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Poetry William Blake.

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1 Poetry William Blake

2 A. A. Milne

3 What a poem can do Create images. Natural or new.
Improve a mood, that may be blue. Arouse a chuckle, produce a tear, Deepen a desire, shed light on a fear. Speak to the senses, broaden a mind, Allow imagination the freedom to unwind. Introduce creatures or animals that speak, Reveal dark forests, or white mountain peaks. Take one abroad, to places unknown-- A teepee, a tree house, a castle of stone. Stir up emotions not scrutinized before, Urging a soul to read just one more. Stephanie A Paic Elementary Education Major

4 Definition of Poetry A form of imaginative literary expression that makes its effect by the sound and imagery of its language. Want to have some fun with poetry? Click HERE!

5 Poetry captures the essence of an object, feeling or thought.
Thank-you Note I wanted small pierced earrings (gold). You gave me slippers (gray). My mother said that she would scold Unless I wrote to say How much I liked them. Not much. Judith Viorst

6 Poetry can only happen when the poem and the reader connect.
So I, A sniveling sixth grade boy,, Reply: Hi, Lola, I’m Chuck. I’ll be twenty-seven next week, I’m six foot two inches tall, Two hundred and thirty pounds, And I’m a body builder. continued Cyber-space Lies Last night, Somewhere in the cyber-chart room, She sat at her keyboard And typed: My name is Lola, I’m twenty five years old, Five foot four inches tall, With blond hair, blue eyes And I’m a professional dancer.

7 And then With each cyber-message, Our hearts, Like rose petals, Blossomed into cyber-love. That was last night. But today, In the lunchroom, I overheard Agnes Ripple, Nine-year-old-fourth-grade, Agnes Ripple. She was giggling about Chuck, The body builder she met last night on the Internet. I said, “Hello….Lola!” And there in her eyes, I tasted the ashes Of cyber-space lies. Brod Bagert

8 Criteria for Evaluating Poetry
The rhythm reinforces and creates meaning. The sound adds to the meaning. (alliteration and assonance) The poem creates sensory images. The poem makes the readers see something in a new, fresh way. The poem is appropriate for the age group.

9 Poetry Forms Cinquain Wilber shy, fearful crying, fainting, begging
“I don’t wanna die” Pig Diamante Mammals dolphins, monkeys nursing, caring, feeding warm-hearted; cold-blooded burying, leaving, neglecting snakes, turtles Reptiles

10 Cinquain Line 1: One word title
Line 2: Two words to describe the title Line 3: Three action words ending in “ing” Line 4: Four words expressing feelings or a quote Line 5: Synonym for title

11 Diamante Line 1: One noun subject
Line 2: Two adjectives describing the subject Line 3: Three participles (“ing” words) telling about the subject Line 4: Four nouns (the 1st two related to the subject in Line 1; the 2nd two related to the opposite subject in Line 7) Line 5: Three participles telling about the opposite subject Line 6: Two adjectives describing the opposite subject Line 7: One noun opposite the subject in Line 1

12 Limericks Complete the following limerick:
There once was a woman named Mary, Whose face was considered quite scary. She frightened the mouse That lived in her house _____________________________________ Read more about it: Edward Lear

13 Reader’s Theater Spring Is


15 Personal Response to Poetry
Discussion Personal Response to Poetry Children’s poet, Jack Prelutsky, says that each child has to connect with the poem. Teachers tend to want to dissect the poem, much like they would dissect the frog in biology class. He feels that for young children, poetry should be enjoyed, not dissected. Read the following two poems; one, Stopping By the Woods On A Snowy Evening , by Robert Frost, and the other, After English Class, by an 8th grade student. Discuss the student’s poem. Include a specific situation when you felt like the student. Continued...

16 Stopping Be Woods On a Snowy Evening Robert Frost Continued...

17 After English Class

18 There’s something about me
That I’m knowing, That isn’t showing. I’m growing!


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