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EHealth/mHealth policy issues Karl Brown Rockefeller Foundation October 28, 2009.

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1 eHealth/mHealth policy issues Karl Brown Rockefeller Foundation October 28, 2009

2 eHealth vs. mHealth vs. HIS HISeHealth mHealth Q1: Do we need an mHealth policy separate from an eHealth policy?

3 eHealth Policy Research and advocacy – some recent examples World Health Assembly – declarations on eHealth “Making the eHealth connection” – Bellagio, Italy, July 2008: Week 4 focused on eHealth policy, produces call to action Kigali Forum on eHealth procurement and licensing (October 19-21, 2009): Kigali declaration ITU Telecom World 2009; production of “Implementing e-Health in Developing Countries”Implementing e-Health in Developing Countries

4 What is eHealth policy made of? Thematic areas identified through literature search and at Bellagio meeting: Architecture: Data stewardship; Interoperability. Finance: Business models and incentives; eHealth as part of a national budget process Infrastructure: First mile/last mile, reaching the user; Impact of eHealth on other infrastructure Awareness: Informing policy by expanding beyond the usual constituents; Proving value Equity: Equitable access to eHealth services; Donor alignment – issues, funding, requirements of RFPs Human Capacity: HHR planning – targets, skill sets; eLearning as a tool Legal: Global eHealth convention; Regulatory environment for eHealth Organizational: Organizational eHealth readiness; Enabling integration Everyone approaches these in a different order, with a different set of priorities – is this a good thing?

5 What eHealth policies exist? Most european countries have an eHealth policy; these are now being integrated into i2010, an EU initiative for the information society – However, approaches amongst countries today differ widely, including which ministries are considered the main policy-makers Many emerging economies have developed eHealth policies – Wide range of differences in the integration of ehealth to wider ICT or Health policy and reform Mhealth adds a new wrinkle – need for more engagement and collaboration with operators, and turf issues for standards definitions Research indicates that inter-jurisdictional approaches are uncommon as compared to macro-policy approaches at a national level Scope of Policy Issues for eHealth: Results from a Structured Review; Shariq Khoja, PH.D, Hammad Durrani, Ammad Fahim, available at eHealth Policy – The Road to the New Digital Divide? Maurice Mars

6 Next steps Need to ensure policy promotes vs stifles innovation – Example: setting standards in stone too early may limit innovation Question: how do we link national policy efforts to international ones (including non- eHealth specific international movements like Millennium Goals, IHR (International Health Regulations), etc)?

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