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Part 2 The Constitution, The Amendments & Supreme Court Cases!!

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1 Part 2 The Constitution, The Amendments & Supreme Court Cases!!

2 How were the Articles of Confederation weak?

3 Created a weak national government, too hard to amend the articles,

4 What is the First Amendment?

5 The Great Freedom Amendment… such as speech, the press, to peaceably assemble, petition the government for redress, and of course, the freedom of religion.

6 What’s the Fifth Amendment?

7 Protects us from having to testify (or provide evidence) against ourselves, guarantees we won’t be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, also protects us from Double Jeopardy

8 What is the Ninth Amendment?

9 It’s the “Catch-all” amendment, in otherwise it says, that just because a specific right isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it does not exist. For example, “privacy” is inferred in other amendments, so the 9 th is used to justify the Roe decision.

10 What is the Tenth Amendment?

11 It’s the States Rights Amendment. It says that whatever rights not listed in the amendment, are reserved to the states…rights such as voting. This is the amendment that was the focus of the Civil War… constitutionally speaking

12 What is the Thirteenth Amendment?

13 The first of the Reconstruction Amendments, Ended slavery.

14 What is the Fourteenth Amendment?

15 It guarantees everyone, (regardless of race, gender etc) equal protection of the laws. Used for civil rights suits, Brown v. Board, Christian rights, anything where the federal / state government tries to tread where not wanted.

16 What is a Bill of Attainder?

17 A law that is passed that is specifically aimed at a specific person or group of people, or law that is passed that allows someone to be found guilty without a trial. Article I, Section 9 & 10

18 What is the Twenty-fourth Amendment?

19 Bans poll taxes, which are fees collected by states, usually to keep some people (blacks for example) from voting. Ratified in 1964.

20 What is the Twenty-fifth Amendment?

21 Establishes Presidential Succession… VP becomes President if POTUS dies, Speaker of House is next, then President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Also allows a VP to remove the President if a majority of the cabinet votes to approve it as a result a President who is incapacitated

22 What was Roe v. Wade (1973)

23 First legalized Abortion, based on personal privacy, as inferred in the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, and the Ninth Amendment used – just because a right is not enumerated doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

24 What was Engle v. Vitale (1962)

25 The first significant Supreme Court case that Restricted Prayer in schools, specifically said students could not be forced to pray in school, it was a form of government endorsement of religion.

26 How can a President be removed from office?

27 Resign his office (once), loose re-election (many times), or Impeached (twice). In impeachment, the House of Representatives files the Impeachment charges and the Senate holds the trial

28 The End

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