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Welcome Marin Management SALES SAMURAIS Wednesday, April 5, 2006.

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1 Welcome Marin Management SALES SAMURAIS Wednesday, April 5, 2006

2  Update on MMI from John  Revenue management tips  Review of the Written Communications Guide  Reminders of Sales Success Basics  Review of Sales Central techniques  Information on our new cross-selling program  Review of your sales resources on Team Site Today’s Topics and …

3  Demo preparation of the Hotel-specific Sales Information Guide  Announcements  Lessons on maintaining your e-mail account  Recognition and goals for our Internet-based Sales Training Program  Review of MMI’s sales and marketing support  Special achievement awards Today’s Topics

4 MMI Update Since our founding 16 years ago, our mission has been the same: To increase the value of our clients’ investments by providing outstanding management services.

5 In 2005 We Added  Sales Central  Team Site  Internet-based Sales Training  New operating regions  Drug and background testing  Regional sales managers  Sales-support Guide for the MMI sales team  Advance versions of TCM  Advance versions of TCM ®

6 Coming in 2006  ACT electronic financial statements  HR Central  Broadcast e-mail to support our hotels  Trade-show representation  All-hotel conference calls  Expanded Team Site resources  Improvements to Sales Central  Admin Central  Daily labor reporting  Pre-employment profiling  Operations coordinator

7 Our Growth  We now manage 23 hotels with 2,200 guestrooms and suites in four states.  We provide sales-support services for four additional hotels.

8 New destinations added in 2005 and 2006  San Rafael  Culver City  Lafayette, LA  Steamboat Springs, CO  Mission Hills (San Fernando Valley)  Calistoga (Napa Valley)  Corning  Daly City  Fortuna  Woodland  Watsonville  Marina

9 Employment  At four hotels, about 200 employees are employed by an MMI subsidiary.  We expect that number to grow in 2006.

10 Our Focus Marin Management’s focus continues to be … Our uniquely creative, energetic and professional sales effort.

11 Best Practices for Revenue Management Pat Mitchell

12 Break

13 Your Written Communication Guide  Refer to it for letters, proposals, reports and e-mails.  Use consistent style, fonts, margins, and layouts.  Know the basics of good grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and word usage.  Use quality second sheets. and …

14 Your Written Communication Guide  Re-read your documents several times.  Ask for the review of others.  All documents include a date, hotel name, author and file name.  What’s the most common mistake?

15 Some Sales Success Basics

16 P.S.T. (Prime Selling Time)  Monday: 1:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.  Friday: 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. PST is only for selling!

17 A.C.P. (Account Coverage Plan) Prioritize all prospects and clients:  AA (destiny accounts)—contact weekly  A—contact twice per month  B—contact once per month  C—contact once per quarter  D—contact once per year

18 SOPs (Standards of Performance)  SOPs vary by location.  All general managers and salespersons sign their SOPs.  Submit the signed SOPs to Karen Baker.

19 Work on What We Know Gets Results  More site tours  More group and volume-account written proposals  Less prospecting—Sales Central already offers more than 50,000 prospects. Most have never been contacted.

20 VAS (Volume Account Summary) E-mail to the MMI sales coordinator by the end of the first business day of every month.

21 MMI Hotel Rosters  Always print on quality paper  Present with all sales calls, site tours and presentations  Include in all sales kits  Include with all proposals

22 Lunch

23 Get the Most from SALES CENTRAL  Use the RDP icon.  Keep your Internet and Sales Central pass codes confidential.  Audit Sales Central once or twice every week (tomorrow’s lesson).  Call on all those contacts without history records.  Every active contact should have a scheduled activity.

24 Hotel-specific Sales Information Guides  Needed for MMI to effectively support your hotel  Needed for other hotels to cross-sell your hotel  All due to Karen by April 30  Will be posted on Team Site.  A good example: HIX Williams Williams

25 Share Leads and Cross-sell  Our contest: $350.00 to the salesperson or GM who refers the most booked business to another MMI hotel from today to June 30, 2006.  How to: By e-mail, Sales Central or a phone call.  Copy Karen on all lead referrals to other hotels.  Always ask: “Where else do you travel?”

26 Break

27 Sales Resources on TEAM SITE  Quick Reference Guides for other hotels  The MMI roster  Almost 100 articles on sales and revenue management  All MMI sales forms  Standards of Performance  Seven Sales Guides  Go to:

28 Announcements Sales Conference Calls  When: The first Monday of every month, 11:00 A.M. to 11:15 A.M.  Who: General managers and lead salespersons  How: Call (641) 920-5000 and enter the pass code:74362#.  Topics: Hotel news, MMI news, sales ideas, reminders, leads, progress updates Next Samurai Meeting Friday, July 14, 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Quiz: Sales Prospecting Guide

29 Maintaining Your MMI E-mail Account vConfigure Outlook Express to use Arial 12- point font and exactly the same signature block as your “hotelpros” site. vDaily go to to clear your spam box and move missed spam. vDon’t save message in the hotelpros site. vRequest a pass code change to clear the account of an unneeded account and give forwarding instructions. vTrain your staff on the above.

30 MMI’s Internet-based Sales Training Denise Aldrich Amir Amouzgar Wayne Austin Cathy Bayot Nichole Campbell Yazmin Carreno Heather Carillo Yolanda Wong Charmaine Woods James Gray Bill Bhagvat Margaret Chang Sharon Coley Hong Cox Margo Eduardo Domenike Gonzalez Natalie King Luis Leon Wes Rowland Barbara McWilliams Michael Obester Judy Somers Pat Pettijohn Jennifer Sweeney Tedd Young Leah Valcez Mariana Lenderos de Miller

31 Internet-based Sales Training Darcella Wright Kap Senanayaka David McCurtain Linda Barnett Ron Bitner Donna Terry Eric Gebhardt Chantel Soberano Sarah Tagama Michelle McGehee Tess Ramos Nicole Foley James Gray Josh Carroll FUTURE GRADUATES

32 Break

33 MMI’s Sales & Marketing Support v In-market sales calls on major accounts and prospects v Feeder-market sales calls v Representation on the MMI roster distributed to thousands annually v Development of QRGs v Oversight of printed sales materials v Personal sales training v Internet-based sales training v Broadcast e-mail v Representation at trade shows v Oversight of Internet channel strategies v Sales recruitment support v Access to sales management resources, such as Sales Guides and forms v Establishment of proven best practices v Maintain and monitor Sales Central What we do …

34  Greatest annual improvement in market share for an existing hotel without a brand change  Greatest annual improvement in market share for a new hotel (urban and suburban)  Greatest annual improvement in market share foe a re-branded hotel

35  Hotel salesperson of the year  Sales general manager of the year  Sales booking of the year (focused- service and full-service)

36 Greatest annual improvement in market share for an existing hotel without a brand change: GuestHouse Inn & Suites, Santa Clara + 17.7 market-share points

37 Greatest annual improvement in market share for a new hotel in an urban location: Bay Landing Hotel, Burlingame + 24.7 market-share points

38 Greatest annual improvement in market share for a new hotel in a suburban or rural location: Hampton Inn & Suites, Crescent City + 47.5 market-share points

39 Greatest annual improvement in market share for a re-branded hotel: Days Inn, Fremont + 38.4 market-share points

40 Sales Booking of the Year at a Focused- service Hotel: GuestHouse Inn & Suites, Santa Clara for Satyan Engineering

41 Sales Booking of the Year at a Full-service Hotel: Doubletree Hotel Los Angeles/Rosemead for Countrywide Full Spectrum

42 Sales General Manager of the Year Hilton Garden Inn, Gilroy

43 Hotel Salesperson of the Year Doubletree Hotel Los Angeles/Rosemead

44 Summary: When You Get Home Implement the Best Practices for Revenue Management. Re-read your Written Communication Guide and use it. Make sure salespersons use PST only for selling. Make sure sales prospects are contacted according to the Account Coverage Plan. Send more sales proposals and plan more site tours. and …

45 Summary: When You Get Home Send in your VAS on the first business day of the month. Include the MMI Hotel Roster with sales kits and proposals. Install the Sales Central RDP icon on computer desktops. Make sure every prospect in Sales Central has been contacted and qualified. Make sure there is a scheduled activity for every prospect and client. and …

46 Summary: When You Get Home Start sending prospects to your sister hotels. Submit your completed Hotel-specific Sales Information Guide by April 30—at the latest. Schedule your MMI sales conference calls in TCM ®. Maintain your hotelpros site daily and train others to do so. Make sure those required complete the Internet- based Sales Training Program.

47 Join us for Refreshments SALES SAMURAIS

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