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NVision USA An introduction to nVision Heather Corker/VP Consumer Trends, NA.

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1 nVision USA An introduction to nVision Heather Corker/VP Consumer Trends, NA

2 22

3 3 Over 100 established and emerging trends Proprietary consumer research nVoy network of experts and 200 trendspotters Trend trajectories help to forecast the size and evolution of every opportunity Thousands of manifestations – insight in action 200+ global clients from all sectors What sets us apart?

4 4 WHAT WE DELIVER nViable – Strategic Mapping Tailored Research Creative Futures and Scenario Planning Segmentation Global Trendspotting Embedding Trends Consortia NVISION TRENDS Innovation

5 5 The core Trend mapping Prioritization of key and emerging trends vs. a central issue and timeline Creative brainstorming – implications of key trends and responding actions/concepts HOW TO ACT WHERE TO ACT


7 7 nVision Trends Trend manifestations Infographics Globally adjusted data nVitro Scan Beyond 2020 nVision DNA Newsletters Advanced analysis Forecasts nLighten Partner Time Events

8 8 nVision Trends Rigorous, future-focused, implication-rich analysis Narrative Case Studies Evidence and Forecasts Implications and applications Advanced analysis Future direction

9 9 QUICK FIXCOMPLEX Topical insights Most relevant content How fast will x grow Quantify demand for NPD Branded marketing inspiration In depth analysis of segments Tailored reports Ultimate business priorities What concepts will dominate x market in 5 years time Partner time Why 90% of clients renew

10 10 When do you see M-commerce reaching critical mass? How can we turn the trend of ish! into our advantage What are the trends that will allow us to tackle consumer privacy? How can we best appeal to women? Sample Questions Retail

11 11 Risk Gamification Social Media Environment Family Health & wellbeing Local myths Loyalty Leisure COMING SOON THE POWER OF ANON, CURATED COMMUNITIES  THE BIG LIE  GLOBAL CONFERENCE  CONSORTIA – HIGH NET WORTH 2 & CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS Wealth Media Usage Aspirations Recognition, validation Artificial Intelligence CONTENT EVERYWHERE

12 12 nVision Service USA Premium Unlimited users 40 consultancy hours ½ day nViable workshop Discounted consultancy rates And any two of the following: Personalized trend briefings 2 fully annotated and customized reports Annual ‘Top Trends’ report tailored Boardroom bulletins Tailored research questions Trendspotter briefs ANNUAL COST: $35,000 Quarterly webinars Full training session Client events Tailored newsletters

13 13 nVision Service USA Standard Unlimited users 20 consultancy hours Client events Quarterly webinars ANNUAL COST: $25,000 Monthly newsletters Full training session Discounted consultancy rates Annual trends presentation

14 14 nVision Service Global Premium Unlimited users 50 consultancy hours ½ day nViable workshop Discounted consultancy rates And any two of the following: Personalized trend briefings 2 fully customized reports Annual ‘Top Trends’ report Boardroom bulletins Tailored research questions Trendspotter briefs ANNUAL COST: $55,000 Quarterly webinars Full training session Client events Tailored newsletters ½ day innovation workshop

15 15 Innovation

16 16 1- Insights through trends

17 17 Our workshop techniques:  Workshops are a core deliverable for Future Foundation. We deliver between 50 and 100 every year to a range of organisations and stakeholders.  As such, we have developed a wide range of techniques (from the more functional to the very creative) which are deployed according to the audience and the objectives. We will expose just a few suggestions as part of the process.  Our senior team is very experienced in running workshops. Most functional Most creative Industry inspiration Concept development SWOTDrivers

18 18 Innovation workshops Take inspiration from a range of sectoral forecasts/visions/outputs. React to futuristic innovations from a range of global markets. Using filmed recommendations from experts and some pre- prepared concepts from FF evolve and ideate to suit the innovation priorities. Approach  A 2 part series of stimulus that workshop participants would respond to and generate ideas from.  We might imagine that between 10 - 20 ideas will emerge from incremental to seriously challenging.  Each idea will then need to be mapped against key insights and key criteria Objectives  Innovate against agreed priorities, driving insights from nViable

19 19 Capturing ideas and outputs  Below is an example of some brainstorming templates that can be used to capture ideas that emerge from the workshop activities Idea 1ImplicationsSteps involved for delivery Difficulty of implementation Brand Business Marketing Consumer Marketing Customer Service

20 20 Strategic partnership How?  nVision.  Forecasts of key trends impacting the group.  Overlay existing customer segments with consumer insight.  Deliver series of trend workshops.  Executive collateral.  Applied trends partner to the External Intelligence function.  Work collaboratively to deliver the implications of trends to various business units.  Create unique insights and processes to create greater cohesion.  Deliver effective trends work at both a group and local level.  Put consumer trends at the very heart of the business as part of the planning cycle.

21 21 Appendix

22 22 Conceptual forecasting Beyond 2020 Exploring the future of several commercial themes and sectors beyond 2020 - including concepts for products and services that might characterize the marketplace in the next decade. Project Relevance Conceptual insights & forecasts to stretch ambitions Project Relevance Conceptual insights & forecasts to stretch ambitions

23 23 Creative forecasting  A rich mix of robust quant analysis, innovative forecasting and creative visioning Rigorous Quant ForecastingTrend Trajectories Project Relevance Robust insights & forecasts to inform process Project Relevance Robust insights & forecasts to inform process

24 24 Trends in action Capturing best practice or innovative commercial applications of the trends that matter Database of 2500+ examples, with more added each week thanks to our network of Trendspotters Project Relevance A wealth of global innovation inspiration to choose from. Related industry thinking. A benchmark to innovate beyond Project Relevance A wealth of global innovation inspiration to choose from. Related industry thinking. A benchmark to innovate beyond

25 25 nVitro scanning Investigating embryonic technologies and scientific, environmental and medical innovations likely to enter society. By seeking out the people who are developing them and scrutinising scientific literature, this technique amplifies expert voices from the forefront of innovation. Project Relevance Clear view of most meaningful future signals Project Relevance Clear view of most meaningful future signals

26 26 Global adjustment Source: nVision Advanced analysis Unique technique designed to make international comparisons meaningful A range of techniques to allow us to derive Insight from the data

27 27 nVision Sources & Methodology  Original research which is exclusive to subscribers.  Trend data going as far back as 1980.  Sample = 1,000 respondents per market, nationally representative (except GB -11,000 across 6 waves per annum).  Online methodology.  Trendspotting.  Qualitative research.  nVoys: expert panels.  Access to a wide variety of third party reputable data sources.  Examples include:  Understanding Society: longitudinal survey of 40,000 since 1991, youth survey – 11-16 yrs.  Partnership with Oxford Economics. ONS, United Nations, Government departments, Ofcom, World Tourism Organisation, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, International Telecommunication Union, Federal Reserve, Eurostat, European Social Survey Europe: 2 waves per year across 14 markets Global: 2 waves per year across 24 markets UK: 6 waves per year USA: 2 waves per year

28 28 “Trendspotting encourages you to look around and see the patterns in things – patterns you may otherwise never notice because you never stop to think or ask about what is happening in the world.” Shikha, 28, Trendspotter, India Trendspotters in 50+ global markets

29 29 Case Studies

30 30 SABMiller Europe: 2020 Vision Our challenge SABMiller Europe commissioned Future Foundation to help achieve an overarching ‘Vision 2020’ for the beer category across Europe.  The vision needed to complement existing strategic pillars, while also driving future growth and profitability.  It was vital that our approach stretched internal thinking to deliver a compelling but succinct solution that would inspire and mobilise stakeholders.  A stated priority for the project was also to achieve a focus behind which key operational functions could be aligned and action plans prioritized.

31 31 SABMiller Europe: 2020 Vision What we did  We designed and delivered a closely facilitated, 3-month process, structured around 3 key workshops (below) which took the business from standing start to 2020 vision with supporting action plan.  At each stage, we worked with robust evidence and insight - presented in creative ways - and proprietary techniques to challenge participants (a senior team drawn from across Europe) and stretch their thinking around 2020 context, ‘desirable futures’ in that landscape, the ultimate goal, and how to get there.  Key inputs included an extensive, initial knowledge review - across our own insight and third party data; a tranche of expert interviews - across the spectrum of stakeholders; narratives and visualisations of potential 2020 scenarios for the category; and a global trawl for relevant innovation. Initial analysis: Expert interviews, knowledge and trend review Workshop: Establish 2020 trend framework & implications 2020: Develop 2020 narratives, visualisation, gather inspiring global innovation Workshop: Establish core 2020 narratives, explore inspiring trend-led innovation Unifying themes: Establish strongest core themes to build potential ‘beer futures’ Workshop: Refine desired futures, potential category visions and action plans Interim debrief: Develop and present back initial vision Debrief: Present and refine final vision

32 32 SABMiller Europe: 2020 Vision What we delivered  A succinct, compelling 2020 vision was achieved for the business, supported by analysis around implications, and initial action planning.  A toolkit was also developed to support roll out to key stakeholders. This included tailored materials - setting out the project journey and rationale - and visualizations.  We were subsequently invited to present alongside SABMiller Europe’s heads of the Strategy & Insight teams to launch the vision and an ‘activation’ program to the business’ 50 plus commercial directors from across Europe. “Meabh and the team at Future Foundation have been the ideal partner to help us brew a vision for our category. FF possesses the blend of talents, the professionalism and the enthusiasm necessary to turn a mass of consumer information into a simple but compelling message engaging us for the future.” Yvan Goupil, Europe Head of Insights & Media, SAB Miller

33 33 BP: The future of mobility Our challenge  At a time of significant shifts in its core market, BP turned to Future Foundation for help in futureproofing strategy for its fuels and lubricants business  Looking to both medium- and long-term horizons, the business sought to identify the forces and trends with potential for most significant commercial impact and to unpick their implications.  A particular priority for BP was to identify potential ‘whitespace’: i.e. opportunities for innovation through new platforms, initiatives or partnerships.  A global perspective was essential.

34 34 BP: The future of mobility What we did  We delivered a comprehensive global trend analysis to build models for mobility in 2010 and 2030.  A vast global scan complemented analysis of Future Foundation’s proprietary trend and forecast data.  Trends were systematically identified and measured. Adapting proprietary techniques for the process, we then mapped each trend against seven ‘mega themes’ and key criteria to provide a hierarchy of priorities for BP.  A trajectory was also plotted for each trend - to illustrate its anticipated evolution for each of the regions in scope.  Tailored interviews with a broad range of external experts were also pursued to help validate the most accurate possible view of each trend - in its current and future iterations.

35 35 BP: The future of mobility What we delivered  Our analysis provided a comprehensive and insightful roadmap for consumer mobility and its implications for BP - against a short and longer term horizon.  A series of compelling interactive outputs was designed by Future Foundation for use by key stakeholders within the business - to put the future landscape for transportation and core issues at the heart of their thinking.  Specifically, our analysis was central to a series of innovation workshops and exploratory presentations within BP to further unpick commercial implications and necessary responses.

36 Heather Corker E: T: 917-450-9243 STOCKHOLM Gamla Brogatan 26 SE-111 20 Stockholm Sweden LONDON 81 Rivington Street Shoreditch London EC2A 3AY NEW YORK 175 Varick St Suite 804 New York 10014

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