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Writing Self-Recommendations for JUPAS

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1 Writing Self-Recommendations for JUPAS
Secondary 7

2 Introduction For applicants with outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities To provide a portfolio of extracurricular activities to the institutes he/she applies To allow the institutes to consider the applicants' achievements in other areas in addition to their academic achievements

3 Introduction Goal: to encourage students to participate in more extracurricular activities during their secondary studies Deadline for submission: 28 February 2009 (Together with supporting documents)

4 Classifications of JUPAS Self-recommendations
Four categories: International Award (e.g. Medal of / Representative in the Olympic Games) Local Award (e.g. Representative in Inter-School Competitions) School/Community Service (e.g. Prefect, Librarian) Other Extra-curricular Activities (e.g. Music, Art)

5 What can a good self-recommendation do?
To show that… You are interested in the course You are qualified for the course You are willing to take up the course In a word… You are the BEST person for the course!

6 What makes a good self-recommendation?
No more than 300 words Clear and precise layout Correct grammar and spelling Organized paragraphs Well-explained personal details (e.g. background, experience and personal qualities) Polite and sincere

7 What does a good self-recommendation look like?
Opening Paragraph: Introduction Which course do you want to apply for? Where do you get to know the course? Why are you right for the course? Second Paragraph: Academic background What is/are your favourite / best subjects in school? Why are they useful for the course? Any other trainings you had related to the course?

8 Academic Qualifications
level attained internal results external results awards scholarships intellectual ability language proficiency English Chinese growth potential industry diligence

9 What does a good self-recommendation look like?
Third Paragraph: Extra-curricular Activities Have you taken part in any extra-curricular activities? Did you take up any positions in any school clubs or committees? Have you organized or participated any special events related to the subject you are planning to study? (Details?) How can they help your study in the course?

10 Skills Thinking Skills Power of Imagination Creativity Innovation
logical organisational analytical critical problem-solving decision-making Power of Imagination Creativity Innovation Originality Communication Cooperation Interpersonal Leadership

11 What does a good self-recommendation look like?
Fourth Paragraph: Personal Qualities What are your strengths? How do they help your study in the course? What are your weaknesses? How will you overcome them?

12 Personality Traits Adaptability Initiative Assertiveness Leadership
Creativity Diligence Emotional Stability Energy Independence Interpersonal Sensitivity Initiative Leadership Motivation Numeracy Patience Self-confidence Trustworthiness

13 What does a good self-recommendation look like?
Fifth Paragraph: Future study plans + Conclusion How would you plan for your study life if you got accepted by the course? (Conditional Sentences Type 2) Conclusion: Ask for careful consideration of your application

14 Various Layouts of Self-recommendations
Arts stream: Personal Qualities + Academic background + Extra-curricular Activities Science stream: Academic background + Extra-curricular Activities + Personal Qualities Social Science / Business stream: Extra-curricular Activities + Personal Qualities + Academic background Sample: Sample Self-Recommendation.doc

15 The End

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