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Rethinking how we work DG CONNECT

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1 Rethinking how we work together @ DG CONNECT
Prabhat Agarwal European Commission Making eGovernment work: Improving Organizational Processes Brussels, 1 October 2013

2 DG CONNECT We reorganized in 2012 to
to facilitate knowledge creation and exchange to unleash the creative talents of staff to ensure a better integration of R&D, innovation, policy, and regulation We needed a new tool, new processes and new skills to work in this new way.


4 84% of interviewed staff say they are more aware of what's going on
Knowing what's going on Before Now Senior Management Meetings closed Formal records only in ARES Difficult to 'see how it all fits together' Connections between meetings are mainly ad-hoc Same day open recording of all senior meetings and many operational meetings Commenting, linking and searching to make linkeages Active senior management and many operational blogs on visions 84% of interviewed staff say they are more aware of what's going on

5 Gathering inputs broadly & quickly
Before Now Idea gathering mainly in small, local teams Physical meetings necessary Staff find it difficult to make time to contribute everywhere Open discussion enables broad collection of input On-line ideation allows to sample cross-DG views Voting gives ideas of collective priorities Time requirements on staff are considerably reduced Needs definition for a horizontal project in 3 weeks with 25% of staff involved

6 Easier spontaneous collaboration
Before Now Collaboration based essentially around document repository Discussions limited to Limited discoverability of on-going project Collaboration transparent and discoverable Documents & discussions in one place Participants join depending on their interest and expertise 72% of interviewed staff say it's easier to collaborate beyond their unit

7 User Adoption Active: at least viewing content Engaged:
commenting, linking, editing User Adoption Creating content Distinct users over 30 days

8 Challenges It takes time and effort to build a new working culture, but our usage statistics are well above accepted industry norms. New collaborative tool requires new skills, so we are working with DG HR to address this. Providing mobile access to the platform has been difficult to implement; we are working with DIGIT to explore solutions.

9 Thank you

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