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Human Resources Human Resources Online On Boarding System.

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1 Human Resources Human Resources Online On Boarding System

2 New Hire Onboarding System  We began piloting Greentree Onboarding to new hires at RRMC as of January 1, 2012.  Effective April 2, 2012, the system will be rolled out to SMH, FPG and NPH.  The onboarding system allows us to begin processing incoming new hires before day one.

3 New Hire Onboarding System  The process can begin as soon as a hiring offer is accepted.  Managers should immediately submit the TRF with all the information to and your EDB representative.  Please include new hire’s email address  Let your new hire know to look for an email from Greentree Communication with the subject line of “Welcome to UCLA Health System” within the next 24 hours  Incoming new hire will receive an introductory welcoming email with the onboarding link.




7 New Hire Onboarding System New hire is asked to do the following:  Step 1: Schedule New Hire Processing appointment  Link is available on the online letter with dates  Managers may also schedule this appointment by using the HR website at




11 New Hire Onboarding System New hire is asked to do the following:  Step 2: Schedule an appointment with Occupational health Facility  All required information is included  Step 3: Click “Start” button to begin all forms


13  Data entered once will pre-populate subsequent forms.  Your New Hire has opportunities to ask questions during the process through built-in messaging.  Your HR Representative is able to monitor New Hire activity at any time during the process and assist when necessary. New Hire Onboarding System




17 Advantages Process much more efficient  No paper packet in the mail  No more printing  New Hire session time reduced by 1-1.5 hours  Face-to-face meeting focuses on CICARE, benefits & policies and explaining forms Employee only signs the following forms during face-to-face session  Confidentiality Statement, I-9 and Oath and Patent Acknowledgement.  Forms are stored electronically and can be accessed when needed. 17

18  Work with your Recruiter once you have identified your candidate to ensure all steps are completed. -- job req closed, skills survey/reference check completed, salary confirmed, etc.  Notify us about your new hire/rehire by e-mailing the completed EDB TRF to your HR Rep (EDB Preparer), Anjali Fernando and Brenda Carew  Delete all old versions of the EDB TRF form.  The new version requires important information about the employee that will allow us to proceed with the new hire process.  It is available in the HR website under Forms; select EDB Forms DO’s

19  Remind your employees that they must complete all forms online before attending the new hire session.  If they do not have computer access, please let us know ahead of time so we can mail them a packet. DO’s

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