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Drug-free Approach to ADD, ADHD and Autism

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1 Drug-free Approach to ADD, ADHD and Autism
Barbara Lagoni Dr Steve Chaney Jo Coogan Janeen Nufer

2 To Explain Attention Deficit Disorder…

3 We Need To Take Better Care of Our Brains
ADD/ ADHD -- 9 million kids Autism – 1 out of 13 Learning disabilities affects 5 to 10% of children Alzheimers/dementia (estimated 30 to 50% over 85 by 2050) 1 out 4 have mental illness Depression – 20 million Anxiety– 40 million 1 out of 10 on an anti-depressant barb

4 Healing the New Childhood Epidemics Autism, Asthma, ADHD and Allergies by Kenneth Bock & Cameron Stauth Causes – Toxins proliferated— air ( saturated with mercury from coal-burning factories & IQ-damaging lead ) water (polluted with hydrocarbons, pathogens, waste and medications ) food ( fouled by chemicals, hormones, antibiotics ) Nutrition deteriorated – average intake of essential has steadily declined since replaced by unhealthy fast food and processed food Ability to detoxify dwindled -- barb

5 Meet Chase – a delightful 10-year-old Diagnosed with Autism and ADHD in 2nd Grade
Chase struggled in school – had ----difficulty focusing, transitioning from one activity to another --stood alone in corner of playground --frequent emotional breakdowns, crying, frustration Chase struggled socially – lived in his own world, --no friends --would get nervous, then stutter, so kids ostracized him On medications for ADHD which reduced his appetite, caused him to withdraw and become neutral … no personality.. Like a “ Zombie” and made him nauseous in the morning. Diet – LOTS of soda pop, no vegetables, salty snacks, packaged macaroni and cheese ( most foods he ate were loaded with artificial coloring & flavoring ) janeen

6 Enter Shaklee … Janeen started Shaklee 180 after regaining 70 #... 7 years after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. She lost 18 # the first month.. And felt so much better. Then Dan joined her .. Has lost 55# in 6 months And their entire family began using Shaklee products and changed everything they were eating, bought bikes & a trampoline and began playing together as a family And they all came to value their health and understand the importance of good nutrition Janeen

7 Dietary Changes in the Nufer Family
Before -- frozen waffles and pancakes replaced with Shaklee 180 Smoothees for breakfast Soda pop replaced by water Vegetables for lunch, snacks, dinner Organic meat and poultry Removed wheat, sugar, refined carbs Shaklee 180 Snack bars for lunch janeen from this ……… to this from this ………… to this

8 6 Months Later -- Chase has advanced 3 reading levels
He is calmer, less anxiety Off all medications No more social problems.. No more fights, kids stopped bullying him Learning comes more easily When school started in August, he walked into classroom in which he didn’t know anybody … handled it and made friends Social worker called … said “ he is a different kid, interacting with others, not stressed, loves school “ Janeen

9 Healthy Brains Need… Rest Exercise Toxin-free environment Healthy diet from “real food ” Essential nutrients too critical to leave to chance barb Let’s first look at the effect of certain foods on behavior and learning…

10 Save over $3,400 compared to toxic cleaning products!
Get Clean - HEALTHY HOME Save over $3,400 compared to toxic cleaning products! Cleans The White House! Residential and Commercial Use! Seen on Oprah! Seen on Rachael Ray! Outperforms 20 National Brands! jo

11 Be Aware of Possible Hidden Food Allergies
Chronic cough Bed wetting Persistent colds Stuffy nose Recurrent ear problems Leg and muscle cramps Recurrent nosebleeds Hyperactivity Poor attention span Irritability Pale skin Dark circles under the eyes Food Sensitivities Often Associated with Behavioral Issues ( ADHD, Autism ) steve Gluten .. In wheat and many other grains ( celiac disease) Milk and dairy products Corn Nuts

12 Food Additives – Artificial Colorings, Flavorings, Preservatives, Flavor Enhancers, etc
Hyperactivity -- 2-3% sensitive to food colors -- Over 1300 additives -- 10 pounds/year Cancer -- most not adequately tested year latency period steve

13 Hidden Sugar – “Hide and Sweet” Average Child Eats 2 POUNDS/ Week
You might know that… But did you know…? Ice cream is 8.9% sugar Ketchup is 29% sugar Cake is 8.7% sugar Fruit flavored yogurt = 14% Sugar Cookies are 25% sugar Shake & bake = 51% Hershey Bar is 35% sugar Peanut butter= 12-25% Sugar … Depletes essential nutrients , especially B vitamins Causes irritability Linked to short attention span Mood swings steve

14 Sugar in Cereals % Added Sugar % Cereal _ 60 50 40 30 20 10
Honey Smacks Apple Jacks Fruit Loops Cocoa Puffs Frosted Flakes % Added Sugar Honeynut Cheerios 100% Bran Flakes Wheaties Corn Flakes Cheerios % Cereal steve

15 More Damaging Items To the Brain
Sugar !! ( insulin ) ( Alzheimers now called Type 3 Diabetes ) Poor digestion More than 95% of autistic kids have gastrointestinal dysfunction (Dr Martha Herbert, Harvard) -- Caused by Pro-Inflammatory Diet (too high in Omega 6 , too low in Omega 3 fatty acids, too high in sugar and refined carbs, too low in vegetables ) steve Auto immune disorders and inflammatory conditions usually benefit from Omega 3 fatty acids …

16 Digestive Disorders Candida – yeast overgrowth
-- related to overuse of antibiotic -- weakens the immune system -- release toxic substances that are absorbed into the bloodstream -- affect mood, focus & mental function Lack of Digestive Enzymes -- more common in autism -- interferes with utilization of nutrients steve

17 Some Parents Turn to Drugs --
Some Parents Turn to Drugs But Be Aware --Drugs Have Side Effects Stimulant Drugs – Ritalin, Adderall & Concerta Anxiety, nervousness & insomnia Loss of appetite & weight loss Headache, dizziness & stomach pain Mood alterations Allergic reactions Suicidal thoughts & psychotic behavior Increased blood pressure, irregular heart beat & sudden death Potential for abuse steve

18 Drugs Have Side Effects Continued Non-Stimulant Drugs – Strattera
Upset stomach, nausea & vomiting Loss of appetite & weight loss Lack of energy Mood swings Suicidal thoughts & psychotic behavior Seizures, heart-rhythm problems & sudden death Liver damage steve

19 Clinical Trials Show That Supplementation …
Improves nutritional status Increases resistance to disease ( fewer sick days ) Improves pre-cognitive learning Improves ADHD symptoms Especially These: GLA Complex– Children with ADHD are often less able to produce GLA B Complex – essential for nerve and brain transmission. Depleted by sugar, refined carbs, stress, medications, caffeine Optiflora Probiotics – for a healthy gut, to prevent candida, 40% of neurotransmitters are in the gut ! Omega 3 Fatty Acids –Brain is 60% fat and Omega 3’s are significant part of that Protein Shakes & Shaklee 180 Smoothees -- important for breakfast to support learning and focus Barb

20 Nutrients for Optimal Learning and Healthy Brain Function
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega Guard Mighty Smarts B Vitamins B Complex if they can swallow Incredivites Chewable Multi Vita Lea ( tablet to swallow ) Protein Energizing Soy Protein Shaklee 180 Smoothees barb

21 Omega 3 Fatty Acids… Shaklee Omega Guard
Ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade, full spectrum of 7 Omega 3 fatty acids A natural anti-inflammatory …improves eczema, colitis, arthritis, MS, psoriasis, migraines, reduces C-reactive protein, Important for brain, eyes, joints, helps ADD & ADHD, memory loss and depression Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development. barb Source: Omega-3 fatty acids | University of Maryland Medical Center

22 Omega 3 Fish Oil ALWAYS SAFE Industrial Pollutants –PCB’s
“Lawsuit: Disclose PCB Levels in Fish Oil. Group Finds Amount of Contaminant Varies Greatly Among Popular Supplement Brands” - CBS May 2, 2010

23 DHA-Powered Mighty Smarts™
DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that affects early brain and eye development Studies show that many kids do not get enough of this important nutrient Foods high in DHA—such as sardines, tuna, and organ meats such as liver—are not kids’ favorites Eating large amounts of fish can lead to unhealthy exposure to mercury and other environmental toxins, which can be especially harmful to children jo A child’s brain forms not millions, or billions, but trillions of cell connections during the first decade of life. DHA makes up about 97% of all the Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and 93% in the retina

24 MIGHTY SMART™ Supersmart: Supersafe:
Dagim Supersmart: High in DHA Omega-3s for BrainPOWer DHA helps support concentration, memory, and vision 100 mg per serving—A level clinically proven to increase blood levels of DHA in children ages 4–12 Supersafe: Certified organic by Quality Assurance International† 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives Gluten free † 75% organic jo Great Tasting, Kid Tested, and Kid Approved! Yummy Orange Chew

25 Protein –Builds Healthy Cells & Stabilizes Blood Sugar Especially Important for Breakfast
Energizing Soy or Shaklee 180 Smoothees Or Mealshake Creamy Whey Shakes Good protein sources, low in fat & cholesterol, balanced nutrition 1/3 of all essential nutrients Soy or whey Clinically proven to stabilize blood sugar levels Great tasting jo Peanut Butter Fudge ( 1 cup peanut butter, cup Energizing Soy Protein, 1/3 cup honey )

26 Let’s help our kids feel eager to learn.
Shaklee B Complex Improves mood through healthy brain function Increases exercise performance through decreasing     mental and physical fatigue Improves memory, energy and overall vitality Supports cognition and helps slow brain aging barb Let’s help our kids feel eager to learn.

27 Shaklee’s INCREDIVITES™ For kids who cannot swallow tablets
Incredivites --Supernutritious: & Supersafe: First kids’ chewable multi in the U.S. with immune-supporting power of lactoferrin! 23 Essential Nutrients—Needed for proper growth and development 600 IU of Vitamin D3, Support for strong bones and teeth and brain Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote cavities No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservative jo Vita Lea Multi for kids who can swallow tablets Great Tasting, Kid Tested, and Kid Approved! All-natural tropical punch, grape, and berry flavors.

28 Optiflora Probiotic System
Restores beneficial micro-organisms to lower intestines lost from antibiotics, diarrhea, chemotherapy, steroids, and other medications Keeps undesirable bacteria & yeasts in check Strengthens the immune system (80% is in the gut) Triple encapsulation protects acidophilus, bifidus, and other probiotics from stomach acids jo 40% of neurotransmitters reside in the gut Keep it healthy

29 Factors that Damage the Brain Ultra Mind Solution Mark Hyman, M.D.
Toxins (cleaning products, air pollution, food additives) 80,000 chemicals introduced since 1900 550 have been tested for safety Lack of nutrients ( esp. B vitamins, Omegas, Vitamin D3 ) Lack of sleep (when the (brain repairs and heals) Stress (cortisol injures hippocampus, damages brain cells and leads to memory loss and dementia) barb

30 Healthy Happy Brainy Kids Collection
Vita Lea Multi or Incredivites Chewable Multi B Complex Omega Guard Breakfast Protein Shakes .. Shaklee 180, Mealshakes, Energizing Soy Protein Powder Optiflora Probiotic Capsules Additional Options GLA Natural real foods – vegetables – at least 6/day Eliminate artificial colorings/ flavorings/ sugar/ junk food barb

31 A Good Place To Start -- Vitalizer
One of Shaklee’s most popular products is Vitalizer … a daily strip of 6 tablets that contain over 80 essential nutrients … with 12 patents on its delivery system that provides optimal absorption … and based on 12 clinical studies Not only does Vitalizer provide protection for your immune system, your digestion, bone health, heart health, energy, reproductive health … plus healthy hair, skin and nails … It also makes you eligible for … FREE MEMBERSHIP … saving you 15% on all Shaklee products ..

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