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Writing self-account and additional information

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1 Writing self-account and additional information
JUPAS (Part II) Writing self-account and additional information

2 Student Learning Profile (SLP)
self-account/ personal statement 1000-word English OR 1600-word Chinese

3 a summary of the self- account
Other Experiences and Achievements in Activities and Competitions (OEA) - JUPAS 300-word additional information (English or Chinese) a summary of the self- account

4 Function Reveals your personal growth and self understanding

5 Two important characteristics
Introducing yourself and career aspirations Clear focus Independent thinking

6 Themes Overcoming Adversity Personal Growth
Your readiness for the challenges after secondary education Your goals and expectations towards tertiary education and future career Your academic strength and potential Your interest, strength, skills, achievement and insights

7 Sources Life Experiences (challenges, setbacks) Voluntary Services
Training Programmes Other Learning Experiences (OLE) Competitions Projects you have completed Person(s) who has influenced or motivated you to pursue a career

8 Writing Outline INTRODUCTION:
- briefly describe your school life/ your personality/ your personal growth B. MAIN BODY a. Briefly describe the experiences/ events/ /competitions/ programs/services/ b. What lesson do you learn ? What experiences do you gain ? What insight do you have ? How do they influence your growth ? How do they enhance your self-understanding?

9 Introduction Activity/ Program Experience/ self-understanding Conclusion

10 - briefly describe your changes or your personal growth
C. CONCLUSION (for self-account) - briefly describe your changes or your personal growth C. CONCLUSION (for additional information-OEA) Based on the previous reflections, you need to: a. relate them to a particular programme/ area that you want to study b. Show your understanding of the faculty/ school/ programme Find out something about your suitability for the programme applied A unique impression is formed

11 Good Writing: Carefully and systematically written
Demonstrate originality (no copying) Precise and Concise Show your potential or skills that make you successful in the tertiary education Evidence is given Clear focus Error free

12 Analysis of students’ work
*Example 1 - well-structured, with relevant examples can be shortened some understanding of the disciplines Shows how participation in activities has led to personal growth

13 Example 2 Lack relevant and specific details Need to give more evidence Example 3,4 Not well-organized Need to be concise and select a theme Not seriously consider the programme chosen

14 Example 5,6 Quite superficial, no serious thought about the programme Nothing is written about the applicant Misunderstanding of Accounting (bookeeping)- example 5 Need to do more research to enrich the content – example 6

15 Example 7 - Talk more about expectations on university education Example 8 - Discuss how participation has helped them to choose the discipline

16 Example 9 Need to add some details to show a deeper understanding of the disciplines Example 10 The role of a forensic doctor has a bigger role to play Need to do more research on the profession

17 *Example 11, 12 Examples are good Evidence is given to support experience Have succeeded in proving their eligibility for tertiary education Example 13 - Too general

18 *Example 14 simple, direct and to-the-point has reflected on the learning and insights gained from participation He can show how the activity is related to his career and academic aspirations Example 15 - Fail to relate the activity to his growth and development

19 Reminder English or Chinese ? (self-account and OEA)
Submission deadline: 16 September 2011 (Friday) 3. Submit the two pieces of work to your language teachers.

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