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 Compulsive shopping is an addiction where someone feels the need to shop.

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1  Compulsive shopping is an addiction where someone feels the need to shop

2  Compulsive shopping generally originates from depression, anxiety, and the need to fulfill a fantasy lifestyle.

3  According to Stevie Watson, External college students externals are believed to have more positive attitudes toward money and credit are less likely to manage credit cards and money responsibly and are more likely to shop compulsively than internals.

4  In addition to cutting up credit cards, addiction expert Terrence Shulman offers these tips to break your bad habits. If clothes shopping or home decoration is your passion, pursue a career in fashion or interior design. "Think of ways to make money instead of spending it," says Shulman. Volunteer: To curb your appetite for gift-giving, give your time instead. Beware of shopping buddies. Says Shulman: "Find ways to spend time with your friends that don't involve shopping or spending a lot of money.“ and enroll in rehab (Shopaholic No More)

5  Being a compulsive shopper can lead to a devastating life leaving you to thousands of dollars in debt owing people. Getting in this position at a young age will have a major impact on your future. The best way to control this desire is to find what makes you want to shop, enroll in a class and talk to someone about it. Find ways to end the desire. You’ll end up owing more money than you make.

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8  Washington, K, & Miller, W. (2010). Why People buy. Consumer Behavior, 4(4), Retrieved from r?vid=2&hid=112&sid=35761e07-08c4-4c22-8eb1- 27be9dc228d3%40sessionmgr112  Watson, Stevie. "CREDIT CARD MISUSE, MONEY ATTITUDES, AND COMPULSIVE BUYING BEHAVIORS: A COMPARISON OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL (LOC) CONSUMERS.." College Student Journal 43.2 (2009): 268-275. Web. 9 Jun 2010..College Student

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