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Simdis Trouble Shooting

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1 Simdis Trouble Shooting
AC Analytical Controls February 2001

2 Problem areas Contamination Leaks and column septum bleed
Electronic / mechanical failure

3 Baseline symptoms Ghost peaks : Contamination by septum
Solvent / wash bottles in auto sampler is contaminated Wrong syringe in auto sampler

4 Baseline drift Leak Saturated filter Carrier gas purity
Carrier gas line Improper column installation Saturated filter Carrier gas purity Column contaminated with HB components

5 Poor peak shape Column overload Bad column – liner connection
Broken column Old column

6 No peaks Auto sampler / syringe problems Incorrect signal assignment
Flame out No carrier gas

7 Poor Separation Bad column – liner connection
Check method instrument settings Flow too high Contaminated calibration mixture Old column

8 Reference Off spec. Contaminated solvents causes a bad blank
Detector nut leak Incorrect calibration table settings Septum leak Column overload

9 Low Calibration Peaks Preparation of calibrant mixture
Hydrogen / air ration on FID Detector leak Restricted FID Wrong FID jet

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