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Literary Devices Figurative Language and more… Literary devices are the tools authors use to bring the reader into the writing. They help the reader to.

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1 Literary Devices Figurative Language and more… Literary devices are the tools authors use to bring the reader into the writing. They help the reader to get a clearer picture of what's happening, and they can also be used to convince the reader of something, or they can be used to simply entertain the reader. Berry-Wilson 6 th Grade Language Arts

2 What is it? A comparison using “like” or “as”simile

3 Using a sound as a wordOnomatopoeia

4 An exaggerationhyperbole

5 A comparison saying that one thing is another thingmetaphor

6 Putting two contradictory terms togetheroxymoron

7 Giving an object human characteristicspersonification

8 This is used to express the exact opposite of its literal meaning irony irony

9 Interrupts the plot of a story and goes back to a past event flashback flashback

10 Where future events in a story, or sometimes the outcome, are suggested or hinted to by the author before they happen.foreshadowing

11 Describes something in detail, but it appeals to the senses imagery

12 When certain objects or images are used in place or to represent other ideas.symbolism

13 Tell me what I am an example of…. I am a rainbow. metaphor

14 The sun woke up and greeted me this morning personification

15 Two animal rights activists were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousand of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death. irony

16 My sister wears so much make- up, I haven’t seen her real face in 5 years hyperbole

17 The head coach was showered with freezing cold Gatorade that soaked every inch of his body and ran into his mouth and greeted him with sweetness. imagery

18 Sam wished he could rid himself of the sick feeling in his gut that told him something terrible was going to happen, and happen soon. foreshadowin g

19 I'm getting married in the morning! Ding dong! the bells are gonna chime.Onomatopoeia

20 Marvin is so gross, he eats like a pig. simile

21 I like to eat jumbo shrimp when I am at the beach. oxymoron

22 Jack hates the beach. The sun makes him sweat, the sand makes him itch, and the tide smells fishy. The worst part is the noise. Jack can't enjoy the beach because of all the crackles and shrieks. The cries of the gulls are pins in his ears. The tugboats in the distance are loud and deafening. What is the effect of the metaphor used in the passage? A. to show that the beach is a smelly place to visit B. to show the way the gulls make the beach beautiful C. to show that Jack makes noise when he's at the beach D. to show the pain Jack feels when he heard the gulls

23 Julio wheeled himself across the grass. The wheelchair spun under him, rolling him toward the baseball field. Julio knew this field. He knew every mound of grass. He remembered every minute of his last game. He imagined it again: the crowd of parents cheering for him after he hit a home run; his brother shouting "Go, Julio!" while he ran around the bases and back to the catcher. In his mind, he still watched himself run again and again. To teach the reader more about Julio, the author uses A. foreshadowing. B. metaphor. C. flashback. D. symbolism.

24 When the heater broke, I could feel my fingers frosting over. As the snow fell, we were trapped in the car, and the windows wouldn't close. It was as warm as a polar bear's toes. Why does the author compare the weather to a polar bear's toes? A. to show the weather was freezing cold B. to show that polar bears are excellent hunters C. to show it is good to keep a blanket in your car D. to show frostbite can happen very quickly

25 We knew it would rain, but the weather got so bad it made the windows shake and the door rattle on its hinges. The storm was like a monster on the prowl. What does the simile "The storm was like a monster on the prowl" mean? A. The storm gave shelter. B. The storm was a tornado. C. The storm will pass quickly. D. The storm was scary.

26 Which sentence contains a metaphor? A. Meghan went into their room and filled their shoes with shaving cream. B. She heard them stampede in their room like a herd of buffalo. C. Meghan knew that John and Doug were night owls. D. Just then, she was shaken from the thought.

27 After running, Heather went to the gym to work out. After that, she went to run some errands for George. When she's not working out or running errands, you can find her with her friends in the city. She's like a rolling stone. What does the simile "She's like a rolling stone" mean? A. Heather is good at tumbling over. B. Heather should learn to relax more. C. Heather is always doing something. D. Heather is a collector of many rocks.

28 No one ever passes Mr. Burns' class. He always fails everyone. On the last test, I made a failing grade. Mr. Burns is as tough as rusty nails. The author compares Mr. Burns to A. failing grades. B. the last test. C. a classroom. D. rusty nails.

29 Yes, it was a very pleasant life I lived in those days long ago--though of course I did not think so then. I was nine and a half years old. Like all boys, I wanted to grow up--not knowing how well off I was, with no cares and nothing to worry me. Always I longed for the time when I should be allowed to leave my father's house, to work on one of those brave ships, to sail down the river through the misty marshes to the sea--out into the world to seek my fortune. The person narrating this story is probably what age? A. an adult B. nine and a half C. we do not know D. ten and a half

30 My love My love is like a red balloon against the bluest sky. It soars along the doves and flutters like a butterfly. My love is like a baby's smile. It melts your heart in a beat, reaches you through all the walls, and wraps you up in a velvet sheet. Which phrase from the poem makes something seem human? A. wraps you up in a velvet sheet B. it soars along the doves C. reaches you through all the walls D. flutters like a butterfly

31 Thomas is worried about the map and the trip. He's never been to Boston. The people he is traveling with aren't very reliable and probably can't read a billboard let alone a map. He is like a jar of butterflies. Luckily, he has a GPS system in his car. Even still, he decides he will pay close attention for his next exit. What is the effect of the simile used in the passage? A. to show that Thomas is traveling with butterflies B. to show that Thomas is concerned about getting lost C. to show that Thomas does not drive well D. to show that Thomas' friends cannot be trusted

32 Count up your points!

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