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Effective receivables management iKassa Finland Ltd ensures faster cash flows and minimizes credit losses.

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1 Effective receivables management iKassa Finland Ltd ensures faster cash flows and minimizes credit losses

2 o iKassa´s core business is debt management. o Part of the Finnish Risicum group and the U.S. Dollar Financial Corporation. o The parent company DFC Global Corp. has served in the U.S for more than 30 years. o The company is listed on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ: DLLR) since 2005. o DFC operates in seven countries, 1236 offices and 5000 employees. o iKassa has offices in Helsinki and Turku. o We have 55 employees (and growing) iKassa Finland Ltd

3 Wide-ranged receivables management services o Invoicing o Current account ledger o Customer service o Financing o Collection o Portfolio purchasing o E-commerce payments Our services

4 External collection partner maintains good customer relations for the company We charge delay interest on late payments Debtor information is carefully examined and debtor is contacted very actively We use effective phone- and SMS collection Scheduled payment plans made, when needed Customer-specific credit rating in use regarding collection actions (scoring) iKassa Finland`s - benefits iKassa´s customer service serves also in English and Swedish Call Center customer service is open on weekdays 8-19

5 Physical education and health services Publishing business Online shops, online training Energy, waste management, construction Health care and specialized services Building maintenance, property management, cleaning services Sweeping and air-conditioning services Program offices, ICT services, staffing services Boat dock services, woodwork Micro- and consumer loan companies Private parking control companies Our clients

6 Collection in Finland is strictly ruled by law: - Limited collection costs - There are limitations in collection costs regarding different phases in collection - There is also a cap to total collection cost in one particular collection case - Contents and schedules of collection letters - Contents of letters are specified in a law - There must be distinquished information about open balances - Also the schedules are determined by law - Good practise must be complied with - It is not allowed to cause unnecessary harm or cost to debtor - Consumer agency and market court are giving guidelines to good practise Collection law

7 Collection law sets limits to collection charges  Current collection fees are: – Reminder:EUR 5.00 – 1st payment demand:EUR 21.00/ EUR 45.00 (if the capital is over EUR 250.00) – 2nd payment demand: EUR 17.00/ EUR 29.00 (if the capital is over EUR 250.00) – 3rd payment demand: EUR 17.00/ EUR 29.00 (if the capital is over EUR 250.00) – Payment plan cost:EUR 30 + 5 euros for each instalment Collection fees

8 - Receiving collection data from Julianus - Data includes all the information about debtors and receivables - Storing the claims in iKassa collection - Debtor information is checked from official address register - Telephone numbers are checked from national register - Voluntary collection measures started - Sending out a reminder in consumer claims and first collection letter in company claims - Using all the methods to reach the debtor (letters, phone, SMS, emails) - Legal collection - If legal collection is agreed, iKassa sends out the debtor identification information to official customer information register to check if there is a valid Finnish social security number. Legal collection can only take place when debtor has this valid ID in Finland. Collecting Estonian receivables

9 Collection process Case transferred to collection and 1st payment demand is sent 1st payment demand is dued 2nd payment demand is sent 2nd payment demand is dued iKassa scoring: Phone collection is executed during voluntary collection. Collection agents try to reach debtor from 1 to 3 times in order to make a payment plan. Payment plans are also made when debtor calls or emails to iKassa customer service 10 days 7 days 10 days 0 days 3rd payment demand is sent 3rd payment demand is dued 10 days 7 days a) Claims below 85e and claims regarding debtors whose indigence is concluded by iKassa scoring are transferred to debt surveillance b) Over 85e claims regarding debtors that are concluded as solvent by iKassa scoring are transferred to legal collection Application for summons District court/ verdict ~1-3 months 14-60 days Application for execution 14-21 days Execution 1 month- Debt surveillance: Main function: to prevent claims from expiring. Secured by regularly sending payment demands to debtor or proceeding execution measures through making new applictions to authorities Debtors are also activated by regular phone collection and sending sms-messages as a reminder. Payment demands are always sent when there are changes in debtor’s situation (e.g. change of address, payment to other claim or debtor has passed away)

10 Proposal for a new collection law: - Lower limits to collection costs - First proposal would cut the collection costs to about 1/3 of current costs - More limited volutary collection - Less letters and contacts allowed in voluntary collection - Aiming to get claims to legal collection faster (this is supposed to make debtors situation easier somehow) There is a good purpose behind the proposal but the effects would probably be opposite. More claims would end up to legal collection and costs in there are lot higher than in voluntary collection. Legal collection causes a black mark to official paymend disorder register and debtors possibilities to get a rental house, credit card, etc. will vanish for several years. Proposal is not final yet. It is estimated to be in force some time next year. Planned changes in collection law

11 Thank you for your interest! Sami Similä CEO mobile. + 358 50 430 5536 Receivables management professionals

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