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Bulgaria’s strategic road infrastructure challenges.

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1 Bulgaria’s strategic road infrastructure challenges


3 Trans-European Transport Corridors The need for effective integration of the Bulgarian Road Network to the Trans- European transport corridors, determines its main priorities and development projects.

4 Road Junctions – 268 kmMotorways – 418 km I Class roads – 2975 km II Class roads – 4027 km

5 Sources of financing  State budget  EU funding (Operational programmes 2007- 2013/2014-2020)  REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT  TRANSPORT  State investment loans

6 Road project financed by OP “Regional development” and State investment loans

7 Infrastructure projects OP “Regional development” and State investment loans ProjectLengthValue 1Projects under OP “Regional development” 2007-2013 921 km256 mln. euro 2Projects planned under OP “Regional development” 2014-2020 1424 km473 mln. euro 3Projects financed with State investment loans 1552 km385 mln. euro 4Projects planned to be financed with State investment loans 353 kmTo be determined

8 Strategic Infrastructure Road Projects 2007-2013 & 2014-2020

9 Infrastructure projects OP “Transport”  Projects under Operational Programme “Transport” 2007-2013, EU Cohesion Fund: Motorways 290 km 983 mln. euro Main roads 134 km 686 mln. euro TOTAL:324 km 1 669 mln. euro  Strategic Infrastructure Road Projects planned for 2014-2020: TOTAL: 920 km 3 133 mln. euro

10 OP „Transport“ 2007-2013 Ongoing and forthcoming procedures for construction and supervision by the end of 2013 ProjectLengthIndicative budget 1Road Bypass of Gabrovo City (ongoing) 23 km69 mln. euro 2Modernization of Road І-8 "Kalotina-Sofia Ring Road”, from km 1+000 to km 32+447 (ongoing) 31,5 km100 mln. euro 3North Speed Tangent of Sofia Ring Road (ongoing) 16,5 km150 mln. euro 4Modernization of Road I-1 (Е-79) Vratza (Mezdra) – Botevgrad 33 km188 mln. euro 5Struma Motorway Lot 2, section Dupnitsa-Blagoevgrad, from km 322+000 to km 359+000 (ongoing) 37,5 km160 mln. euro

11 Public-private partnerships  Importance of PPPs for the implementation of infrastructure projects in a time of financial constraints  New Public-Private Partnership Act, into effect as of 1 January 2013, aiming at:  ensuring the development of high quality and affordable services of general interest by achieving better value for public money invested  allowing the promotion of private investment in construction, maintenance and management of facilities for technical and social infrastructure and in the pursuit of public interest

12 Potential road projects to be financed through PPP schemes 1.Speedway Rousse – Svilengrad300 km 1 000 mln. euro 2. Speedway Rila 143 кm 420 mln. euro 3. Black sea Motorway110 km 723 mln. euro -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total: 553 km 2 143 mln. euro

13 Steps taken for introduction of electronic toll collection system  Prepared and approved in June 2012 Application form for funding by EU funds for Technical Assistance for Consultant  In September 2012 was launched the tender procedure for nomination of consultant to analyze the options and opportunities for the introduction of an integrated electronic system for toll tax collection by the use of the road infrastructure network in Bulgaria (ongoing)  Consultant analysis expected February – November 2013  Expected launch of public-private partnership for the realization of the integrated electronic system in Bulgaria is planned for the end of 2013

14 Present model Future model Payment of road taxes through physical vignette sticker for all kind of vehicles Differentiated electronic system for toll collection Electronic vignette system for the cars and vans Electronic satellite based system for heavy weight trucks

15 Approach to implementation through public- private partnership

16 By the end of 2020 Bulgaria is aiming to: improve the road infrastructure network by facilitating investments improve the road and traffic management by introducing Intelligent Transport Systems and Toll Tax Systems improve the road infrastructure network by facilitating investments improve the road and traffic management by introducing Intelligent Transport Systems and Toll Tax Systems

17 Thank you for your attention! LILYANA PAVLOVA Minister of Regional development and Public works 17-19 St. St. Kiril i Metodi Str.,1202 Sofia, Bulgaria e-mail:

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