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Youre already doing your do now, and you didnt even know it.

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1 Youre already doing your do now, and you didnt even know it.

2 The Trojan War: fought over an apple? *Be very thoughtful about the decisions you make!! (this will make sense in a moment) Be ready to take notes… use your characteristics of myth chart to do so

3 Peleus and Thetis wedding - big party Everyone was invited, except… Eris (goddess of discord and confusion) Snub? Discord?

4 Golden Apple (a.k.a. Apple of Discord) To the Fairest Choice narrowed to three goddesses who believe it should be theirs: Hera Athena Aphrodite Naturally, the three women cannot agree and remain fascinated by the apple and their own vanity


6 Zeus is charged with making the decision Its a no-win decision – each will get revenge if not chosen Hmm… how can I get out of this?

7 Paris, a mere mortal but a looker himself, is chosen by Zeus to decide At Paris birth, the prophecy was made that he would cause Troys downfall, but this has nothing to do with Troy… does it?

8 Hera offers power; she helps Paris think of thrones, conquest, and all of Asia at his feet Athena offers wisdom; Paris would use such wisdom in battle and be an impressive strategist Aprhodite offers lust; Paris could have the most beautiful woman in the world


10 Paris made his choice with, well… not his brain Paris chooses Aphrodite; he is to be awarded Helen

11 Paris was already married to a nymph Oenone Helen was already married to Menelaus, king of Sparta Paris ignored his wifes warnings and set out for Helen anyway, taking her back to Troy Aphrodite called upon her partner in crime, Eros (Cupid), in order to make Helen fall in love with Paris


13 Whether Helen went willingly or not, the Greeks want their queen back Agememnon, brother of Menelaus, leads an expedition to Troy He enlists all the former suitors of Helen who had promised to protect her regardless of not becoming her husband 1,000 ships set sail to Troy for Helens return


15 What ensues is a ten-year Trojan War Many significant events and major players Story of the war told in The Iliad Story of Odysseus return home told in The Odyssey

16 Odysseus ends up traveling to all these different places thanks to various challenges presented by the gods and goddesses. Remember, he departs from Troy intending to return to his home of Ithaca.

17 Ten years of war Ends with Trojan Horse leading to the sack of Troy, an idea attributed to Odysseus Much destruction angers the gods, who prevent many from returning home The Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus challenging journey to get home

18 Who really caused the Trojan War? Discussion time!

19 Complete a storyboard for a commercial created by one of the goddesses involved with the Apple of Discord. Pick one of the goddesses and storyboard a commercial that includes why you should be chosen as the fairest. Remember to use information from the myth and argumentative/persuasive techniques. Due Friday, 2/8.

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