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 5th Grade  Linda Mayhew  Imperial Teaching American History  June 2011.

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1  5th Grade  Linda Mayhew  Imperial Teaching American History  June 2011

2 Sub strand 5.9 Students know the location of the current 50 states and the names of their capitals.

3 Students will research one of the 50 states and create a travel brochure for that state.

4 Information you will need to gather for your state.

5  Capital:  Oklahoma City  Major cities: Enid Tulsa Lawton Muskogee

6 Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World Beaver, Oklahoma Oklahoma National Monument Roadside Landmark Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Catoosa, Oklahoma Route 66 Monument Clinton, Oklahoma


8 Oklahoma’s land is flat with low rolling hills. The landscape is comprised of 10 separate land regions.

9  The summers are warm, moist, long and usually quite hot.  Winters are shorter and less extreme than those of the more northern Plains states  The average temperature over the state is 58 to 62 degrees F.  The hottest temperature recorded was 120 degrees in 1936.  The coldest temperature recorded was -27 degrees in 1930. Oklahoma is part of tornado alley.

10  1820 : Five Native American tribes relocated in “Indian Territory”. The most famous were the Cherokee along the “Trail of Tears”  1889-1895: Oklahoma Land Rush brought many European groups as well as African slaves of the Native Americans.  1907: Oklahoma becomes a state and cowboys and oil men come to the state. At this time there were more black only towns in Oklahoma than the rest of the country put together.  Today’s population is 308,745,538

11  Governor: Mary Fallin  Other Famous People:  Johnny Bench (Oklahoma City): Cincinnati Reds catcher  Garth Brooks (Yukon), Vince Gill (Norman), Reba McEntire (McAlester): country and western singers  Gordon Cooper (Shawnee): astronaut  Ron Howard (Duncan): actor and director  Brad Pitt (Shawnee): actor  Shannon Miller (Edmond): Olympic gymnast  Jim Thorpe (Prague): Cherokee known as the world’s greatest athlete

12 Brochure Sections

13  Title Cover  Name of State  State Shape Picture  Introductory Slogan  Student Name  Class & Period  Date Originally known as Indian Territory After the Oklahoma land rush and statehood it became knows as the Sooner State.

14 Information Demographics State Facts Economy   Flower: Mistletoe   Bird: Scissor tailed Flycatcher Song: Oklahoma Tree: Redbud Agriculture: Cattle, wheat, milk, poultry, cotton. Industry: Transportation equipment, machinery, electric products, rubber and plastic products, food processing. 2010 Population – 3,751,351

15  Famous Locations  Weather  Education Oklahoma City National Memorial Oklahoma has 4 seasons. It is one of the 4 states in tornado alley. Major Universities in Oklahoma  Oklahoma University  Oklahoma State University

16  Rubric  E:\RubricStateBrochure.doc E:\RubricStateBrochure.doc

17 Sources Cited   Google images    History-Social Science for California Our Nation by Scott Foresman, Grade 5 Unit 9 Teacher Resources

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