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Why do people volunteer?

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1 Why do people volunteer?
Think… What types of events are most likely to attract volunteers? What do you think motivates people to volunteer for events?

2 Do people volunteer… …because volunteering enables them to use and practise creative skills …to pursue an interest or cause they feel passionately about?

3 Do people volunteer to…
…achieve a balance in life?

4 Do people volunteer… …to meet and socialise with others?

5 Do people volunteer.. …because volunteering provides a safe environment where they can be personally challenged?

6 Do people volunteer… …to fulfill a desire to help others
… to ‘make a difference’ …because they believe volunteering is about ‘giving back’ to the community?

7 Do people volunteer… …to gain experience and skills that will help them in their studies or career?

8 Why volunteer? Why do people volunteer? Do you volunteer?
What events would you volunteer for?

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