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2 Full Line Exhaust & Emission Manufacturer. Business Started In 1927. Privately Owned & Operated. Located In Goldsboro, NC Sister Company-Catco Catalytic Converters. (Hobart, IN) Acquired ANSA Automotive-December 2011 Over 10,000 Part Numbers Available. Aftermarket Focused-No OE Business. Supplies Only Exhaust Products. WHO IS AP EXHAUST

3 Domestic & Import Exhaust, Performance Catalytic Converters Goldsboro, NC Import & Domestic Exhaust, Performance Catalytic Converters Domestic & Import Catalytic Converters Hobart, INGoldsboro, NC AP BRANDS

4 Exhaust Mfg.Converter Mfg. Catalyst Mfg. Converter Mfg. Hobart, INHobart, IN Goldsboro, NC Business Units

5 Engineering & Tech Center Two Highly Experienced Techs On Staff. Committed to Solving All Questions. Our Techs Install What We Sell. Tech Line. 800/277-2787

6 Exhaust Product Review

7 One Premium Boxed Muffler To Serve Multiple Markets Premium Mufflers 100% Aluminized. Direct Fit Installation Original Equipment Fit Original Equipment Sound Premium Quality

8 Asian & European Coverage Direct Fit Installation Original Equipment Fit Original Equipment Sound Premium Quality Welded Assemblies

9 Alternate Option To High Price Welded Assemblies. Save The Sale Without Sacrificing Quality. Import Component Systems Uses Maximum Muffler. Consumer Has The Option To Choose the System That Best Fits Their Budget & Vehicle. No Difference with Fit, Form & Function. Import Component Systems

10 Direct Fit OBDII Converters Complete Coverage Direct Fit Manifold Converters Universal Converters Direct Fit Pre OBDII Converters

11 OE Converters Are Designed To Last The Life Of The Vehicle. Converters Do Not Destroy Themselves. OBDII By Design - Why This Is Very Important. PO 420 Code - What Does It Really Mean. Always Check For TSB’s. Keeping The “Mil” Light Out Key Topics To Know

12 Bad Exhaust Gas In Better Exhaust Gas Out NOx HC CO O 2 Less Harmful Emissions Are Released ! Is Reduced Is Oxidized Needed To Oxidize CO 2 H2OH2O N2N2 O2O2 O2O2 Magic Alphabet Soup! Same Letters IN & OUT Different Combinations OUT! 3-WAY CAT How Does A Converter Work


14 REASON #1 Thermal Failure (Rich Condition) – Engine Operating System Component Failure 1.Front O2 Sensor(s). 2.Coolant Temperature Sensor or Thermostat. 3.Ignition Coil(s), Plug Wires, Spark Plugs. 4.Fuel Injectors. 5.Electronic Control Module. 6.Failure To Store Oxygen.

15 REASON #2 Deactivation –Carbon/Soot Substrate Coating 1.Poor Maintenance (Oil Change Interval Irregularity). 2.Obstructed Fuel Injectors, or Throttle Body Injector. 3.Clogged or Dirty Air Filter. 4.Poor Fuel Quality. 5.Improper Installation. 6.Failure To Store Oxygen.

16 REASON #3 Contamination –Chemical Contamination Of The Substrate 1.Antifreeze (Dex-Cool?). 2.Silicone and/or Gasket Sealants. 3.Fuel Additives. 4.Failure To Store Oxygen.

17 EX. CA. MEANS = Except IF Licensed OR Registered IN The State Of CALIFORNIA! Always Use The Catalog (Paper Or Online) And Use ONLY The Latest Part Number(s) Listed For The Application! Catalog Reference

18 Nationwide Warranty 5 Year-50,000 Mile Pipes & Converter Body Warranty New Construction (Converter(s), Stainless Steel Pipes, Brackets, Hangers, Flanges, Etc.) New Converter(s) Designed For The Application Peace Of Mind 3-WAY CAT Is An American Made, OBD II, OEM Style Bolt On, Direct-Fit Converter Assembly Recommended Here? Sell The Correct Converter

19 Doing It Right…Selling Needed Repairs! Improved Fuel Economy! Pays Consumer Back for Repairs Made! Cleaner Tailpipe Emissions! Everyone Breathes Easier! Vehicle Smells Better! Improved Performance! Increased Reliability! The Light Will Stay Out! Sell The Correct Converter

20 I Did It Right ? But…will The Light Come Back On ? I/M READINESS DRIVE CYCLE TEST! Or you can roll the IT’S YOUR CHOICE WHEN YOU WILL FIX IT! My Cat Is Still Green! My Monitors Are Not Ready! Watch Out For Those “False Fails” Checking Your Solutions

21 No These Are NOT Warranty Conditions! “To Much NOx” Remember: Converters Do Not Destroy Themselves! “It Only Dragged For A Little Ways” Do Any Of These Look Like Warranty Units?

22 Comprehensive Coverage Complete heavy duty line Class 6, 7 & 8 Applications Mufflers Prebent Pipes Accessories Flex Pipe Chrome Parts Stack Pipes Heavy Duty & School Bus

23 Performance Mufflers Straight through high flow designs High Flow conventional designs Increased Power Proven Sound Quality Direct Fit Mandrel Bent Pipes Direct Fit Cat-Back Systems Automotive & Truck Diesel System Kits for 4” & 5” Trucks Welded High Performance Mufflers Sport Tuner Turbo Mufflers High Performance Exhaust


25 Over 150 direct-fit ANSA SPORT exhaust systems.  Aluminized shells for superior durability  Robot-welded seams and muffler boxes  Stainless steel internal components on select applications  Polished stainless steel or chrome tips Import Performance Exhaust

26 Stainless Steel Tips & Mufflers  Over 100 part numbers in stainless steel  Universal-fit lets you make a statement from sports cars to pick-ups, import or domestic Performance Exhaust

27 Diesel performance exhaust systems engineered for optimum performance and a perfect fit.  Direct-fit single and dual systems  Mandrel bent tubing improves airflow for enhanced horsepower and torque.  Pre-welded hangers and hardware for an easy bolt-on installation.  Enhanced sound, appearance, increased performance Diesel Performance Exhaust

28 PIPES 100% Aluminized, including the weld seam. Designed for OE fit and function ACCESSORIES Complete line for easy for installation. Pipes & Accessories 100% Aluminized Premium Quality

29 Web





34 Marketing

35  ELEARNING.APEXHAUST.COM Web Training - Catalytic Converters

36 System Compatibility AP always recommends: “SELL THE SYSTEM”AP always recommends: “SELL THE SYSTEM” Welded systems are not compatible and all parts need to be replaced. OE flange systems are usually compatible. AP always recommends: “SELL THE SYSTEM”AP always recommends: “SELL THE SYSTEM”

37 Call the Technical Support Help Line 800-277-2787 Latest Information Newest Applications Technical Help Tough Question Square Answer Need Assistance?

38 The Right Conclusion…..Period! Providing Quality With Service! The Place You Want To Be! Teamed Up With Today’s Industry Leaders! “OBD II By Design” 49 State OBD II Converters “Clean By Design CARB OBD II” California Approved OBD II Converters

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