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John F. Kennedy Middle School Peer Mediation Program 2006-2007.

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1 John F. Kennedy Middle School Peer Mediation Program 2006-2007

2 What is Peer Mediation? Peer mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where two disputing students agree to solve their conflict through a trained mediator, which is one of their peers.

3 How does Peer Mediation Work? Peer mediation helps disputing students to work towards a win- win solution.

4 When can mediation be used? Peer mediation is a good way to resolve conflicts that involve: Rumors Gossiping Harassment Relationship challenges Disputes within the group Minor assaults Fighting Stealing Vandalism

5 When is Peer Mediation not recommended? Peer mediation is not recommended for more serious problems. The following are problems that require professional referral: Sexual abuse Assault Suicide Drug use Weapon possession Conflicts that involve legal problems

6 Who is the Peer Mediation Consult Team? These are the individuals who are responsible for the Peer Mediation Program: LeVisa Jordan, Guidance Counselor Monica Pugh, Teacher Charles Thompson, Teacher Wendy Smith, Teacher

7 Who are the Peer Mediators for JFKMS? Atkins, Miguel Harvey, Heather Keel, Devin Keeth, Cory Knight, Mechelle Whiting, Camille Windsor, Kea Howell, Aprescyous Miller, Darius Mills, Tylar Ringuette, Derek Roller, Sophia Rozyczko, Lucas Wilson, Johnnie Brown, Lavonne Brueggeman, Alexis Cyrus, Ryan Dewell, Chris Luke, Yasmine Mumma, Courtnie Richardson, Itaujua

8 Who do I see to get my conflict resolved? Email Ms. LeVisa Jordan at:

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