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CHILE Its Land, People and Business Opportunities.

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1 CHILE Its Land, People and Business Opportunities

2 Chile is a democracy with an open and stable economic model, which has remained one of the most competitive economies in the region. Its solid institutional framework, the strength and transparency of its public institutions, infrastructure, and efficient and sophisticated financial market, have led to becoming the first South American country to be a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD ). Today, the country ranks 22 among 176 countries in the " Index 2013 Corruption Perception " published by Transparency International, being a leader in Latin America. BECAUSE ITS A GENIUINE AND TRUSTWORTHY COUNTRY ¿WHY CHILE?

3 The stunning and distinct geography of the country has shaped the character of its people, challenging them to dominate and to establish links with the world. Currently, Chile has the largest network of existing Free Trade Agreements. 24 Trade Agreements with 62 countries, and others in the process of negotiation, give him privileged access to a market of over 4,439 million inhabitants. BECAUSE AN OPEN COUNTRY CONNECTED WITH THE WORLD Despite the geographical distances, Chile is a leader in the development of information technology and communications in Latin America, as per the ranking of Connectivity Scorecard 2013. Likewise, its infrastructure of roads, ports and airports are among the most advanced in the region. ¿WHY CHILE?

4 Large temperature swings are the way of life in the north. This place is known for its vast mineral wealth, which has attracted the largest companies in the sector by encouraging the development of CODELCO, the state company that to date is the largest producer of copper worldwide. This area is also known internationally for its clear skies, as their lack of clouds and the distant light pollution have become the world capital of astronomy. Climatic conditions have favored the development of Unconventional Renewable Energies, such as solar, wind and geothermal exploration; well lead to a unique phenomenon in the world, the flowering desert. NORTHERN ZONE EXPLORING CHILE AND ITS RICH DIVERSITY

5 The pace of big cities and the quiet countryside combine in this place of Mediterranean characteristics, which has settled the largest number of inhabitants. The business sector is mainly concentrated in Santiago, the capital; in the port of Valparaiso and Concepción. Just minutes from these extensive valleys, by the combination of natural barriers, climatic characteristics and soil quality, have been occupied by horticultural and wine producers are located. The latter have placed the country among the eight largest wine producers in the world. CENTRAL ZONE EXPLORING CHILE AND ITS RICH DIVERSITY

6 This is the area of ​​sea and lakes; lush forests and steppe; ancient ice and volcanoes; leads to important fisheries, livestock, forest, and mineral waters with high added value. In this naturally protected environment, thrives the dairy industry which exports products like milk, cheese and butter, to name a few, and also is prevalent the salmon industry, which in 2013 exported about $ 3,600 million. Weather conditions and soil quality, have favored the sustainable cultivation of forests for wood industry to contribute to the country nearly 3% of GDP. ZONA SUR EXPLORING CHILE AND ITS RICH DIVERSITY

7 Agreements in force Agreemts signed EFTA South Korea United States European Union Japan India P-4 China Australia Perú Cuba Panamá Vietnam Malaysia Turkey Ecuador Central américa México Canadá Mercosur Venezuela Bolivia Colombia Thailand 63% Of the global population 93,8% Of our export markets 85% Of global GDP A COUNTRY OPEN TO THE WORLD: 24 Trade agreements with 62 countries. Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con datos de DIRECON. ECONOMY AND FOREIGN TRADE

8 Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. Exports 2013: US$ 40.158 million in Copper US$ 36.526 million in goods without copper EXPORT OF GOODS

9 EXPORT OF GOODS* Export of goods have grown significantly in the last decade. Supported by an active policy of trade liberalization, which has facilitated access of Chilean products to international markets. Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. * Doesn´t include neither Copper nor services

10 In 2013, the exports of non-Copper goods reached US$ 36.526 millons, recording a growth of 2% in comparision to 2012. Exports of Goods* Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. * Doesn´t include neither Copper nor services.

11 Growth in export of goods, has been driven by high value-added sectors such as the Forestry Industry and Agricultural Products, Sea Food and Wine. EXPORT OF GOODS* Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. * Doesn´t include neither Copper nor services.

12 EXPORT OF GOODS* Latin America** Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. * Doesn´t include neither copper nor services ** Geoesquema ECLAC. In 2013, Chilean exports of goods totaled US $ 36,526 million. Latin America accounted for 30% of these shipments, with amount of $ 11,081 million.

13 In 2013, exports of services totaled U.S. $ 12,787 million, an increase of 3% compared to 2012. Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile (Balanza de pagos). EXPORTS OF SERVICES

14 According to various rankings and international reports of bodies such as OCED, World Bank and The Economist Intelligence Unit, Chile has been recognized as: The most stable and secure country of South America. A good business partner. A country open to the world that promotes free trade. Ernst & Young placed Chile among the countries with the fastest economic growth along with China, Ghana, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

15 The dynamic food industry has placed Chile as one of the leading suppliers of fresh produce off-season for the northern hemisphere. Furthermore, it is the largest exporter of frozen Pacific salmon, frozen trout, fresh blueberries, apples and dried plums. AGRI FOOD SECTOR The growth of primary production sectors, along with the implementation of a satellite industry support, have enabled significant advances in the development of competitive advantages in areas such as innovation, production, and global compliance certifications Industrial sector CHILE, UN PAÍS PARA HACER NEGOCIOS PRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS PARA EL MUNDO Products and Services for the world LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

16 Trade in services accounts for over 30% of exports "No Copper" of the country. Its average annual growth rate of 11% respond to the modernization of the State; reforms in the systems of education, transport and health; infrastructure development, and advances in telecommunications. SERVICE SECTOR CHILE, UN PAÍS PARA HACER NEGOCIOS PRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS PARA EL MUNDO Mining is part of our identity as a nation, being the protagonist of the growth path that had the Chilean economy in recent decades. Mining exports relative to total shipments Chile remains the most important, with a share of around 60%. MINING SECTOR Products and services for the world LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

17 1 Santiago (Chile) 2 São Paulo (Brasil) 3 Ciudad de México (México) 4 Lima (Perú) 5 Bogotá (Colombia) 6 Monterrey (México) 7 Río de Janeiro (Brasil) 8 Ciudad de Panamá (Panamá) 9 Valparaíso (Chile) 10 Buenos Aires (Argentina) 11 Concepción (Chile) Índice de Atractividad de Inversiones – INAI 2013 Fuente: Universidad del Rosario e Inteligencia de Negocios, mayo 2013 SANTIAGO, the most attractive city of investments in Latin America(2013). SANTIAGO, is featured for the first time in the ranking "Global Cities Index", AT Kearney, one of the most integrated into the world in 2014, in exchange for information leading cities. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES


19 2014 Index of Economic Freedeom Fuente: The Heritage Foundation ( Economías ( 7th amongst 178 economies ) Chile is one of the 10 countries with a high percentage of economic freedom. Hong KongSingapore Australia Switzerland New Zealand MauritiusDenmark LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

20 Corruption Perception Index 2013 (22nd amongst 176 economies). Fuente: Transparency International, 2013 ( Amogst the least corrupt countries in the world having high levels of transparency. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

21 Standard and Poor's affirmed in 2013* Chile's rating for foreign currency obligations in AA. Previously, the rating was A + and this rise equaled country economies like Japan. This improvement in country risk classification was a recognition of the economic leadership of Chile, characterized by high growth, low debt and strong macroeconomic stability. Projections: A low level of government debt, along with growing local financial markets, should support the stability and growth of GDP in Chile, despite increasing external uncertainty and potentially slow global growth in the coming years. Standard and Poor's estimates that the odds are low to change the rating of the country within the next two years, assuming the continuation of the main economic policies. * Ratings revised in December 2013. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

22 Chile is a country open to the world with dynamic and steady pace that attracts the attention of those seeking opportunities. According to the ranking "Ease of Doing Business 2014 " prepared by the World Bank, the country ranks 34 among 189 countries, ranking first place in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO 1. AN IDEAL ENVIRONMENT FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES A culture marked by work and effort has allowed Chile to grow and develop steadily. The Global Competitiveness Report 2013, published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Chile is ranked at 30th among 60 countries, leader in Latin America. 2. ALWAYS MOVING AND COMMITTED TO PROGRESS

23 A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO Its strong desire of openness has led to Chile to build strong external relationships that are based on openness, reliability and predictability. Today there are effective bilateral treaties to avoid double taxation with over 20 countries, and its tax system is transparent, competitive and largely computerized. 3. PRIVELEDGE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS In the past 25 years, (FDI) Foreign investment has played a decisive role in the growth and economic development in Chile and captured flows have continued to rise. In addition, the World Investment Report published by the United Nations in 2013, ranked Chile in the 12 th in attracting foreign investment worldwide. 4. A COUNTRY THAT ATTRACTS

24 Success story of Foreign Direct Investment An average of 7.4% of GDP in the last decade Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Banco Central de Chile. A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO

25 Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras. FDI in CHILE: SECTORS FOREIGN INVESTMENTS RECIEVED D.L. 600 Sectorial Distribution 1974-2013 US$ 100,757 millions A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO

26 FDI in CHILE: COUNTRIES Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras del Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras FOREIGN INVESTMENTS RECIEVED D.L. 600 Sectorial Distribution 1974-2013 US$ 100,757 millions A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO

27 CHILEAN INVESTMENTS ABROAD : SECTORS In services, investment has been concentrated in the retail, information technology, real estate and construction services, air and sea transport. Investment in Industry has been directed to the manufacturing, metallurgy, metallurgy, pulp and paper, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Fuente: Inteligencia Comercial ProChile, con cifras de DIRECON A PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO

28 Exports of services (Balance of Payments of the Central Bank) in 2013 totaled about US $ 12,800 million, an increase of 3% compared to 2012. Chile is the country with the highest penetration of telecommunications in Latin America, with 41% in Internet and Mobile Phone 138 %. Securing the highest position in 2012 in the connectivity index of Latin America (DHL Global Connectedness Index). DEVELOPMENT QUALITIES OF THE SERVICE SECTOR

29 With its copper production, Chile has become the heart of mining industry development in South America. From 15 world leading Engineering offices in mining, 11 of them have branch offices in Chile. The development of Chilean suppliers of goods and services for the mining industry has generated an export line up of excellent quality and competitiveness, generating world- class professionals. GLOBAL FORCE IN COPPER

30 CONTACTO Información General Información Comercial Inversiones Turismo Directorio Exportador importers/exporter-directory

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