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Who Will Win? Native Plants vs. Invasive Species AKA Noxious Weeds!

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1 Who Will Win? Native Plants vs. Invasive Species AKA Noxious Weeds!

2 BIG PICTURE ON WHAT’S IN YOUR WORLD O Overview O Learn basic structure of plant anatomy O Dissect plants O Identify the difference between noxious and native plants O Know importance of the native plants for both plants and animals O Collect and observe adaptations of plants anatomy.

3 Montana Instructional Alignment-Science Content Standards Content Standard 1- Student, through the inquiry process, demonstrate the ability to design, conduct, evaluate, and communicate results and reasonable conclusion of scientific investigation. Content Standard 3- Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, structures and functions of living things, the process and diversity of life, and how living organisms interact with teach other and their environment Content Standard 5- Students, through the inquiry process, understand how scientific knowledge and technology developments impact communities, cultures and societies.

4 GOALS/OBJECTIVES O Collaboration O Identification O Access prior knowledge O Draw conclusions O Difference between invasive/native plants O Controlling invasive/noxious plant species.

5 7 th GRADE TIMELINE O September…October O Week One- Use prior knowledge and develop basic concepts of plants. O Week Two- Collection…Investigation…Examine...Explore. O Week Three- Native/invasive species inventory and mapping…prevention O Week Four- Weed control and community involvement.

6 5 th GRADE TIMELINE O Week 1- Access prior knowledge/Give background information O Week 2- Collect plant species in the area and observe O Week 3- Identify native or invasive plants O Week 4- Come up with ideas for solution to invasive species in the area that they can complete.

7 MATERIALS O Packing tape of lamination sheets O Card Stock O Markers/crayons O Shovels and Trowels O Identification O Invasive/noxious weed book O Native plants books O What’s in your world? Classroom library (MSU Flathead Reservation Extension Education Resources)

8 MATERIALS continued…. O Buses O Stipend for speakers O Dissection kits O Magnifying glasses O Baggies O Tweezers O Native and Invasive Plant Posters

9 EVALUATIONS Students will keep plant journal to record observations, data, and conclusions. Flash Cards with identification information (7 th grade) Wanted Poster (7 th grade)

10 An illustration featuring a scary looking dandelion weed with mean eyes and fangs looking right at you© Madartists | Liz Galli-Noble Director Cent of Disease Management Tess DR. John Peters Astrobiology Research Center and Thermobiology Institute DR. Walter Fleming Montana State University Department of Native American Studies Office of Provost Montana State University Chemistry Department and Biochemistry 2013 Science Horizons Initiative Thank you all for the support in making our project successful!

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