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By: Riley Hollis Mrs. Evans 3rd grade

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1 By: Riley Hollis Mrs. Evans 3rd grade
OKLAHOMA By: Riley Hollis Mrs. Evans 3rd grade

2 Map of Oklahoma Capitol- Oklahoma City

3 Facts About Oklahoma Oklahoma became a state on November 16th, 1907.
Oklahoma was the 46th state to join the U.S.A. More astronauts have come from Oklahoma then any other state. Oklahoma has more man made lakes then any other state. Oklahoma holds the record(s) for the worlds largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, and pecan brownie in the country! A pecan festival is held every June in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has more states that border it then any other state in the U.S.A. Oklahoma covers 69,903 square miles. Oklahoma’s population is 3,450,654 people! Oklahoma is located in the south central United States.

4 State Flag and State Seal
The first Oklahoma was used from The current flag has been used since 1925, and in 1941 the word Oklahoma was added to the bottom The flag design was to bring together the Native American Indians and the settlers who came to Oklahoma. Oklahoma adopted the state seal in 1907. The seal represents Oklahoma’s government. (The union between the Native American people and the American people.)

5 Scissor-tailed flycatcher & Mistletoe
The Oklahoma state bird is the scissor-tailed flycatcher It was chosen to be the state bird in 1951. The flycatcher is a song bird that darts over insects. The state flower is mistletoe Mistletoe is used a lot during Christmas time. Mistletoe became the state flower in 1893 when people gathered at the World Fair and each state or territory brought a flower from their region. Oklahoma brought mistletoe.

6 State license plate & quarter
Oklahoma’s state legislature has adopted this license plate (there are many different license plates that are available in Oklahoma). The Oklahoma state quarter was the 46th quarter released in the Quarter States project. The quarter was released in 2008 and the back of the quarter has the state bird, the scissor- tailed flycatcher, and mistletoe, the state flower.

7 Agriculture, and Animals
In Oklahoma they grow cotton, wheat, peanuts, corn and pecans. Animals they farm are beef cattle.

8 Manufactured Products
Oklahoma manufactured goods are petroleum, machinery metal, and plastic products.

9 Attractions!!! The Oklahoma City National memorial honors the people who died in the bombing in 1995. It shows pictures of drawings to represent hope and peace. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a prairie place with hiking trails, and a fresh water area to see animals in their habitats. The Five Civilized Tribes Museum shows Native American artifacts, and collections of Native American art. There is a outdoor market, and you can visit the Native American library and learn about the Native American history.

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