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Information Experts on Russia, Baltic States and Eastern Europe 2015 IGK Group ©

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1 Information Experts on Russia, Baltic States and Eastern Europe 2015 IGK Group ©

2 2 1991 – 2015 IGK Group History 1991 – the first IGK company was registered in Germany 1992 – first companies of IGK Group were registered in Russia and Baltic States 1993 – IGK Holding was registered in Germany. SCRL (Coface) and Intercredit Holding became members of IGK Holding. 1994 – expansion to Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia 1998 2007 – separation from Coface 2007 – cooperation with the leading credit risk insurance 2015 companies: Atradius, Euler Hermes, Ducroire, Sinosure, Mapfre and other. ®

3 3 IGK Group profile IGK has 24 years experience providing the customers credit management services: ® Credit reports Partner monitoring Debt collection IGK Online – Verification and assessment of creditworthiness of companies in the Russia RiskStop – International Portal B2B debts registration Consulting Marketing research Legislation and Judicial support Credit insurance offer

4 4 IGK Group Structure/I IGK Group Companies ® IGK Credit Management Latvia IGK Service Lithuania IGK Service Estonia IGK Services Ukraine Balt Risk Baltics Risk Ukraine IGK Broker Baltics IGK credit management Kazakhstan IGK Network IGK AG Germany IGK credit management Moscow/Russia IGK credit management Nizhnij Novgorod/Russia IGK credit management Samara/Russia IGK Service Rus Tambov/Russia IGK Broker Russia IGK credit management Chelyabinsk/Russia IGK credit management Perm/Russia

5 5 IGK Group Structure/II IGK Group Network IGK Group in CIS countries, Baltic States and Mongolia Armenia Georgia Lithuania Kyrgyz Belarus Moldova Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Mongolia Tajikistan Azerbaijan Estonia Latvia Ukraine Russia ®

6 6 IGK network in Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Nizhniy Novgorod Rostov on Don Krasnodar Samara Kazan Perm Yekaterinburg Yakutsk Khabarovsk Vladivostok Irkutsk Barnaul Chita Novosibirsk Krasnoyarsk Ufa ®

7 7 IGK Network Red – IGK offices Green – IGK network Russia Blue – IGK network CIS ®

8 8 IGK Credit Information report Standard report includes:Additional information:  Company’s full style and history;  Office address, telephone, telex and fax numbers;  Company's full activity, products, trade marks;  Import and export data, main suppliers and customers;  Information about shareholders and directors;  Details of affiliated or related companies;  Last year balance sheet, operating results, bank references;  Negative information register, court files;  Creditworthiness and credit recommendation.  The result of the opinion poll  Country review  Officially registered real estate;  Officially registered transport vehicles;  Expanded data on commercial pledges;  Information about related persons and companies;  Monitoring;  Answers on special questions. IGK rating will help you to define you company’s politics towards new business partners IGK reports are approved by all main European credit insurers for risk estimation ®

9 9 IGK Visit Report / Content The Visit report includes:  Standard report  Additional information, obtained during the visit to the company: - History of the company - Affiliation to the group of companies - Associated/subsidiary companies - Information about the shareholders (possible changes) - Information about the management (experience, qualification) - General basic activity description, activity specificity - Position in the market (% market share, main competitors) - Information about the customers (business line) - Information about the suppliers - Information about movable and real estate - Information about current and future credits - Debtors (accounts receivable) - Customer’s special questions  IGK Rating Visit report is an extended rating report based on the information received during the visit to the company ®

10 10 Credit monitoring Name change Legal status change Legal address change (if the official address declared) Share capital change Activity change Management board change, chairman of the board change Signature right change Company’s articles of agreement change Reorganizations, mergers Payment defaults Start of insolvency process We offer 2 variants of monitoring New accounts (yearly or intermediate half a year accounts) Any data obtained from the interview (particularly the actual address ) Updated rating This monitoring implies the manual work. These data could be delivered in the structured format of our report including the changes specified in the first type of monitoring 1. Variant 2. Variant By this monitoring you will receive immediate information on the following changes via email ®

11 11 Debt Collection IGK offers: Local debt collection Administration of the invoices International debt collection Legal services: Litigation and enforcement Bankruptcy proceeding Other services First contact with the debtor in 24 hours after the case is registered! Registration of your claim in IGK credit reporting application and Balt Risk (Register for non paid debts) often leads to unexpected payment results. ®

12 12 Debt Collection IGK offers: Placing of the order and handing over of the documents Verification of the debtor (preparing of a credit report by the IGK Group companies) Evaluation of the documents in regard to the possibility of recovering the claim Letter of claim with fixed paying-deadline Contact by phone and written correspondence Personal visits to debtors Debtor tracing Updated reports as soon as there are any news of development in a case as well as a monthly report of all possible cases No result – no Fee ®

13 13 Debt Collection In case the results of the pre-legal stage of the debt collection process are not successful by the agreement of the client we proceed with legal actions. We provide the list of expenditures of bringing claim to the court and analysis of possibilities of winning the case to help the client in making his decision. Litigation & enforcement Court procedure includes: Filling of a suit against the debtor Obtaining judgment Execution of judgment Bankruptcy procedure Presenting the bankruptcy petition in the court; Participation in the creditors meeting; Representing the interests of the client ®

14 14 IGK Online Portal Verification and assessment of creditworthiness of companies in the Russian Federation For more information, visit IGK Online Portal ® IGK Online Portal offers you to get fast: ● express report on a company of interest - verify registration information - assess financial results - make a decision on further cooperation with a company Express-report contains: ▪ all official information on companies, available in the database of the Federal State Statistics Board, including financial data, and additional information from the State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL/USRLE) with regular update; ▪ negative information from the bankruptcy database (information on bankruptcy procedures and external management) ▪ IGK credit opinion: - credit rating - credit limit Credit Rating and Credit limit is the expert opinion of IGK specialists IGK Online Portal is designed for companies and private persons who need to be confident in the creditworthiness of their customers

15 15 RiskStop Portal Some words about RiskStop Portal Please welcome on RiskStop Portal web site to learn more about its possibilities ® It's an international web portal created to reduce the risk of non payments and fraud in B2B business. Customers of RiskStop Portal can use two very important functions: ● registration of debts thus using it as an additional tool for pressure on the debtor; ● obtain information about the payment behavior of the buyers making credit decisions easier and safer. RiskStop Portal is working today for countries: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany. Information on the registered debts is stored in the portal within 5 years. RiskStop is a closed system that can be used only by registered members following the Rules and signing the contract RiskStop Portal – is an additioanl tool for pressure on the debtors

16 Credit Risk Insurance gives an opportunity to secure your business from the unforeseen bankruptcy of the buyer ® 16 Trade Credit Insurance is meant for the companies selling on deferred payment terms The insured event in credit risk insurance is  ability to offer deferred payment terms to the buyers  ability to prolong deferred payment terms  professional risk estimation and check-up of the buyers  confidence to start working on new markets and with new buyers  Bankruptcy of the buyer  Protracted default (Long-term non-payment) The insured company gains the following competitive advantages Credit Risk Insurance

17 ® 17 Why IGK Insurance Broker? First and sole specialized broker for Trade Credit Insurance in Russia. Experiences in Trade Credit Insurance since 1991, since 2005 in Russia. Cooperation with all credit insurers in Russian market. Part of IGK group – a specialist in Credit Risk Management providing credit information and debt collection services in CIS, Baltic States and Central Europe. Tender Contract Risk Claim Administration Credit Risk Insurance. IGK Broker Specialists for all parts of Trade Credit Insurance Tender  One special prepared application form for all Trade Credit Insurers and assistance in completing it  Receiving offers from all Trade Credit Insurers  Evaluation of the offers and analysis of the insurance contracts  Advice on the choice of the insurance offer  Support in achieving an optimal acceptance ratio by gathering of missing or additional information  Support in evaluation of gathered information

18 ® 18 Credit Risk Insurance. IGK Broker Offer  Offers presentation  Support in understanding the terms and conditions of each offer  Support in negotiations for an optimal offer  Support in achieving an optimal acceptance ratio by gathering of missing or additional information  Support in evaluation of gathered information  Participation on the client side in negotiations with insurers to finalize the conditions of the contract  Assistance in the preparation of all documents for signing contract  Introduction of responsible persons in contract handling and fulfillment of all obligations of the contract The possibility of a non-standard offer Support during the term of the insurance policy  Active support in getting optimal credit limits  Support in case of claims  Support in negotiations in case of prolongation of the contract or transfer to another insurer What costs the services of an insurance broker?  These services will be paid by the insurer  The using of a broker has no influence on the costs of the insurer

19 19 IGK online service IGK Online – information concerning companies in CIS countries, Baltic States and Mongolia ®

20 20 One stop shop for information IGK Group ® ® MONEY IS THE BLOOD OF ECONOMY  Credit risk insurance  Debt collection  Credit information

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