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2013-2014 Subject and Personnel Codes Changes. Personnel Codes CodePersonnel Area 000Personnel Assignments Examples: 010Teacher 024Principal (7-12) 042Counselor.

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1 2013-2014 Subject and Personnel Codes Changes

2 Personnel Codes CodePersonnel Area 000Personnel Assignments Examples: 010Teacher 024Principal (7-12) 042Counselor (N-6) 071Librarian (N-6) 089Contract Substitute

3 Subject Codes CodeArea 000000Subject/Course

4 Bottom Line What’s best for the student? Specific Codes Allow –More accountability for each student all day –Easier transition for transfer students –More accountability for appropriate teacher certification associated with each course/class –More accurate student transcript –More accurate data reporting

5 Subject Codes CodeArea 100000Core and Elective Elementary Courses –ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Physical Education, Health, Languages Other than English, Technology 200000Core and Elective Secondary Courses –ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Physical Education, Health, Languages Other than English, Technology, Driver Education 300000English as a Second Language –300001English for Speakers of Other Languages (7-12) –100191English for Speakers of Other Languages (PK-6)

6 Subject Codes CodeArea 400000Career and Technical Courses –400000General Career and Technical Education Courses –410000Cross-Walked Courses –420000Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources –430000Architecture and Construction –440000Arts, A/V Technology and Communications –450000Business, Management and Administration –460000Education and Training –470000Finance –480000Government and Public Administration –490000Health Science

7 Subject Codes CodeArea 500000Career and Technical Courses –500000Hospitality and Tourism –510000Human Services –520000Information Technology –530000Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security –540000Manufacturing –550000Marketing, Sales, and Service –560000Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics –570000Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics –580000Career and Technical Education Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates (JAG)

8 Subject Codes CodeArea 600000Special Education –Core Academics – Secondary, Alternate Achievement, Elementary –Non-Core Academics – Basic Skills, Non-Core Academics 700000Special Education –Alabama Occupational Diploma

9 Subject Codes CodeArea 750000Areas of Supervision 800000Special Assignments

10 Retired Course Codes 750350General Supervisor of Instruction (4-8) 750400Supervisor of Early Childhood Education (P-3) 750500Supervisor of Elementary Education (1-6) 750600Supervisor of Physical Education (P-6) 750650Supervisor of Physical Education (7-12) 750700Supervisor of Reading (P-6) 750750Supervisor of Reading (7-12) 750800Supervisor of Career/Technical Education (7-12) 750850Supervisor of Science (P-12) 750900Supervisor of History (7-12)

11 Retired Course Codes 800001Yearbook Production 1 800002Yearbook Production 2 800003Basic Skills 800004Homebound?Regular Classroom 800005Study Hall 800006Planning Period 800007Supervision, Student Extracurricular Activities 800008Other Special Non-Academic Assignments 800009Supervision, Distance Learning 800010Other Special Academic Assignments 800021Teacher Leader 800031Building Reading Coach 800032Regional Reading Coach 800033Regional Principal Coach

12 New Name/New Number 800001 Yearbook Production 1 New Name 800002 Yearbook Production 2 New Name 800005 Study Hall New Number

13 Retired Codes 800008Other Special Non-Academic Assignments 800010Other Special Academic Assignments

14 New Course Codes – No Credit CodeTitleCodeTitle 801100 Homeroom, Grades PK-6802100 Homeroom, Grades 6-12 801101 Conduct, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)802101 Conduct, Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801102 Lunch, Grades PK-6802102 Lunch, Grades 6-12 801103 Social/Developmental Skill,802103 Social/Developmental Skills, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801104 Study Hall, Grades PK-6802104 Study Hall, Grades 6-12 801105 Orientation, Grades PK-6802105 Orientation, Grades 6-12 801106 Student Aide, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)802106 Student Aide, Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801107 Peer Helper, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)802107 Peer Helper, Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801108 Extracurricular, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)802108 Extracurricular, Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801109 Hobbies, Grades PK-6 (No Credit)802109 Hobbies, Grades 6-12 (No Credit) 801110 Club/Activity, Grades PK-6802110 Club/Activity, Grades 6-12 801111 Schedule Filler, Grades PK-6802111 Schedule Filler, Grades 6-12

15 New Course Codes – Credit CodeTitleCodeTitle 801200 Enrichment, Grades PK-6802200 Enrichment, Grades 6-12 801201 Conduct, Grades PK-6 (Credit)802201 Conduct, Grades 6-12 (Credit) 801202 School Publications, Grades PK-6802202 School Publications, Grades 6-12 801203 Social/Developmental Skill,802203 Social/Developmental Skills, Grades PK-6 (Credit)Grades 6-12 (Credit) 801204 Content Textual Reading, Grades PK-6802204 Content Textual Reading, Grades 6-12 801205 Transferred Elective, Grades PK-6802205 Transferred Elective, Grades 6-12 801206 Student Aide, Grades PK-6 (Credit)802206 Student Aide, Grades 6-12 (Credit) 801207 Peer Helper, Grades PK-6 (Credit)802207 Peer Helper, Grades 6-12 (Credit) 801208 Extracurricular, Grades PK-6 (Credit)802208 Extracurricular, Grades 6-12 (Credit) 801209 Hobbies, Grades PK-6 (Credit)802209 Hobbies, Grades 6-12 (Credit) 802210 Survey Elective, Grades 6-12

16 Examples for Number Changes 2012-20132013-2014 ACT PrepShred out from subject-specific Intervention Code SpellingShred out from ELA HandwritingShred out from ELA MusicUse Vocal or Instrumental-high school or Music-elementary per grade level Credit RecoveryUse subject area code Dual EnrollmentUse subject area code Response to InstructionUse subject specific code AMSTI MathShred out from Math code Guitar, PianoShred out from Instrumental

17 Examples for Number Changes 2012-20132013-2014 Adv Computer Applications260003 Computer Science Elective Boys PE 7-8240001 Physical Education, (Grades 7-8) Math 112 Pre Cal Alg DE210032 Mathematics Electives,Grades 9-12 210020 Precalculus Human Communications200043 Speech1 or 200044 Speech 2 If you have identified gifted 600001 Gifted students who are pulled out for special classes

18 Other New Course Codes Elementary/Secondary –PK-6 Electives –PK-6 Foreign Language Survey –9-12 Science Electives Career and Technical Education –Career Preparedness –Automotive Service Technology Special Education –Alternate Achievement Standards (AAS) K-12 Reading, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Functional Performance 7-12 Life Skills, Pre-Vocational, Vocational, Community Based Instruction, and Elective –9-12 English Essentials

19 Other Retired Codes Elementary/Secondary –200008English, Grade 9, PreIB –200012English, Grade 10, PreIB Career and Technical –560009Astronautics Engineering Applications –560010Aeronautics Engineering Applications Special Education –600080-600089 AAS Courses –600303Strategies Lab (K-12) –700010Essentials Math I

20 Subject and Personnel Codes 2013-2014 Course List –Course List –Course List Descriptions –Course Additions, Deletions, and Changes Personnel Code List –Personnel Code List Certificate Type and Endorsements List –Certificate Type and Endorsements List

21 Contact Information Technical QuestionsSTI Helpdesk Curriculum QuestionsCynthia Brown 334-242-8059

22 Questions

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