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Everything I Learned about STAAR I Learned From A Star.

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1 Everything I Learned about STAAR I Learned From A Star

2 The stars teach us that there is never a good time to start testing.

3 As usual Attending this training does not take the place of reading the appropriate manuals.

4 New Year New Test The stars teach us that in Texas testing is about life



7 New Calendar Timing Make –up Testing One Oath Manual Not New Security Active monitoring NEW/NOT NEW

8 CALENDAR MARCH 5-9 TAKS10th,11 th ELA & retakes MARCH 26-30 STAAR Writng 4 & 7, Eng. 1 APRIL 23-27 STAAR Math, Read,Science,Social studies TAKS Math, Science, Social Studies MAY 7-11 th – EOC Biology,Algebra 1, World Geography

9 NEWEST THING TIME And it is serious business


11 TIMING Students will be provided four hours in which to complete STAAR,STAAR L, or STAAR Modified tests. Students must complete the test within the same school day. Campuses should use a clock or a timer to monitor test time.

12 TIMING contniued Start and Stop Time Start time for the test session must be recorded on the seating chart. Student must record all responses on their answer documents before the end of the four-hour time period. Once the four-hour time period has ended, test administrators will instruct any students still testing to put their pencils down and close their test booklets. Stop time must be recorded on the seating chart Communicate (orally or in writing) the amount of time left to test in one hour intervals and if desired, in shorter intervals during the last hour

13 TIMING REMINDERS Distribution of materials and the test administrator “Say” directions are not included in the four-hour time limit. Breaks included in the four-hour time limit (not allowed to stop the time clock) water breaks, snack breaks, and short physical or mental breaks Breaks NOT included in the four-hour time limit (required to stop and restart the time clock) Lunch Emergency situations that significantly interrupt testing Consolidation and movement of students to another testing area Medical breaks to the nurse ( note stop and restart times)

14 Make-up Testing & Oath Make – Up Test are available for all tests and all subjects ≈≈≈ Test administrators are required to sign only one oath for the 2012 testing year. All oaths are valid for 2012 spring, summer, and fall testing, as well as any field testing conducted during this time period.

15 MAUAL CHANGES Approximately half the length of last year’s coordinator manual NOTES” column with live links

16 MANUAL CHANGES CONTINUED Three Test Administrator Manuals Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 End of Course Include general information and test directions for STAAR STAAR Spanish STAAR l STAAR Modified Retain for use for all of Spring testing.

17 ACTIVE MONITORING The stars sum it up in just 5 words!


19 ACTIVE MONITORING What is it? Watching students during testing. The focus of the teacher’s attention is on the students and not elsewhere. –Walking around to better observe what students are doing. (Are students; working on correct section of test, marking answers on the answer document, not cheating, not using cell phones, not talking or communicating with other students, etc.?)

20 ACTIVE MONITORING What it is NOT Anything that takes the test administrator’s attention away from the students during testing. Examples include; –Working on the computer or doing email. –Reading a book, magazine, or newspaper. –Grading papers or doing lesson planning. –Leaving the room without a trained substitute test administrator in the room. –Leaving students unattended during lunch or breaks. Be sure to not read the test content over a student’s shoulder and do not examine specific student responses during testing, since doing these will be a test security violation committed while actiive monitoring

21 By now you may be ready to take this star’s advice.



24 This star is all about staying in control when it comes to security.

25 Laying Down the Law



28 TESTING PROCEDURES Let’s see what the manual says

29 ACCOMMODATIONS Accommodations this year fall into 3 categories: Type 1 – available to all students Type 2 – available to selected groups through a student’s IEP,IAP, LPAC,RTI or Dyslexia decision Type 3 – requires an Accommodation Request Form and TEA approval

30 ACCOMMODATIONS Accommodations will be covered in depth in test specific training.

31 This star gives us some valuable hints for STAAR L

32 STAAR L Translation Tips

33 This star has a few words for Ms. Shapiro concerning STAAR Testing in Texas


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