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WILLMAR MIDDLE SCHOOL Believe, Commit, Succeed We Make it Happen!

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1 WILLMAR MIDDLE SCHOOL Believe, Commit, Succeed We Make it Happen!

2 Cafeteria 124 7 th Social 121 7 th Comm 122 7 th Math 125 7 th Comm D & C 126 6 th Math 127 6 th Comm 128 6 th Social 133 6 th Math 132 6th Comm 131 6 th Social 134 6 & 7 Reading 135 ELL 136 6th & 7th Math/ Reading 120 7 th Social 119 7 th Math 130 ELL 129 GB 139 Math 117 8 th Math 118 8 th Math 116 7 th Comm 115 8 th Social 113 8 th Comm 114 8 th Social 112 8 th Math 111 Comp Lab 110 6th Science S O 138 Computer Lab 137 Comp Lab 107 DCD Media Center O O Wk Tech Off Off Sp Ed 106 Sp E d GB 108 6 & 7 Spanish 109 6th Science 104 7 th Science 103 7th Math 101 8 th Science O S 102 8 th Science Store OO Custodians Re c. Stora ge Kitchen CDWSBSB 141 Health 142 FACS 143 FACS Courtyard Boiler Room M W 145 Art 146 Spanish Staff Lounge GB 151 Orchestra Music Ath.Stor Stor Off. 147 Special Ed Room 148 GTT KilnOff North Gym South Gym 15 6 MW II Nurs e O O OOOO R R ATTENdATTENd CRC f WORKROOmWORKROOm Main Office O St o r age Pr ac. Boys’ Locker Room SSS 149 GTT/ Shop S S Exercise Room - Stage Storage Room S Of fice f. Girls’ Locker Room S Choir Room Lobby Band Room GUIDENCEGUIDENCE Comp Lab Pool Nurse Willmar Middle School B Cafeteria

3 Goals of the Middle School In alignment with the district's mission, Willmar Middle School is committed to Preparing all Students for a Successful Tomorrow! Our strategic plan is focused on a commitment to lifelong learning, high student expectations, and providing academic rigor.

4 Willmar Middle School High Academic Standards: Communications and Math will offer Response to Intervention Classes for students who need to improve standardized test scores. Address AYP/testing/standards and needs with Math, Reading and Writing. Zero Hour opportunities for students needing enhanced curricular options. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.–Bill Cosby

5 Sample 6 th Grade Schedule Red DayWhite Day Breakfast Period 1Communications Period 2Social Period 3Math Period 4Lunch/RtI Math/Cardinal Time Period 5MusicPhysical Education Period 6 Spanish/ Art/Writing or RtI Reading Class Spanish/Art/Writing or RtI Reading Class Period 7Science


7 With greater freedom comes greater responsibility  Grades  Events: Field Trips, dances, activity night  Hallways  Breakfast and Lunchroom  Physical Education  Activities/Athletics  Lockers

8 How Can We Help?  Top 20 Teens  Develop academic skills and social skills  Skills needed to succeed in middle school and beyond  Website link   Parent Portal

9 The Power of the ICU  Student’s learning is increased when students complete their assignments. Therefore, every middle school student will complete every assignment.  Assignments are expected to be completed on time. Assignments not completed on time are marked as missing.  Students having 3 or more missing assignments in the current term will be assigned ICU until the missing work is complete.  Students will report directly to the ICU at the beginning of their lunch period. Students will work diligently for 15 minutes and then will be released to the lunch room.  If students do not attend assigned ICU, parent meetings will be scheduled.  ICU room is also available daily from 7:15 to 7:50, during lunches and from 2:30-3:00.

10 Extracurricular Activities Knowledge Bowl Math Counts Yearbook Geography Bee Contest Student Council Speech

11 Extracurricular Athletics Fall Season:  School Sport: Cross Country  CER: Football, Girls Tennis  Athletic Associations: Boys and Girls Swimming Winter Season :  School Sport: Wrestling, Nordic Skiing  CER: Wrestling  Athletic Associations: Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Swimming, Boys and Girls Hockey Spring Season:  School Sport: Track  CER: Boys Tennis, Boys and Girls Golf, Baseball/Softball (begin in May and continues through the summer)  Athletic Associations: Boys and Girls Swimming

12 How Important is Middle School? Middle Level Proves to be the Turning Point for College and Career Readiness: Academic achievement in eighth grade is greatest predictor for postsecondary success (NewsLeader, January 2009) American College of Testing (ACT) states the level of academic achievement that students attain by eighth grade has a larger impact on college and career readiness than anything that happens academically in high school (December Issue 2008) Similar results were found for racial/ethnic minority students when measuring the four EXPLORE scores (English, Math, Reading, and Science) (NewsLeader, January 2009)

13 How is my child being prepared for Middle School?  Comments from our Counselors



16 Common Questions  Bussing: MS students are only bussed if greater than 2 miles from school If you live closer than 2 miles contact the bus company and ask about the cost  Swimming: All students will have swimming at the MS. Swimsuits are provided or you can bring your own. Girls must have a one piece suit. Students may wear their PE uniform over their swimsuits. Towels are also provided.  Student Service Office  Absences/Appointments/Homework/Music Instruments/Etc…  Notification of change of address or phone numbers

17 Common Questions (Continued)  What if someone is Bullying you?  Report it to a teacher, counselor, or principal. We also have a Bully Hotline 214-6003. Other Questions?

18 Advice from 6 th graders… All the teachers are great! Get to know them and ask questions. Don’t be tardy! Make sure you turn your work in on time Behaviors- you’ve got to be good in class. “Step Up” against bullying. Tell them to stop and tell an adult.

19 SUMMARY Our goal is to address the High Academic Standards set for all our students.  We are addressing the Math and Communications standardized tests  with Response to Intervention offerings.

20 Questions? Contact Information:  Mark W. Miley - Principal 214-6008  Beckie Simenson - Assistant Principal214-6007  Gretchen Baumgarn - Dean of Students214-6063  Jeff Winter - Counselor A-M214-6014  Alison Maier - Counselor N-Z214-6013  Annette Tiffany - Social Worker214-6015  Andrea Fladeboe - Special Ed Coordinator214-6011 Believe, Commit, Succeed We Make It Happen!

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