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The Fifty First Dragon By Heywood Broun.

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1 The Fifty First Dragon By Heywood Broun

2 Vocabulary Words & Definitions

3 Joust Verb To fight with lances on horseback

4 Expulsion Noun Forcing out someone from a group

5 Dexterity Noun Skillfulness with hands or feet; cleverness

6 Timorously Adverb Timidly; shyly

7 Restive Adjective Nervous; restless

8 Ethics Noun Rules of a moral conduct or behavior

9 Indiscriminate Adjective
Unrestrained in choice; haphazard (unplanned/careless)

10 Judicial Adjective Showing careful consideration of all sides of a problem before making a decision

11 Ferocity Noun Fierceness; aggressive behavior

12 Brandish Verb To wave or display in a threatening way

13 Impetuous Adjective Acting suddenly, without much thought; rash

14 Malice Noun A desire to be purposely hurtful to others

15 Preliminary Adjective Happening before; leading up to the main action

16 Discourse Noun A long speech, discussion, or writing about a topic

17 Testy Adjective Touchy; easily angered or bothered

18 Solicitude Noun Concern; inquiring about

19 Literal Adjective Real; exact

20 Meager Adjective A small amount; scant; scarce supply

21 Author Notes Heywood Broun Born Harvard Graduate New Yorker

22 Author Notes Sports reporter, World War I correspondent, literary critic Believed journalism can point out social wrongs

23 The Fifty-First Dragon
Spontaneous humor balanced with fable-like message about self confidence Humor stems from: Anachronism: a thing or person that belongs in an earlier time Sarcasm: a sneering or cutting remark Fantasy: wondrous, strange, imaginative images Cynicism: a scornfully negative remark Understatement: makes the situation seem less important than it is

24 Anachronism Events existing out of their proper time in history
Examples: A horse drawn carriage on an interstate highway A jet airplane in a cowboy movie Abe Lincoln using a microwave or cell phone A sword is an anachronism for modern warfare.

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