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ONE MEMBER, ONE VOTE AAUW California 2012 Election.

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1 ONE MEMBER, ONE VOTE AAUW California 2012 Election

2 EVERY MEMBER CAN VOTE!  For the 1 st time, everyone has the opportunity to vote in state election  No branch delegates to carry your vote  No required convention attendance  Voting will occur AFTER convention  Vote online or using a paper ballot

3 CANDIDATE NOMINATIONS  Candidates who submitted nominations by the December 10 deadline  Are posted on our website  Are printed in California PERSPECTIVE  Appear in the order they submitted to the Nominating Committee

4 MORE CANDIDATE NOMINATIONS  Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at convention 1 st business meeting (Friday evening)  Nomination materials must be submitted to Nominating Committee no later than the end of the 1 st business meeting  Will be posted to the website after convention, in the order they are received

5 VOTING PROCESS  Ballot will be prepared following the close of convention  Approximately two weeks later, every member will receive an email message or a postcard with her/his voting access code  Online ballot can be reached through a link in the email or on our website  Member may request paper ballot to mail

6 EMAIL INBOX Note that email message is From: AAUW CA ballot

7 EMAIL MESSAGE Note that access code is imbedded in the link.

8 EMAIL MESSAGE (CONTINUED) Enter code manually, if you choose. Get help if you need it.

9 VALIDATE YOUR ACCESS CODE Push button or click on link to validate your code and proceed to next page.

10 OPEN THE BALLOT Push button or click link to open the Ballot. Note the info about duration of voting. (It is actually April 30 – June 1)

11 TOP OF BALLOT: INSTRUCTIONS Voting Instructions Option: If you are not ready to vote, close The window and vote later.

12 BALLOT: CANDIDATE SELECTION Candidate’s name is a link to the Candidate Information Form

13 JEAN GREEN’S INFORMATION FORM Candidate for President Jean Green (Stage Name: Daisy Duck) Member since 1935 Famous Toon Color Coordinated Superb speaking voice


15 CHECKED MORE THAN FOUR An error message appears when you vote for too many

16 CHECKED LESS THAN FOUR An alert appears when you vote for fewer than you are allowed. However, you may proceed.

17 BALLOT: RESOLUTION When you have completed your voting, you may request a confirmation

18 BOTTOM OF BALLOT Request a confirmation of your votes: enter contact info. Push button to Submit and Review

19 REVIEW AND MODIFY – OR CAST Review your choices You can go back and Modify Votes or you can Cast Ballot now

20 TO CHANGE YOUR VOTE(S)  Click on a checked box to “uncheck” it  Then check the box for your new vote  When you are finished you have the option to Modify your votes again before you Cast Ballot

21 CAST BALLOT  When you are satisfied with the choices you have made, push button to Cast Ballot

22 BALLOT HAS BEEN CAST Once your ballot has been cast, you will see this message. You have an opportunity to provide your feedback on the voting process.

23 YOU MAY VOTE ONLY ONCE If you attempt to vote again, you will see this message.

24 BEFORE THE ELECTION  Make sure your email address is listed correctly in the AAUW national Member Services Database (consult your branch Membership Chair about how to do this)  Deadline for corrections is March 14  (30 days prior to business meeting)  Visit the AAUW CA website to inform yourself about the candidates – go to the Elections & Nominations section

25 DURING THE VOTING  Voting will be open until June 1  If you choose to request a paper ballot, it is your responsibility to make sure your voted ballot is delivered by June 1  Reminder emails will be sent regularly until your voting access code has been used  Winners will be notified as soon as voting ends

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