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UCAS application process & your personal statement Heather Martin Schools Liaison Assistant.

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1 UCAS application process & your personal statement Heather Martin Schools Liaison Assistant

2 Today’s talk What is UCAS? Preparing to apply The UCAS application process Your application form Your personal statement

3 What is UCAS? University & Colleges Admissions Service UCAS is the ‘go between’ between Institution and applicant UCAS records all decisions made about you

4 UCAS deadlines Oxford / Cambridge and Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Science 15 th October Art & Design Route A – 15 th January Route B – 25 th March All others – 15 th January

5 Preparing to apply Year 12Year 13 Start thinking about courses and universities Choose up to 5 courses Open DaysFinish writing personal statement Start planning personal statement Don’t leave things until the last minute Get a summer job / voluntary experience Attend Preview days

6 What happens to your application? JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay Application deadline Interviews and preview days Institution offers / rejections Applicant accepts / declines (First and insurance choice)

7 Your application form Personal details Applications in alphabetical order Qualifications already obtained Qualifications not yet obtained Personal statement Declaration Open Reference

8 Your application form

9 The personal statement

10 Where to start Map out your ideas Structure it well Build up paragraphs Requires several drafts

11 The content Relevant background information about yourself and why you are interested in the academic aspects of your chosen subject Include any life skills, strengths, work experience, positions of responsibility, and any recent study relevant to your application Taking a year out?....Why?

12 What are universities looking for? A well structured personal statement with thought behind it What sort of a person you are and why you are suitable for the subject area Evidence for the things that you say about yourself Examples that show you have motivation and commitment to complete your course

13 ActivityExamples of skills / qualities developed Work experience Responsibility, punctuality, team work, enthusiasm, ideas person D of E, Mentor, Prefect, Ten Tors Communication, confidence, leadership, reliability, motivation, self belief, decision making Recent relevant study Subject knowledge, passion for subject, enthusiasm Travel, Holidays Research, planning, budgeting, organisation, patience, independence Hobbies, volunteering Commitment, motivation, sense of achievement, time management, social skills What you have to offer

14 The opening sentence! “I first became interested in Physiotherapy when I was sat in the waiting room of the West Cornwall A+E after my sister was recovering from a broken pelvis” “Seeing a Reef Shark off the coast of Australia first sparked my passion for anything from the marine world. Instead of swimming away – I swam closer, I was fascinated” “ ‘Lights, camera, action!’ – just saying the words sends me into a whirl of excitement about all the possibilities that await me after studying Film”

15 Handy hints Remember Admissions Tutors are very busy people! Be factual and concise Only include relevant information Try to provide evidence for things you say about yourself Get as many people to read it as possible Rise above the rest by being interesting and passionate

16 Finishing your Application Internal deadline Declaration Payment Reference Keep a copy!

17 What if? UCAS Extra: starts late February Clearing: starts on A-level results day Re-sits

18 Summary UCAS and preparing to apply UCAS deadlines and the application process Your UCAS application form Things to include in your personal statement Start thinking about your personal statement now Get as many people to read your personal statement as possible

19 More information and look at ‘Prospective Students’ page

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