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Mortgage Partner Media Partner 6 th edition Exciting Opportunities for INDIAN DEVELOPERS.

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1 Mortgage Partner Media Partner 6 th edition Exciting Opportunities for INDIAN DEVELOPERS

2 Indians in GCC countries Qatar -545,000 Indians Oman - 597,769 Indians Kuwait - 681,288 Indians Bahrain - 400,000 Indians Saudi - 2.45 Million Indians UAE – 2.2 Million Indians ( all 7 emirates together) Abu Dhabi – 875,000 Indians Market Research  35 % of the total population are Indians * Abu Dhabi population is 2.5 million

3 The Exciting Opportunity….. Abu Dhabi based Indians are seeking new investment opportunities in INDIA! 3 Our Market study shows 18% of the Indians in Abu Dhabi are looking for property investments within 1 year

4 Market Analysis More than 2.2 Million Indians residing in UAE are the primary target Abu Dhabi’s GDP per capita is $71,000 (UAE GDP is $ 51,356) UAE is home to the most HNWIs in the GCC. 72% of HNWIs in the UAE have investments in real estate Abu Dhabi market potential is not utilized yet and you can get good investors, with LESS COMPETITION One of the richest cities in the world and the largest Emirate having the highest population, makes the largest contribution to GDP Abu Dhabi expects a GDP growth of 6.7% this year Abu Dhabi is Ranking 3rd in the world at purchasing power parity 4 Ref: * 2013 Ref: Gulf News

5 Market Research Investment Categories : Flats – 47% o New Community Living – 63% o Established Community Living – 21% o Traditional Flats– 16% Villas/Townhouses- 28% o Community Living – 43% o Independent/ Buy existing – 37% o Will build own- 20% Land –16% Commercial - 9% Abu Dhabi Market Potential

6 Visitors DEMOGRAPHICS * Significant percentage of show visitors will come from this buying community of the Emirate. Average Household Income in Abu Dhabi

7 Abu Dhabi never witnessed a major Indian property exhibition. Few Indian shows which had in 2013 failed to attract visitors. The reasons are: – All those Organizers are from outside Abu Dhabi / UAE with less knowledge of the Abu Dhabi Market. – No proper Database of Indian Community/ Investors/ HNWIs – Lack of Proper Marketing Activities and Channels – Less Contact with local Indian organizations and associations 7 Regain market confidence on Indian Property Market in UAE which was shaken by the property scandals and other disturbances Property funds of NRIs are diverting to alternate investments Our market study shows demand for a one-stop show to choose from multiple builders in Abu Dhabi Why Exhibit in Abu Dhabi

8 Exhibition Details Title : International Real Estate & Investment Show (IREIS 2014) Date : 20 – 22 November 2014 (3days) Time : 11 am to 8 pm Venue : Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) Expected Investors : 15,000+ Indian Pavilion : Expecting 30 Exhibitors and 2000 HNW Indian Investors Associated Events: International Conference Country/ Project Presentations Business Network Meetings Investor Meets 8

9 INDIAN PAVILION Publicity Coverage AED 1,000,000 Outdoor, Indoor, Television, Radio, Print, New Media & PR *Can increase to AED 1,500,000 based on acquisition of media barters 15,000 High Net Worth Individuals Total Expected Visitors Expected HNW Indian Visitors 2,000

10 10 Media Campaign Radio Campaign Multilingual radio campaign – 10 Stations Public Relations PR across GCC Campaign Branding Posters, Rollups, Banners and Registration Outdoor Advertising: Megacoms, Directional signs, Flags Online Media Website and Social Media channels Road Shows Innovative activations and competitions SMS and Email SMS / Email campaigns targeting 600,000 customers Print Media Releases Advertising Campaign - Newspaper and Magazines Previous Media Partners : 1.Abu Dhabi Media 2.Gulf News Broadcasting 3.Property World ME 4.Investors Magazine 6.AlAqariya News Real Estate Media Group 7.MediaWatch Middle East FZ LLC 8.Al Aqariya TV & Alam Magazine 9.Mediarabai Publishing -Acari Magazine 10.Asianet 11.Gulf Property & Construction Guide 12.Property Perspectives 13.RUSH Magazine 14.Trends, SAH & KippReport 15.Abu Dhabi Space Channel 16.Al-Ikitissad Wal-Aamal 17.Aqariya News Publishing Magazine 18.Aqariya TV - Real Estate Channel FZ 19.Eye of Dubai 20.Happy Read Publishing Ltd – MERE 21.Media Quest 22.Mediawatch 23.Property.RU Magazine 24.Media Arabia - Acari Magazine 25.Newsweek Magazine 27.Property.RU - RUS Advertising LLC 29.Property World ME 32.RetailME 33.The Times & Sunday Times 34.Kabayan Weekly INDIAN PAVILION

11 11 Gulf News :PW Ad Full-page-20 Aug & Sep 11

12 12 Press Coverage

13 13 “VISIT & WIN an Apartment in India” One lucky visitor can win an apartment for FREE by just visiting the exhibition. First Time in Abu Dhabi Gadgets By: Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper Airline Tickets By: * Offer may change without notice. Terms and Conditions Apply. Logos belong to their respective owners Offer Booklets By:Holiday Packages By: VISITOR CAMPAIGN THEME


15 Project Locations Logo/ Developer Name Branding INDIAN PAVILION

16 16 Entrance/ Exit Proposed LocationBooked Entrance/ Exit c 3x6 6x6 E21 E22 E30 E29 6x6 3x6 H27 D28 3x5 2x5 D21 4x5 D27 3x5 D29 E28 3x6 3x4 E29 6x5 3x5 3x7 E27 C27 C29C28 3x5 3x3 3x2 B29 B30 B28 B21 B23 B24 3x33x4 3x5 3x10 3x6 F29 F27 3x4 3x5 A27 A29A28 3x6 6x6 G29 G28 G27 c E30 E31 E32E34 E37 E38 D30 D31 D32 D33 D35D36 D37 D38 D39 C30 C32 C33C34 C35C36 C37 C38C39 C31 6x3 5x3 10x3 3x3 4x3 5x3 3x3 4x3 E33 E36 4x3 E35 4x3 E39 E40 E41 3x3 4x3 G31 12X5 5x6 H30 H33 H32 12x7 G30 10x5 5x5 F30 F33 F32 G32 4x3 3x3 F11 10x10 10x5 10x10 A11 10x10 10x5 D11 10x5 5x3 6x3 3x3 10x3 J21 J23 J22 J24 J26 J25 5x3 6x6 A21 3x5 3x6 G33 3x3 B25 B27 3x2 B31 3x3 3x5 B11 10x5 D22 10x10 NBAD Far Glory Bric group Egypt USA Lebanon 10x10 F21 Europe Turkey Thailand Philippines Palastine Pakistan HMG Rent/Lease India C11 10x5 3x5 3x33x2 B29 B21 B23B24 3x33x4 3x5 CM prop Mulberry Homes Accommodation Times 99acres 3x5 B31 KSA Oman Kuwait Bahrain GCC ENTRANCE EXIT ENTRANCE EXIT INDIA PAVILION Seating Capacity 150 people KERALA

17 Oman Kuwait GCC ENTRANCE / EXIT ENTRANCE / EXIT 6x3 8x3 4x3 3x3 4x3 3x3 4x3 6x34x33x3 4x33x3 INDIAN PAVILION

18 Exhibiting Charges – Shell Scheme Ready to use Exhibition Stands : Every 9 sqm includes 1 table, 1 counter, 2 chairs, 3 spot lights, one 13Amp power socket, carpet, waste basket, wall panels of Octanorm system, Fascia with company name INR 1.9 Lakhs 9 sqm: Listing of the company name with project profile (maximum 150 words) on Official Show Guide 12 sqm: Listing of the company name with project profile (maximum 150 words) on Official Show Guide INR 2.5 Lakhs INR 3 Lakhs 15 sqm: Listing of the company name with project profile (maximum 150 words) on Official Show Guide 18 sqm: Listing of the company name with project profile (maximum 150 words) on Official Show Guide. Additional PR and marketing exposure INR 3.8 Lakhs INR 5 Lakhs 24 sqm: Listing of the company name with project profile (maximum 150 words) on Official Show Guide. Half Page Ad in the catalogue. Additional PR & marketing exposure

19 Why DOME Exhibitions? 22 years in Abu Dhabi; Organizing Exhibitions, Conferences & Stand buildup Established connections with ministries, government entities, organizations and social communities in UAE From Exhibition Concept to implementation executed by DOME’s in- house experts who understands Keralite NRI’s market pulse. Established media connections with all leading Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV channels in UAE Established channels to seek support of Indian Embassy, Indian Social & Cultural Centre, Associations, College Alumni’s and different regional communities from India Sound Marketing techniques coupled with Existing database of Expat community– For Mailing, SMS and Social Media

20 Visitors : 60,000 + Exhibitors : 50 + Floor Space : 10000 sqm Sales Volume : AED 30 Million Highlights of ADES 2014 – Feb 26 to March 1 “ The First Consumer Electronics Show in Abu Dhabi Bringing Together the Biggest Electronics Retailers & World Class Brands Under One Roof Showcasing the Best and Innovative Gadgets “ DOME Profile: Exhibitions

21 21 * Click on the image to open YouTube videos Videos DOME Profile: Exhibitions

22 Started : 2004 Exhibitors: 41 Participants :400 Frequency : Annual Started : 2010 Exhibitors: 15 Participants :150 Frequency : Annual Started : 2012 Exhibitors: 15 Participants :170 Frequency : Annual DOME Profile: Conferences

23 If you are in the world of property development, this is an excellent opportunity for you. 23

24 NEXT STEP… Contact us TODAY and confirm your participation. For any further clarification, please contact us 24 Mr. Dony Cyril Director – Exhibitions IREIS 2014 M: +971 50 6617217 | T: +971 2 674 4040 | E: Abu Dhabi Head Office: P O Box 52641, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 674 4040 Fax: +971 2 672 1217 Email: Dubai Branch Office : P O Box 37783, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 320 3118 Fax: +971 4 320 3119 Email: Rizvi Syed Asghar Global Real Estate Media Solutions Email:

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