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Chapter Nineteen Lecture One The Trojan War. A great legendary event about which many stories are told Set in about 1200 BC The two great stories, among.

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1 Chapter Nineteen Lecture One The Trojan War

2 A great legendary event about which many stories are told Set in about 1200 BC The two great stories, among others, are The Iliad and The Odyssey The Iliad, the first we’ll read, is not about the Trojan War, but about something that happens during it

3 The Myths of the Trojan War The causes of the war and aftermath are elaborated in the Epic Cycles (epitomes) These are attached to legends of different areas of Greece, particularly that of the area known as the Argolid and Elis

4 The House of Atreus Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia

5 Elis Oenomaüs Hippodamia Either... a premonition that his son-in-law would kill him or passion for Hippodamia

6 Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia Set up a race that no one could win His horses were sired by the wind Losers were decapitated The hero Pelops of Lydia hears of the contest and determines to enter

7 Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia Son of the evil Tantalus, king of Lydia – in Asia Minor. Tantalus was impious toward the gods, with whom he used to associate Tried to feed them his own son, Pelops

8 Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia The gods, except Demeter, detected the “trick” and punished Tantalus “tantalize” Demeter ate part of Pelop’s shoulder – Hephaestus made a replacement of ivory

9 Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia Poseidon gives Pelops horses that can never tire Pelops also bribes Myrtilus, the charioteer of Oenomaüs to sabotage the king’s chariot –the first night with Hippodameia But Pelops reneges and kills Myrtilus when he tries force

10 Pelops, Oenomaüs, and Hippodamia Myrtilus's dying curse Pelops becomes king in Pisa and lives happily with Hippodameia... but the curse will follow his family Much later...

11 The Banquet of Thyestes

12 An oracle requires that the next king of Mycenae be a descendant of Pelops The two available were Atreus and Thyestes To decide which, Thyestes proposed a test

13 The Banquet of Thyestes Thyestes: “whoever could produce a golden fleece” to prove the gods were with him Atreus agreed, for he knew he had a golden fleece But his wife, Aëropê, had been having an affair with Thyestes and smuggled the fleece to him

14 The Rising Sun Atreus was wroth and proposed another test – whoever could make the sun rise in the west and set in the east Thyestes agreed, and when Zeus made it happen, Thyestes withdrew his claim, and Atreus became king in Mycenae

15 In Mycenae Atreus is king But he is angry with his bother, Thyestes, because he had had an affair with his wife

16 The Banquet of Thyestes Atreus invites him and his children to a banquet to bury the hatchet Serves him his own children – the Feast of Thyestes Thyestes curses Atreus

17 The Banquet of Thyestes Delphi tells him he must have a son with his daughter, Pelopeia, who will avenge him But Pelopia’s whereabouts is not known By chance, he rapes a girl in the woods near Sicyon, who turns out to be Pelopia

18 The Banquet of Thyestes He accidentally left his sword behind and Pelopia keeps it Meanwhile, Atreus is again hunting for Thyestes In his search, he goes to Sicyon, sees, falls in love with and marries Pelopia

19 The Banquet of Thyestes Pelopia soon has a son – Thyestes’s son – and Atreus, thinking it is his own son, names him Aegisthus Later, Atreus’s real sons, Agamemnon and Menelaüs, are still looking for Thyestes; they find him at Delphi He’s brought back to Mycenae

20 The Banquet of Thyestes Atreus orders Aegisthus to go into the prison and kill Thyestes He gives him the sword that Pelopia had kept from the day of the rape Thyestes recognizes the sword as his own – Pelopia confirms the fact that Thyestes is Aegisthus’s true father

21 The Banquet of Thyestes Horrified by what has happened, Pelopia kills herself with the sword Aegithus takes the bloody sword to Atreus and kills him with it. Thyestes becomes king in Mycenae Agamemnon and Menelaüs flee to Sparta, where Tyndareüs was king

22 The House of Tyndareüs Leda and the Swan; the Dioscuri

23 The House of Tyndareüs Leda: Wife of the King of Sparta Children of Zeus –Clytemnestra –Castor –Pollux (Polydeuces) –Helen

24 Oath of Tyndareus

25 The heroes: –Odysseus, Diomedes, Ajax, Philoctetes, Patroclus, Menelaus The Oath (concocted by Odysseus) Helen of Troy Menelaus wins her hand Agamemnon marries Clytemnestra

26 The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

27 Wedding of Peleus and Thetis Meanwhile, Peleus, an exiled son of Aeacus, the king of Aegina, is living in Phthia (in Thessaly)

28 Wedding of Peleus and Thetis Peleus, one day, saw and captured the nymph Thetis –the one from whom Prometheus told Zeus a son greater than the father would be born. Zeus requires her to marry him

29 The Judgment of Paris

30 All the gods and goddesses are invited, except for Eris She rolls in the golden apple, engraved “for the fairest” Zeus declines to decide who among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite is the fairest Paris chooses Aphrodite and “gets” Helen...

31 Next Lecture The Trojan War The Iliad

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