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Energy Neighbourhoods Big Day Out! Cardiff Bay 15 June 2013.

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1 Energy Neighbourhoods Big Day Out! Cardiff Bay 15 June 2013

2 Energy Neighbourhoods Karen Robinson Severn Wye Energy Agency

3 Plan for the day 11.45 – 12.15: Presentation 12.15 -12.30: Prizes 12.30 : LUNCH! 13.00: Free to tour Cardiff Bay 16:00: Return to Coach (please don’t be late!)

4 Thank you

5 What have you learned? Which age category emits the most carbon dioxide Under 30’s 50-64 Over 70’s

6 In a house with no insulation, where is most of the heat lost? Through the floor? Through the walls? Through the roof?

7 Through the walls – if possible, always insulate.

8 How much energy consumed by the average washing machine is used to heat the water? Almost 90% Almost 70% Almost 60%

9 Which of these generates the least carbon emissions? 6 minute electric shower 6 minute shower from a gas fired combi boiler 6 minute bath

10 Turning the thermostat down by 1º can cut how much from the average heating bill? 5% 10% 15%

11 Is a kWh the same as a unit of gas?

12 How did the UK do? Overall, we made an energy saving of 5.62% And we saved….. 17.4 tonnes of CO²

13 What does that mean…? 1 tonne of CO2 = 3,001 miles in a car 5,791 miles on a bus 10,321 miles on a train Or 57,000 cups of tea

14 2010 – 496 million tonnes of CO2 30% from home energy use Average carbon footprint of someone in UK is 15 tonnes of CO2 Energy use in home accounts for 3.2 tonnes of CO2

15 1 broadleaf tree left to grow for 100 years will absorb in the region of 1 tonne of CO2

16 European results – Year 2 CountryTonnes of C02 Belgium96 Bulgaria89 Hungary70 Greece62 Spain45 Austria44 Romania41 Ireland38 CountryTonnes of CO2 France36 UK17 Slovenia17 Italy14 Poland6 Germany5 Latvia4 Sweden1

17 European results – Year 2 CountryEnergy Saving % Greece-27.03 Spain-26.18 Bulgaria-24.46 Latvia-20.88 Ireland-18.0 France-11.07 Italy-9.60 Romania-9.32 CountryEnergy Saving % Austria-9.3 Belgium-9.0 Slovenia-8.96 Hungary-7.9 Germany-7.43 Sweden-5.67 UK-5.62 Poland-5.0

18 What has made the savings…. Most people just wanted to save money Surprising increase in interest in environment Substantial increase in number of people who now always: turn lights off when they leave the room; Turn the TV off at the wall; only boil the amount of water needed; and Set the thermostat lower. Has been significant increase in number who feel more informed about energy efficiency in their home and their appliances.

19 NeighbourhoodEnergy Saving (%) Abbey-19.93 Crossgates-15.58 Painswick Energy Savers-13.19 Erwood & Builth-12.52 Wallingford-8.29 Futurespace-6.86 Glenfall Church-6.16 Brecon Beacons Energy Savers-3.92 Crossgates 2-3.16 Cantorian1.15 Horton2.26 Hewlett Packard3.29 Transition Cleeve4.24 Alveston10.62 Dolau Playgroup14.48

20 …..and so to our winners… 3 rd place – Painswick Energy Savers 2 nd place – Crossgates Wasters 2012/13 Energy Neighbourhood WinnerAbbeyCongratulations!

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