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Monarch Butterfly With comments from students in 3A.

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1 Monarch Butterfly With comments from students in 3A

2 One of the chrysalises has gold on it. – Laressa I can see a wing in a pupa. – Rediate

3 I saw that there are seven pupas and two larvae. First there will be an egg. Then there will be a larva. Then there will be a pupa. Then there will be an adult. The pupas are green and (the) larva is yellow and black. – Omar

4 I observe that four of the larvae have turned into chrysalises. They have really changed. The milkweed plant has changed a lot, too, because most of the leaves are gone. – Sammy

5 I hope one is going to grow into a butterfly because I like butterflies a lot. – Xchel

6 I just remembered cocoons were for moths. Our caterpillars are (now) chrysalises. – Sol I saw a caterpillar’s chrysalis and I saw a wing inside. – Anna

7 There are twelve living things in total. There are eight larvae and four pupas. I think the last time we miscounted. – Josephine

8 The chrysalises are green. Caterpillars walk like rippling water. They are very squishy. – Natalie

9 The legs are simple. It (the caterpillar) moves its head. I saw it eat. It was fantastic. – Alex C. They (the caterpillars) seem to use their prolegs to stick upside down and their true legs to move. – August

10 One (caterpillar) is close to the water. Watch out!! – Sam The caterpillar is a pupa. He or she will turn into a chrysalis. – Sarah

11 There are four pupas and five larvae. The larvae are eating less and many are starting to curl up in a spiral shape. – Elena

12 I measured one of the last caterpillars standing and I found out that it is six centimeters long. Right now five are pupas. I noticed that when caterpillars are about to turn into pupas they start to slow down and they get darker colors. – Sol

13 I observed that the first time I saw the caterpillars they barely moved, but now they’re moving a lot. The larvae grew three quarters as big as my thumb. – Jack

14 I observed that one is turning into a pupa. I know that because it has stuck (itself) to a branch. – Taylor

15 I noticed that the Monarch larvae are twice as big (as they were before). I discovered that there is a lot more frass than last time! – Roberto

16 There are five pupas and four caterpillars. There is one that we didn’t count because it is black and it isn’t moving. I noticed that the pupas are turning goldish and one is seethroughish. – Eva

17 There is a larva that is dead. It is black and losing its natural colors. – Karina I know that maybe half of the Monarch caterpillars will live long. But I’m still figuring it out. – Hector

18 Monarch pupas are here and one is dead. Yuck! The dead one is black. The rest are fine. – Luke

19 All of the chrysalises, including the “J” are hanging from a leaf except for the one chrysalis hanging from the container. – Natalia The pupa has a pattern that shows if it is a male or a female. A line in the middle shows the difference. – Alexander W.


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