related to human/social service field. Current Criminal Records Check. Current First Aid Certificate. Driver’s License Abstract. Unrestricted Class 4 Driver’s License and/or Class 5 driver’s license. Clear Tuberculosis Test. (negative result) Doctor’s letter indicating that the applicant is mentally and physically able to carry out the assigned duties. Milieu is committed to maintaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that provides quality service to the individuals in its care.

10 Milieu employees are also provided with the following training opportunities: First Aid: A refresher course designed to give employees the opportunity to renew their Adult First Aid for Residential Settings. Mandt Training: A course designed to prepare and educate employees to develop their intervention skills. Sign Language: A course designed to assist and train employees supporting hearing impaired individuals. Ethics Training: A course designed to assist employees to develop attitudes and practices that are professional and ethical. Food Safe: A course designed to educate employees on proper food handling techniques. Competency Training: A training tool designed to ensure that all employees are equally competent.

11 Frequently asked questions… Q. What kinds of services does Milieu provide? Milieu provides Residential, Home Sharing and Community Inclusion Services.

12 Frequently asked questions… Q. How do I find out more about Milieu’s Home Sharing Services? Your first step would be to contact Milieu’s Home Sharing Manager, Jessica Lillies to answer any questions regarding this service at 604-582-1811.

13 Frequently asked questions… Q. How are Milieu’s services funded? Milieu’s services are funded primarily through CLBC. “ Community Living BC (CLBC), a provincial crown agency mandated under the Community Living Authority Act, delivers supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in British Columbia. CLBC is working to create communities where people with developmental disabilities have more choices about how they live, work and contribute.”

14 Frequently asked questions… Q. What is CARF? CARF is “ the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF International is an independent, non-profit accreditor of health and human services.”

15 Frequently asked questions… “As a consumer you will face a variety of options when deciding what services to use and who should provide them. Accreditation is a sign of quality services and is an important consideration in your decision making process. Consumers turn to CARF accreditation for confidence in their choice of home and community services”. Q. Why Be Accredited?

16 Frequently asked questions… Q. What is Sharevision? “ ShareVision is an initiative designed around the needs of agencies who advocate for people with developmental disabilities and their families, to ensure justice, rights and opportunities in all areas of their lives.” ShareVision is a data base that logs daily information and tracks goal progress of individuals and can be shared with families over the internet so they can always be up to date on their loved ones.

17 Frequently asked questions… Q. Can you tell me more about Employment? Career and Employment Services Customized Employment Services Milieu’s Customized Employment Service is an employment service that is individualized to highlight the abilities, skills and preferences of motivated people who are seeking employment. Our support staff negotiates with the employer, creating a position that recognizes the individual's skills and preferences. Work experience may be utilized; however, this aspect of the service is time-limited and may be considered as a situational assessment that allows the employment specialist to observe employability skills.

18 We provide individual employment planning, job seeker profile preparation, assistance with interview skills, employment counseling, assistance with marketing and job search, on-site training and monitoring, follow-up and liaison with employers and participants. Self-Employment Services Milieu’s Self–Employment Services provide supports that lead an individual toward earning income directly from one’s own business, trade or profession, rather than as salary or wages from an employer. Self-Employment activities may include small businesses and micro- enterprises. In order to achieve a desired level of income, persons may be involved in several enterprises.

19 For more information please visit Milieu’s website at…

20 Thank you for expressing interest in Milieu Family Services. We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have, please contact us at: Head Office 604-582-1811 Community Inclusion Services 604-581-0878


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