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SMART Scholarship Program ASEE SMART Scholarship Program Team.

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1 SMART Scholarship Program ASEE SMART Scholarship Program Team

2 2 Underlying Questions How can the Department of Defense (DoD) recruit top science and technology (S&T) students? How can the DoD better attract students in specific fields to pursue advanced degrees? How can the DoD fill holes in a workforce that has: – 30% eligible for retirement within 5 years; – 60% eligible within next 10 years?

3 What is SMART? SMART is a DoD workforce development program The goals of SMART: – Provide funding to allow Participants to focus on school – Provide Participants with experience and exposure to DoD facilities and the DoD culture prior to graduation – Start the process that will produce the next S&T leaders American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) – Manages the application process for SMART – Provides the mechanism for Participant payments

4 Participant Benefits Full tuition and fees (up to five years) for AS, BS, MS, and PhD degrees Annual cash award from $25,000 to $38,000 Security clearance (SECRET) Summer internships and travel expenses An experienced Mentor Book and health insurance allowance Post-graduation employment Service Commitment: One-Year of Work for Each Academic Year Funded

5 5 Approved Fields of Study We will support interdisciplinary programs that overlap these fields Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Biosciences Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Science Electrical Engineering Geosciences Information Sciences  Materials Science and Engineering  Mathematics  Mechanical Engineering  Naval Architecture  Nuclear Engineering  Ocean Engineering  Oceanography  Operations Research  Physics  Industrial and Systems Engineering

6 Application Process – Web-based ( – Open season is August 1 through December 14 Applicant Requirements – United States citizen/18 years of age – Status as a sophomore or beyond at award – Ability to obtain/maintain a security clearance – Minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) – Complete 10-12 week summer internships – Current enrollment or have taken GRE – Approved field of study with an interest in research 6

7 The SMART Process ApplicationSelectionAwardsOrientation School InternshipHiringGraduation

8 Selection Process SMART Selection Panel meets in late January – Representatives from DoD and Academia – Panel selects the top 50% – Top 50% are submitted to the DoD facilities DoD facility representatives select the Participants – They will conduct interviews (call, VTC, face-to-face, etc.) – Selections based on degree, field of study, school, etc. Awards are made to those selected by the DoD facilities in April

9 Orientation to Hiring Academic Performance/Requirements – Must maintain above a 3.0 GPA – Submit transcripts and an annual educational work plan Internships – Participate in annual summer internships – 10 to 12 weeks in length Graduation and Hiring – Begin employment within 30 days of graduation – One for one service commitment

10 Other Considerations SMART positions you well for your first career: – An opportunity to start your career without bills *Buy your first home vice paying student loans* – A guaranteed job in your field following graduation *No worrying about the where, what, when* – Demand for SMART students exceeds our budget *Promotion opportunities* SMART positions you well for your second career: – Security clearance *Higher paying positions are open with a clearance* – Understanding of DoD policies and procedures *Desired and respected experience* SMART allows you to serve and maintains our technical dominance

11 Additional Information 11 Web site: – Application is on-line – General program information Email: – Specific questions regarding your personal situation – Ask anything… Phone: (202) 331-3544

12 Tips for Applying for Research Focused Scholarships and Fellowships 1. Start early, taking significant time to compose essays and secure strong recommendation letters 2. Read and understand the program solicitation 3. Demonstrate your personal motivation and excitement for research 4. Highlight the significance of your research and how it will impact the sponsoring organization or society 5. Give essays to many people for review 6. Be clear, concise, confident, and truthful 7. Get input from professors or university administration 8. Get input from previous applicants and winners 9. Be sure to include all volunteer, leadership and extracurricular activities 10. Regularly check application status

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