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Managers Orientation EDSI Way. Table of Contents  EDSI Values/Culture  Meet the EDSI Corporate Staff Meet the EDSI Corporate Staff  Managers Training.

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1 Managers Orientation EDSI Way

2 Table of Contents  EDSI Values/Culture  Meet the EDSI Corporate Staff Meet the EDSI Corporate Staff  Managers Training Managers Training  Training Evaluation Training Evaluation  EDSI Staples EDSI Staples  HR Policies HR Policies

3 EDSI Values and Culture

4 Welcome to EDSI  As a new Manager, we know that you probably have many questions about your position. How do I do this? What does my position require me to do exactly? How do I complete my timesheet in ADP?  Regardless of your position, it is very critical for you to understand the importance of your role here at EDSI.  During Orientation, you will go through intensive job training including: Introduction to EDSI Review the EDSI Handbook Corporate Paperwork Job Specific Information /Job Shadowing Software Training (available on the Intranet)

5 EDSI’s Mission Statement We must strive to create enthusiasm in our Participants, see through their eyes, understand their needs and deliver more than they expect

6 What to Expect  During orientation, you will get the opportunity to meet different staff and learn all components of your position  You will get the chance to job shadow different staff and understand how your role fits in as a Manager

7 What Makes EDSI Different – 3 Ps  People – Committed Team Members  Process – ISO  Perspective – Innovation

8 EDSI Values Show Up SmileSupport EDSI Values

9 EDSI Orientation Train to Gain Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5  Intro to EDSI  Meet and Greet  Tour of Facility  EDSI Handbook  Participant Orientation  Classroom Overview  I-9 and W-4  PI  Time with Regional Director  Guidelines  Code of Ethics  EDSI Way  Corporate Paperwork  Time with Regional Director  Participant File  Participant paperwork  Classroom  OSAS  TABE (optional)  Tiered Employment  ADP Timesheet  ISO Training  HR Training  Contract Specific  Job Shadowing – Manager  HR Scenarios  Implementation of the handbook Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10  Job Shadowing – EC  Organizational Skills  Interviewing Techniques  Job Shadowing – Instructor  Outlook  Quarterly and Annual Reviews  Job Shadowing - JD  Job Shadowing - QCC  Q & A  Training Evaluation

10 EDSI Locations  Dearborn, MI  Detroit, MI  Chicago, IL  Fort Lauderdale, FL  Washington, D.C  Brooklyn, NY  Pittsburgh, PA  Philadelphia, PA  Bristol, PA  Lebanon, PA  Chester, PA  Norristown, PA  Reading, PA  Carlisle, PA  Harrisburg, PA  York, PA

11 EDSI Staples

12 Corporate Administrative Paperwork  Before we begin the job specific training, it is important for you to complete the necessary paperwork  As part of your Employee Orientation Packet, you will receive the following information: – EDSI Forms to Complete – ADP Timesheet – Employee Intranet Training – ISO Forms – Expense Reports & Mileage Forms – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  Please complete required forms and send them back to Dearborn immediately

13 EDSI Employee Intranet  In order to access the forms and training, you will need to go to the EDSI Website (  Click on Employee Intranet  Enter your Employee ID and Password (your last name)

14 EDSI Dress Code  Dress code is important for our staff and participants. Since participants look to us as role models, we must exhibit a professional dress code  As listed in the EDSI Company Policy Manual, EDSI offices are required Business Dress (Monday – Thursday) and Business Casual on Friday  Although clothing preferences differ by individual, as a representative of EDSI, each employee is expected to exercise good judgment and taste in selecting office attire that is business-professional and is consistent with the employee’s presentation during the interview process

15 EDSI Databases  You will be utilizing many EDSI databases to help you in your position  Here are some of the databases that you will have access to: – Occupational Skills Analysis System (OSAS) – TimeTracker – Master Database (Excel) – Contract specific system (Examples)  CWDS  MIS

16 Microsoft Outlook  Microsoft Outlook is a time management tool to help you organize your day and communicate with others throughout the organization  With Outlook, you’ll have the option to:  Schedule meetings  Manage your tasks  View Calendar  You can access your e-mail via the Employee Intranet as well  You can also access the Microsoft Outlook tutorial under Resources on the Employee Intranet

17 ISO  ISO 9001 is an international quality standard to which EDSI is registered. It is a process-based standard focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.  ISO allows EDSI to perform our processes consistently and document the results. When we know how a process is performed, we know how to improve it.  On the Employee Intranet, you will have access to all ISO forms

18 Meet the EDSI Corporate Staff

19 CEO and Directors of Operations Directors of Operations Roe Falcone Colleen Henning Chief Executive Officer Kevin Schnieders Leadership and Management Decisions, Vision, Strategy, History of the Firm

20 Division Specialists George Warrington  Facilities Management  ISO Training  Office Start-up Facilities/ISO Division Specialist Job Developer Division Specialist Bill O’Brien  All items related to Job Development  Job Development Training  Employer Training  Employer and Job Order databases

21 Division Specialists Heather Emmert  All items related to our clients overall experience within our programs  All Employment Consultant related items  Customer Satisfaction Surveys  Continuous Improvements Employment Consultant Division Specialist Data Division Specialist Laurie Narciso  All items related to data and databases  Managing Data for all the Division Offices  TimeTracker

22 Administrative Team Mary Jo Lock Stacey Ortiz Jane Miller Robin Redmer Robin Redmer: -ADP Timesheets -ADP Password Reset -Office Max Purchasing -Reset Computer/Outlook password -Business Cards/Letter Head Stacey Ortiz -Comp Time -Travel Arrangements

23 HR Team If you have HR related questions, please contact Brian Gilbertson or Leah Bahr. Katherine MuscatSheryl Coonan Brian GilbertsonLeah Bahr Leah BahrKatherine Muscat If you have questions about recruiting, open positions or the interviewing process, please contact Katherine Muscat. If you have questions about Blue Cross health insurance, Assurant dental insurance, Assurant voluntary life insurance, EyeMed vision insurance, 401K, HR policy questions, Recruiting questions, PI questions, please contact Sheryl Coonan.

24 Finance Team Rob Dancer Glenn Dahill Mark Pressey Ping Yang Linda Breuer Leah Petri If you have questions on the items listed below, please call the following individuals: Payroll: Leah Petri Expense Reports: Glenn Dahill/Ping Yang Portfolios, Workbooks, Training Materials and Purchase Orders: Linda Breuer Financials/Budgets: Rob Dancer, Mark Pressey

25 Proposal Team Myndi Milliken Mary Beth Schoeninger Please contact the Proposal Team for the following: information on steps of the proposal process the type of information RFPs require and what is included in a proposal information from past proposals that describe current and past EDSI programs

26 IT Team Larisa Rabina Dan Baker Please contact Larisa for the following: - PathTracker - OSAS Technical Issues - Intranet - BIOs - EDSI Way (Intranet) - Program Communication (Intranet) - Microsoft Live Meeting Please contact Dan for the following: - Network Issues - Server Issues - Outlook Issues

27 ISO Jennifer Sarkisian Please contact Jen for the following: - ISO including form/flow chart updates - OSHA Training - Newsletter questions/articles - Charitable donations - Performance reviews (360 reviews)

28 Managers Training

29 Expectations  Contract Overview  Meetings  Performance  Reviews  Understanding your Customers  Protocol  Human Resources

30 Attributes of a Manager  Flexible  Enjoy working with people – Clients – Staff / Corporate – Customer / Contractor  Problem Solver  Relationship Builder  Leader  Multi-task

31 Acronym List  Please click on the document icon below to access the Acronym Guide

32 Knowing your Customers  As a Manager, you will have many customers including: – Contractor – Clients  It is important to recognize that different customers will have different needs…we must wear multiple hats when servicing our customers

33 Rules for Meetings  For internal and external meetings, ensure that you create an agenda – Review Sample Agenda  Arrive 15 minutes early  Be Prepared

34 Meetings  Internal Meetings – Demonstrate Leadership – Be Organized – Be Positive  External Meetings – Demonstrate Active Listening – Be Positive and Solution Oriented – Be Present – Always remember you are representing EDSI

35 Staff Meetings  It is important to conduct Staff Meetings weekly with your staff with an agenda  On the Intranet, there is a Program Communication (Resources ----> Program Communication) where you will see all the programs listed broken out by:  Staff Meeting Agendas  Policy Changes  Monthly Goals  It is imporant to submit this information to Larisa Rabina weekly to be uploaded to the Intranet

36 Effective Communication  Watch your tone. When you speak, it's easy to adjust your tone and gauge another's reaction. When you write in an email, tone can be taken more than one way if you don't carefully choose your words. Strive to be respectful, friendly and approachable. If in doubt at all, read over your finished email several times to make sure you're giving the impression you intend to.  Avoid writing in uppercase letters. It gives the effect that you are yelling or shouting your entire thought.  Be brief. Make your point as concisely as you can. Many people receive large amounts of e-mail each day. If you want a quick response, you must limit the length of your content.  Use your spell-check one last time before hitting "send."

37 Contractual Guidelines  Depends on Location

38 Contractual Goals  Every week, you will be discussing your contractual goals with Roe and Colleen in the Direct Report Meetings  It is very important to know your contractual goals weekly, including: – WPR – Enrollments – Placements – Retentions – Terminations  Note: Contractual goals may change from program to program…please check with Roe and Colleen for your specific contractual goals

39 EDSI Start-up Snapshot Review proposal / scope of work Recruit, internal / external candidates Determine tools necessary, WFS, OSAS Determine space requirements Identify computer and network needs Determine furniture and filing needs Review curriculum requirements Organize a transition team Finalize project staff positions Hire candidates Determine Customer Deliverables Gather, organize and create proper paperwork Establish a data tracking system VSM Purchase all necessary equipment and supplies Finalize workshop materials Order General Supplies 75% of Hiring Complete Train new staff Review VSM Ensure changeover from transition team to staff is seamless Phase 1 Two Months Pre-Start-up Phase 2 One Month Pre-Start-up Phase 3 Start-up Phase timeline subject to change, must be flexible

40 Predictive Index (PI)  Blueprint for people  Improve Communication & Idea Flow

41 Predictive Index (PI)  Drive does not equal behavior  PI tells us how people: – Are Best Motivated – Communicate – Sequence Work – Make Decisions  We utilize PI during the interviewing process to determine the best fit for a position

42 Predictive Index (PI) Drives  Drive A – DOMINANCE (Idea Flow)  Drive B – EXTERNAL RESPONSE (Communication)  Drive C – PREDICTABILITY (Work Sequence)  Drive D – CERTAINTY (Decision Making)

43 Predictive Index (PI)  For more information on the PI, please contact Arlene Jones at

44 EDSI Location vs. Customer Location  It is important to remember that we operate at different locations, some EDSI locations and some customer locations like the CareerLink  What are EDSI's responsibilities within the CareerLinks?  For more information about the CareerLinks, please contact Joe Farrell at  EDSI Space – Any facility issues / concerns contact George Warrington – Building issues – Copiers – Furniture  Be mindful that we have guests in our location – CCIS – CAO – Other Partner Organization  Goodwill / CFL - Literacy

45 Marketing Materials  We have standard marketing materials that are utilized across the organization  Please contact Linda Breuer in Dearborn to request Marketing Materials  Unless specified by the contract or customer, please do not create your own marketing materials

46 HR Policies

47  Communicate with Brian – Time and Attendance – Staff Write Up – Position Changes – Incident Reports

48 HR – Time and Attendance  General – EDSI is fairly flexible; however, Time and Attendance is not flexible. We are here to help our clients and serve as professional role models to our clients. – If a team member is going to be out of the office unexpectedly (i.e. absent), it is the team member’s responsibility not only to contact the local manager but Dearborn, too. If you team member alerts that he/she will be out of the office, please email Brian to alert him – If a team member is going to be on leave and you have contact with the team member, please alert Brian or contact, return

49 HR – Time and Attendance  Unscheduled Absence – Team member misses work without scheduling time off  Scheduled Absence – Team member schedules time off in advance  Absence Confirmations – Tardiness  If a team member is late, an Absence Confirmation must be completed, submitted to management for signature and faxed to Dearborn  If the tardy is under 1 hour, the time does not have to be made up and no compensated time is required.  If the tardy is more than 1 hour, an Absence Confirmation and Compensated Time request needs to be completed, submitted to management for signature and faxed to Dearborn

50 HR – Time and Attendance  Unscheduled Absence – Team member misses work without scheduling time off  Scheduled Absence – Team member schedules time off in advance  Absence Confirmations – Tardiness  If a team member is late, an Absence Confirmation must be completed, submitted to management for signature and faxed to Dearborn  If the tardy is under 1 hour, the time does not have to be made up and no compensated time is required.  If the tardy is more than 1 hour, an Absence Confirmation and Compensated Time request needs to be completed, submitted to management for signature and faxed to Dearborn

51 HR – Time and Attendance  Compensated Time Requests – Must be taken in 2 hour blocks – Check website to ensure that team member has enough time to take this time off before signing request – Discuss time off without pay requests with Brian  Flex Tour – Flex tour is a privilege! – Banking Flex Days-must be employed for 5+ years unless otherwise approved by management – There are exceptions to switching flex days

52 Quarterly Reviews  Monthly, Arlene Jones alerts managers which team members are due for reviews  It is up to the manager to schedule the review with the respective team member  Please be timely with your reviews and submit your notes to Dearborn once completed  Generally, team members really like their reviews and know when their reviews are supposed to occur  Provide concrete examples  Red/Green notes  Please do not wait until someone’s review to share performance issues. When performance issues occur, address the team member immediately. This gives the team member and opportunity to improve the performance issue.

53 Quarterly Reviews  Quarterly  Measurables  Red, Yellow, Green – Green: I cannot live without this person on my team – Yellow: Does a good job and gets what he or she needs to get done – Red: Many performance issues  Mission Statement  Continuous Improvement Idea(s)

54 Quarterly Reviews  Annual  Measurables  Outstanding, Successful, Average, Needs Improvement  Mission Statement  Continuous Improvement Idea(s)

55 Write-ups  Documentation, Documentation, Documentation…when you talk with a team member about his/her behavior, it is vital to formally “write up” the team member. You and the team member should sign the document, give a copy to the team member and send one to Brian for the personnel file – A write up could be to acknowledge someone’s successes or note someone’s behavior to improve  Verbal  Warning  30 Day Improvement Plan  FOLLOW UP

56 Dress Code  Business Professional (Monday – Thursday) – Suit jacket for ladies – Collared shirt and tie for gentleman  Business Casual (Friday)** – Khakis and a polo shirt – Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers unacceptable  **If a staff member has a business meeting or is out of the office representing the company, business professional attire is expected.

57 Position Changes  If you realize that a team member might be a better fit for a different position, please contact Brian and your Regional Director of Operations to discuss options.  Internal Postings

58 Incident Reports  When an accident or incident occurs, complete an Incident Report (EDSI73) and fax it to Dearborn.

59 Lunch and Breaks  Lunch is 30 minutes  There are no allotted breaks within the work day

60 HR Scenarios / Protocol  Review with Director of Operations

61 Training Evaluation

62  Please take a few minutes to take the Training Evaluation. vby7dz2XB1xPubqRZlRQ_3d_3d

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