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The Fellowships aim to: Educate scientists and engineers on the intricacies of federal policymaking Provide scientific and technical knowledge to support.

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2 The Fellowships aim to: Educate scientists and engineers on the intricacies of federal policymaking Provide scientific and technical knowledge to support development of well-informed policies Foster positive exchange between scientists and policymakers Empower scientists and engineers to engage in policy-relevant research and other activities that addresses challenges facing society Increase the involvement and visibility of scientists and engineers in the public policy realm Create more policy-savvy scientists

3 1973-74 Congressional Fellows – the first class

4 1987-88 AAAS Fellows

5 2006-2007 AAAS Fellows

6 Qualifications: Hold a doctoral-level degree (PhD, MD, DVM, DSc, PharmD) in a behavioral/social, biological, health/medical, or physical science or any relevant interdisciplinary field »All degree requirements must be completed by 15 December 2009 »Individuals with a master’s degree in engineering & three years of post-degree professional experience also may apply Penny Burgoon, 2004-06 HEHS Fellow at the National Institutes of Health

7 Qualifications continued: Have solid scientific and technical credentials and the endorsement of three references Show a commitment to applying scientific or technical expertise to serve society Exhibit good communication skills, both verbally and in writing, especially to non-scientific audiences Demonstrate problem-solving ability, initiative, leadership qualities, and flexibility Hold U.S. citizenship

8 2008-2009 Stats 163 Year-long Fellows — The largest class in AAAS Fellowships history! 130 Executive Branch Fellows 33 Congressional Fellows »2 sponsored by AAAS »31 sponsored by partner scientific societies 119 First-year Fellows 44 Second-year Fellows 7 Short-term extensions of 1-6 months Christina Kakoyannis, 2005-07 EEANR Fellow at EPA

9 2008-09 Fellows’ Scientific Disciplines (n=171)

10 Age Range of All 2008-09 Fellows (n=171)

11 Gender Breakdown of All 2008-09 Fellows (n=171) Kwabena Yiadom, 2004-05 NDGS Fellow at the U.S. Department of Defense Shirlee Tan, 2001-03 EEANR Fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

12 Fellowship Areas Congressional 2 placements (via AAAS) Anticipated placement opportunities: »Offices of members of Congress and congressional committees NOTE: Additional congressional placements are available through approximately 30 scientific society partners

13 Fellowship Areas Diplomacy, Security & Development 25-40 placements Anticipated placement opportunities: »Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture »U.S. Agency for International Development »U.S. Department of State »Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health »U.S. Department of Defense »U.S. Department of Homeland Security

14 Fellowship Areas Health, Education, & Human Services 25-40 placements Anticipated placement opportunities: »USDA Food Safety Inspection Service »U.S. Department of Health & Human Services »National Institutes of Health »National Science Foundation »U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

15 Fellowship Areas Energy, Environment & Agriculture 25-40 placements Anticipated placement opportunities: »U.S. Department of Agriculture »U.S. Forest Service »U.S. Department of Energy »U.S. Environmental Protection Agency »National Science Foundation »National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration »U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources

16 Online Applications Due:December 15, 2009 Notification of Eligibility:Late December 2009 Notification of Interview:February 2010 Interviews:Early March 2010 Notification of Finalists:Mid-March 2010 Finalist Placement Week:April 2010 Placement Offers:May – June 2010 Fellowships Begin:September 1, 2010 Fellowships End:August 31, 2011

17 Candidate Data: Areas of scientific specialty (key words) Areas of policy interest Brief bio (200 words max) Candidate Statement: Reasons for applying for a AAAS Fellowship Summary of background & expertise Areas of Interest Career Goals 1,000 words max Curriculum Vitae: Education, expertise, achievements, honors & publications 2,000 words max Extracurricular activities: Brief examples of activities beyond the lab or classroom 500 words max References: Three recommendation letters are required Application Materials

18 2009-10 SELECTION SUMMARY  380 applicants / 632 applications for five fellowship areas  Initial review for primary requirements  Two initial rounds of evaluation: 1 st scoring and 2 nd scoring  10 Selection Committees  226 interviews scheduled (including alternates)  136 finalists (24 dual finalists)

19 2009-10 SELECTION STATISTICS PROGRAM ELIGIBLE APPS INTERVIEWS FINALISTS Congressional 145 10 1 Diplomacy 138 51 32 EEANR 145 73 65 HEHS 171 71 49 NDGS 33 21 13

20 Fellowship Placement Process 1.Offices submit ranked list of finalists 2.Finalists submit ranked list of preferred offices 3.AAAS staff communicate placement offers to finalists 4.AAAS staff contact offices once match has been made 5.AAAS sends finalist an official offer letter 6.Finalists accept fellowship placement offer 7.AAAS initiates procedures for background checks or security clearances (if necessary)

21 Fellowship Support STIPEND/SALARY: $73,000 – 95,000 depending upon experience or previous salary HIRING SYSTEM:PAYMENT & SUPPORT & AGENCIES: REPORTING:BENEFITS: Stipend via AAAS 1 monthly paymentRelocation ($4,000 max) EPA, FBI, HHS, IRS Form 1099-MISC Travel/Training ($4,000) ACE, NOAA, NSF, w/stipend, relocation,Health insurance USDA (other than and health insurancereimbursement FAS), FDA, DHS, reported in box 7Metro SmartCardUSAID, DOE, Congress (EPA, NIH, and USAID) Direct hired Bi-weekly paycheck Accrue vacation andUSDA/FAS, DOD, IRS Form W-2sick time. Receive mass State Department, w/deductionstransit and other benefitsNIH (S/LT disability, pension) same as FT employees Inter-Personnel Payment via Fellows’ current Most other than Agreement current employer employee benefits DoD and State maintained; AAAS ormaintainedDepartment host agency pays stipend directly to employer

22 Year-long Professional Development Program: Orientation: September 1-15, 2010 Skill Building Workshops Career Enhancement Sessions Evening Seminars & Panel Discussions AAAS Forum on Science & Technology Policy Year-end retreat Ansalan Stewart, 2001-02 HEHS Fellow at NIH

23 “What might I do after a AAAS Fellowship?” Remain in public policy: 50-60% »Renew their fellowship »Get hired by their agency or office »Work for another federal agency »Work for a professional society, think tank Return to work in the same sector: 20-25% »Return to previous position (sabbatical) »Obtain new position in the same field/sector Do something completely different: 20-25% »Move into a position in a new sector »Start a new academic degree program

24 Online Applications Due: 12/15/2009 Apply at

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