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Your worst Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Abby-Louise and Frances.

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2 Your worst Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Abby-Louise and Frances

3 Introduction It’s Christmas day and you’re watching scary movies with your girlfriend sally. All of a sudden you feel a gust of wind and hear a scream. all the lights go out and then you see sally being carried out of the window. As quick as you can you run to the window and see the man running down the street. you go out of the door and as you get out you see the man running with sally into a huge mansion. You follow them into the house. The adventure begins! You see two doors if you pick the one on the left pick 1 if not pick 3.13

4 Kitchen You’re in the kitchen you see pans and pots everywhere. Scary pictures are on the wall and you wonder why you would have pictures in a kitchen? You look some more to see what is going on. You see blood, and a skeleton lying next to it. Looking some more you see a staring pair of eyes. It’s a cook that warns you to get out as soon as possible, you take the advice. As you look for a way to get out you find 2 doors, 1 leads to the dungeons the other leads to ….. Well nobody really knows. Will you take the risk? Will you take 2 or 3.23

5 Game over You have been trapped in a room with the man. As he lifts up his dagger goo comes through the walls. TRAPPED!!!!

6 Living room You find yourself in the living room. There are books on high shelves, the TV is smashed and you do not want to sit on the chair because it only has three legs. Then you see blood stains on the floor and you do not know there is a baby ghost behind you. you turn around and you scream. quick as a flash the ghost goes away. Suddenly, you think you see sally, but it was just your imagination. You see 2 doors. A huge black door and a small door to the right. Which will you take? If you decide to go through the black door pick 4 if the small door is your way pick 5.45

7 Bathroom In the bathroom it is dark you turn on the light and realise its like a spa (probably stolen money to buy it) and then you realise its not a luxury place, but at the moment it does not matter about blood you only care if it’s sally's blood. You realise which one you want to choose 6 or 7.67

8 Game over You are forced to kill her or you can die your choice.

9 Conservatory Anything can happen if you know what I mean. One second you’re here the next minute your dead. Anyway let’s look around the room. You are in the conservatory and you see the same cloak and shoes, to find sally you need to go so. Room 8 or 2.82

10 Bedroom You go into the bedroom and you see something moving on the bed. You think you see her and you do! You have found sally! CONGRATULATIONS! You win!

11 Library You’ve found yourself in the library. There are lots of books and computers everywhere. One of the computers is on you look closer at it. it gives you a clue but you don’t know what it means. The computer is telling you where to find sally but you don’t understand it. You see fresh blood on the book behind you and you thought it was sally’s blood but it wasn’t. You see two doors 1 is a small door that leads to room 7 the other door leads to room 5. If you decide to go through the small door pick 7 if you pick the other pick 5.75

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