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The house of the living dead By Shamus The House of the Living Dead.

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1 The house of the living dead By Shamus The House of the Living Dead

2 Introduction You are walking down the empty road beside your cousin, and suddenly a big house appears in front of you, then it goes black and you here howling noises. When it goes light James has gone. You run toward the house ignoring the sign saying DO NOT ENTER THE HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD!! You see two doors one saying enter this door and you will go to room6 the other^ is a corridor that goes to room 3 It is raining you have to make your choice as quick as a flash…63

3 Slide2 Now you are in the entrance hall. In the entrance hall you see rabbit and cows eyes rolling around on the floor there is blood on the walls and dead bodies on the floor you see a wardrobe that takes you to room 5 or if you take the hole in the floor you go to room 2 for the bathroom. But you have to leave as quick as a flash… or you are doomed.52

4 Slide3 You are in the bathroom the water is up to your knees there is green slime on the bath and there are chains rattling with blood all over them, you look in the bath and there is a dead body with cockroaches and ants nibbling on him. You have to leave this room. Either slide down the banister and go to 7 or go down the lift with spiders and skeletons in it to go to 4.74

5 Slide4 You are now in the kitchen, You look around, you see the tap running and strange food or things on the table such as cows eyes and custard with bits of blood in it. Someone's leg you hope it isnt James's. There are rabbits brains and stings of a scorpion. Take the teleporter to go to room 3 or move the creaking chair to go down the hole in the floor to go to 232

6 Slide5 You are now in room 2 the living room it is dark and gloomy. There are bits of blood on the walls you see a gigantic bowl and poisons such as wombats tail frog leg, cows eyes, and human legs. Then you hear cackling noises. A shiver runs down your spine, you can either walk up the stairs to room6 or go down a shoot to go to room868

7 Slide6 You are now in the death tunnel it is darker than night. You are feeling very scared. A lazar comes out of the wall and zaps you GAME OVER

8 slide7 You are in the chamber of the living dead, you see a sword on the floor and one in a skeletons hand. The skeleton starts moving, you pick up the sword and start sword fight. As the sword s hit together Cling! Cling. Your heart is pumping, you drop your sword and you are zapped GAME OVER

9 slide8 You are in the bedroom this room is warm and welcoming. You hear talking and look in the in the bed and see a white ghostly figure, but it turns out to too be James talking in his sleep. You shout hooray! Then James wakes up. Well done you won the game.

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