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A joint effort gundy n. 1. The two bigger claws in a CRaB. (Container Recovery and Billing) An Overview.

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2 A joint effort gundy n. 1. The two bigger claws in a CRaB. (Container Recovery and Billing) An Overview

3 Pre Gundy - a little history….. 1997 - DomRep Presentation at CSA Meeting in Trinidad 2001 - SATT begins ground work JAN 2004 - CSOA expresses interest when SATT approached them AUG 2004 - Heads of Agreement with CSOA - OCT deadline set AUG - OCT 2004 - Needs Evaluation and software survey (regional/ NA vendors) NOV 2004 - Decision to go with development of needs based software developers pre-qualified and proposals evaluated DEC 2004 - Total Information Systems selected & development begins MAY 2005 - Gundy Implemented On going continuous development and improvement

4 Needs - Whose? What? PrincipalCnees Terminals CR&BCSOANVOCCsHaulersAgentShippers Conferences through efficiency managing resources & cost with quality information What do they ALL want? lower costs and how is that achieved? OK. But HOW?

5 Gundy Development Mission To develop a software solution that meet the need and operational objective of CR&B demurrage billing and collection with sufficient management tools for simple administration.

6 Gundy: the quality information tool Automates - both input and output Interfaces - EDI functionality- ships baplie, port CTMS, agency & liner IS Communicates - generates warning e-mails & billings Integrates with traditional agent release process and existing port/cutoms processes Accessible - but secure; agent access own data only via internet or dialup Distributed - WAN nodes at terminal offices Flexible - but parameter driven; rule prioritization; contracts; deposits Adaptable - to meet evolving needs - NVOCCs; Hauliers; statistics; status reporting Contact management and risk profiling System Administration - security; anomolies; overrides Audit Trails - transations tagged with user ids Robust - low cost, available HW components; easy redundancy; multiple telcom ports COST EFFECTIVE

7 Managing Demurrage in T&T

8 Gundy User Roles

9 General Overview

10 The Container Release Verify accounts receivables Print

11 General Overview – the return

12 Setup - Port

13 Setup - Demurrage

14 Setup - Lines

15 Commodities

16 Setup EDI users


18 Operations Agent > Port Users >Back Office

19 The Berth Schedule Managing the agent uploads

20 Accessing Gundy from the Agent Office XYZ Demurrage Collections Ltd Agent 1 Internet Agent 2

21 Gundy EDI The productivity enhancer Baplie Microsoft Excel

22 Gundy EDI – Agent upload process

23 Manual upload – The manifest

24 Closing the manifest Passing the baton from the Agent

25 Print Verify accounts receivables The Agent upload Driving the process forward No upload, no manifest, no release!

26 Port Gate Receipts

27 End of Day Back Office Operations

28 Reports the invoice

29 Reports the statement

30 Reports aging summary

31 Reports aging detail

32 Reports the receipt

33 Tech and Xtras

34 The Development Team Shipping Experts and Gundy Visionaries Ian Deosaran – Ocean Freight, Trinidad Rhett Chee Ping – Gordon Grant, Trinidad Terrence Prayag – Huggins Shipping, Trinidad Project Management Jennifer Gonzalez – Shipping Association of Trinidad & Tobago Procedures and Controls – Gundy financial audits Cindy-Lou Valentine – Container Recovery and Billing Software Development Wendell Charles – Director, Total Information Systems, Trinidad

35 The Development Tool Technology Independent RAD-Rapid Application Development Recipient of many international awards

36 Proposed Hardware and Communication Infrastructure Windows 2003 Standard with Remote Desktop Licenses HP Proliant/Dell PowerEdge or compatible class server 512 MB RAM DAT Tape Backup 160GB Hard Drive RAID CDRW/DVD DSL connection 256/128 – Fixed IP – no firewall enabled at ISP Point to Point communication for port satellite office Laser Printer per port office Narrow Carriage Dot Matrix per port office

37 Ready for ? Container Recovery and Billing Ltd 15 Scott Bushe Street Port of Spain, Trinidad (868)623-4750 Total Information Systems Ltd 2 Ana Street Woodbrook Phone: (868) 627-4161 Fax: (868) 625-6237 Contact us for more information

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