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Skin Care & Personality

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1 Skin Care & Personality
ACS Skin Treatment Centre 88R, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. Tel :

2 Topics of Discussion 1. Why it is important to take care of our skin?
2. Different skin type and how to take care of skin? 3. Use of correct skin care product / services.

3 What is personality? The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. Personality = Appearance Behaviour + Knowledge Source: Oxford English Dictionary

4 The physical appearance is judged by: 1
The physical appearance is judged by: 1. Your look, height and weight; 2. The way you dress; and 3. The condition of your skin.

5 Remember: Your appearance is directly judged by your skin condition.

6 What is SKIN? Skin is a soft outer surface covering of an animal, in particular a vertebrate. Human skin is the largest organ of the human body.

7 Skin performs the following functions: Protection: an anatomical barrier to protect us from pathogens and damage. Sensation: heat and cold, touch, pressure, vibration and pain. Heat regulation: during the sweat evaporation process, partial quantity of heats will be carried out from the body and this will reduce the body temperature. Secretion and excretion: The sweat gland secrete the sweat, the sebaceous glands secrete the sebum.

8 Skin performs the following functions: Absorption: Nutrients can diffuse and absorb into the epidermis in small amounts compare to our Gastrointestinal Tract. Metabolism : The skin cell has the mitosis, renewal and metabolism ability.

9 Skin Type:- Knowing your skin type is the first step to protect your skin. Why it is important to determine the skin types? help you to :- (1) choose the right product for your skin; (2) determine the ways of caring and pampering your skin; (3) determine the most suitable and effective treatment for your skin.

10 - If you are having oily skin, you must not use oil content skin care product because this will clog your skin pore, cause acne and blackhead. - If you are having sensitive skin, you must not use skin care product which contain harsh chemicals because this will worsen your skin condition.

11 How to determine your skin type: 1. use of skin analysis machine; 2
How to determine your skin type: 1. use of skin analysis machine; 2. consult with beauty therapist /consultant; 3. self determination.

12 How to determine your skin type:- Use of skin analysis machine.
Skin Moisture Testing

13 Use of skin analysis machine.
Melanin & Erythema Measurement

14 Use of skin analysis machine.
50x, 200x, 300x Skin Magnifying Device

15 How to determine your skin type: 1. use of skin analysis machine; 2
How to determine your skin type: 1. use of skin analysis machine; 2. consult with beauty therapist /consultant; 3. self determination with a simple skin diagnosis chart.

16 Skin Diagnosis Chart Skin is tight when no skin care is applied NO YES
Skin has tendency for acne Skin is dry and may have slight flaking YES NO YES NO T-Zone & cheek is oily Fine lines on face / eye area NO Oily T-Zone, Dry cheek or Dry T-Zone, oily cheek NO YES NO YES YES Skin is allergic to some skin care and fragrance Skin is sagging and lack of elasticity NO YES NO YES Oily Skin Combination Skin Normal Skin Sensitive Skin Dry Skin Sagging Skin

17 Steps in taking care of your skin: (I) Basic and Daily Care;
The beauty therapist from ACS Skin Treatment Centre, Ms. Tricia Chin will discuss & demonstrate this section for you. Steps in taking care of your skin: (I) Basic and Daily Care; (II) Weekly Care; and (III) Monthly Care.

18 Basic & Daily Care

19 Basic and Daily Care Morning: After you have cleansed your face, apply pH Balancer (Toner) to hydrate the skin, apply special care essence and followed by moisturizer. Then, apply UV protection lotion onto the face.

20 Basic and Daily Care Night: After you have removed makeup and cleansed the face, apply pH Balancer to hydrate the skin, then, apply special care essence and followed by moisturizer.

21 Removal of Makeup (Night only) UV Protection (Day only)
Cleansing Balancing Special Care Eye Treatment Moisturizing UV Protection (Day only)

22 Removal of Makeup Nowadays, makeup is a trend not only for ladies but men also. For those who have makeup, make sure makeup is removed thoroughly to avoid the problem of opened pores, clog pores, blackhead, whitehead and acne. It is not advisable to use foundation to cover your acne as this will cause more acne.

23 Removal of Makeup To remove your makeup, whether it is thick / simple, you have to get ready with cosmetic cotton, cotton bud and makeup removal and cleansing milk.

24 Removal of Makeup Start with eyes and lips and continue with the whole face. - Remove artificial eyelids. - Put sufficient amount of eye & lip makeup removal on cotton bud & cosmetic cotton to remove mascara, eye liner & eye shadow. - Gently wipe your eyes in the downward motion. The area around the eye is delicate, so do not rub too hard.

25 Removal of Makeup Put sufficient amount of eye & lip makeup removal on the new cosmetic cotton to remove the lipstick.

26 Removal of Makeup For face, put Cleansing Milk in the cosmetic cotton to remove foundation, cheek powder & loose powder. Lastly, rinse off with water and make sure there is no traces of makeup left on your face.

27 Cleansing After makeup removal, choose the suitable cleanser to cleanse your face. Form of cleansing products : cleansing foam, gel, milk, cream, oil, soap. Deep Cleansing Gel Cleansing Gel Cleansing Milk

28 Cleansing Cleansing is the first and most essential step to look after the skin.  During cleansing, all the dust, dirt, oil and perspiration, bacteria will be removed. Cleanse skin at least twice a day. Double cleanse with cleansing milk and followed by deep cleansing gel especially for oily and combination skin.

29 Cleansing Oily Skin cleanse with deep cleansing gel.
Normal or combination skin cleanse with normal cleansing gel. Dry skin cleanse with cleansing milk. Sensitive skin cleanse with mild type of cleansing milk / cleansing gel. Use of soap / foam may cause dryness, fine line as they will strip natural oils in the skin.

30 Cleansing After you have cleansed your face, please use a clean face towel / tissue to wipe off the water on the face. Please do not use body towel for face as the body towel may contain large amount of body dead skin cells, fungal and bacteria. This is to avoid contamination. The face towel should not be re-used.

31 Toning or Balancing:- Special Care:-
After cleansing, use balancer to tone, balance, hydrate & tighten your skin Special Care:- For certain skin type required a special treatment product (such as: pigmentation, acne, wrinkle & etc.), you may apply the special care essence onto the face in this step.

32 Eye Treatment:- Skin around eye area is the thinnest in our body and fine lines and wrinkles are easy to grow on this area. Fine lines and wrinkles appear on eye area will made a women look older than the actual age. Thus, it is important to take special care on the delicate skin around the eyes. Use eye lotion to moisturize your eye area everyday.

33 Moisturizer:- Moisturizer helps to increase and maintain the hydration of skin by reducing the water loss via evaporation process. Without moisturizer, you will experience dryness on your skin and fine lines and wrinkles may appear. Moisturizer is divided into two categories:- - water base; and Oil base. For Oily, Acne, Combination and Normal skin, it is advisable to use the water base moisturizer. For Dry and Sagging skin, it is advisable to use the oil base moisturizer.

34 UV Protection:- Sun light contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Exposure to UV radiation, UVA or UVB will cause skin damage and premature aging such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (Melasma, Freckle & Solar lentigo) and skin cancers. Thus, applying UV protection onto the skin is an important step to protect your skin. Note: (i) Use UV Protection during day time only. (ii) Select the oil free UV protection skin care.

35 Weekly Care

36 Daily care is meant for daily maintenance use only, if you wish to enhance your skin quality, then, you cannot skip from doing facial scrub & mask.

37 Weekly Care Facial Scrub:-
Remove dead skin cells, skin look younger, smoother and healthier. At least 2 times a week. Choose the correct scrub beads, use only scrub beads designed for skin when do facial scrub. Salt Sugar

38 Step to do facial scrub:-
Put a small amount of the scrub bead on the palm, mix well with Cleansing Milk. Apply the mixture evenly onto the face. Gentle massage in rotate upward position. Then, rinse off with water and cleanse with Cleansing Gel. With facial scrubbing, we are able to remove dead skin cells in order for the skin to look more radiant.

39 Weekly Care Facial Mask :-
To deep cleanse, tighten / firm the skin, minimize pore, reduce skin oil, soothe & moisturize the skin, treat acne, brighten the skin. 1- 2 times a week.

40 Facial Mask Type of mask : Gel mask, cream mask, clay mask, paper mask. Use of different types of masks depend on the skin types and the skin need.

41 Gel & Paper Mask Gel mask & paper mask are suitable for normal, dry, sensitive skin to soothe and moisturize / hydrate the skin.

42 Clay Mask Clay mask is suitable for most of the skin types except sensitive skin type. Clay mask is especially suitable for oily and combination skin types as it is able to minimize pore, reduce skin oil, blackhead and whitehead, treat acne, firm and tighten up the skin, reduce skin sagging and aging.

43 Cream Mask Cream mask helps to promote the penetration of concentrated active ingredient into our skin. Thus, it is most suitable for the skin that require special treatment effect, e.g. : whitening, anti-microbial, exfoliation & etc.

44 Monthly Care

45 Monthly Care – Facial Treatment
It is advisable to visit a Skin Treatment Centre for receiving a facial treatment conducted by the beauty therapist:- Reasons:- Beauty therapist can help you to extract the whitehead & blackhead. Skin Treatment Centre is more hygiene and well equipped. Able to solve skin problem such as acne, freckles, melasma, scar by using scientific and expensive device / machine.

46 Ultra-Sound Device Frequency : 1-3 MHz of sound waves.
Increase the penetration of the ingredients into the skin.

47 Ultra-Sound Device Frequency : 1-3 MHz of sound waves.
The heat generated by the ultrasound energy reaches into the deep layers of skin and boosts the production of collagen which supports and firms the skin. The mechanical vibration create a micro-massage for the skin's tissues.  Also help to improve blood circulation and the metabolism.

48 IPL Facial Treatment

49 How skin treatment centre help?
IPL Treatment Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology in which light energy is converted to heat energy when it reaches the collagen layer in the skin. IPL treats the skin without disruption of the skin’s surface. IPL is different from laser. The main difference is that laser is a technique of producing light energy of only one wavelength. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses white light which contains all sorts of wavelengths (430 – 1200 nm) of visible light from red to blue.  Compare with laser, IPL is safer, non-invasive and is tailored to the individual customer’s skin.

50 IPL Facial Treatment Skin rejuvenation (renew skin, reduce scars and fine lines); 2. Reduce skin hyperpigmentation; 3. Improve skin tone & skin whitening; 4. Treat acne; and Reduce oily secretion & minimize opened pores;

51 PDT Facial Treatment Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a technology which use different wavelength of light source to penetrate and react with skin to produce skin rejuvenation effect. Besides, PDT also help to decrease the appearance of pores, reduce oil glands and treat stubborn acne effectively.

52 Radiothermaplasty (RF) Treatment

53 Radiothermaplasty (RF) Treatment

54 Radiothermaplasty Facial Treatment
Radiothermoplasty is the best non-invasive or non-surgical way to lift and tighten up sagging skin. It is safe, causes no wound and has been clinically proven to lift and tighten up the sagging skin effectively. The unique deep heating technology allows the heat energy to deeply penetrate into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer of the skin to stimulate the regeneration of new skin collagen & elastin. Skin will be healthier, tighter with better facial contours.

55 Radiothermaplasty Facial Treatment

56 Radiothermaplasty (RF) Treatment

57 Radiothermaplasty (RF) Treatment
Before After Slimming

58 Radiothermaplasty (RF) Treatment
Effect:-  Lifting, firming, anti-sagging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Reduce / lessen / get rid of double chin, achieve V shape face. 

59 We welcome your enquiries.
Last 10 minutes – sharing your own skin problem with our beauty therapist / consultant. We welcome your enquiries.

60 ACS Skin Treatment Centre
88R, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. Tel :

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