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Marine Corps Systems Command Program Manager (PMM 110) Information Systems and Infrastructure Total Force Administration System Drill Management Module.

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1 Marine Corps Systems Command Program Manager (PMM 110) Information Systems and Infrastructure Total Force Administration System Drill Management Module (TFAS DMM) Mr. Gary Johnson TFAS DMM Project Manager PM Information Systems and Infrastructure Marine Corps Systems Command July 2013

2 Agenda  Roles Overview  System Overview/Paid Drill Process  Policy Updates  Helpful Tools  Nice to Know Information  Previous Enhancements  New Enhancements  Demo  Questions? 2

3 Role Overview 3 User RoleExplanationHeld By* DM ManagerGrants or removes user roles.E8 or Higher Schedule CreatorGenerates the schedule for Unit and on behalf of another Marine E6, GS-5 or Higher ReviewerReviews RIDT (Rescheduled Individual Duty for Training) and APD (Additional Paid Drill) requests for an individual Marine. E4, GS-6 or Higher ProxySubmits individual requests on behalf of another Marine. E4, GS-4 or Higher Muster OfficialSubstantiates attendance at a drill.E4, GS-4 or Higher Muster ManagerPrepares the muster and exports transactions to MCTFS. Submits individual requests on behalf of another Marine. Initiate Corrective Action Requests E6, GS-5 or Higher ApproverCertifies the unit schedule, individual requests, and the muster sheet. Commanding Officer or Operational Sponsor Trusted AgentActs as the Approver in his absence.Officer, E8 or GS-6 or Above APD ManagerManages distribution of Additional Paid Drills for a unit. E6 or Higher

4 System Overview 4 APD Module Scheduling Module Mustering Module Debit APD Schedule APD Drill Event Drill Day Drill Period Drill Detail Output to MCTFS Input from User

5 Paid Drill Process 5

6 Paid Drill Matrix 6

7  Required Documentation  Commanding Officer /OpSponsor (Approver) - Assumption of Command Letter  I-I, OIC, Det Commander (Trusted Agent) - DD Form 577  APD Manager - DD Form 577  Muster Manager - DD Form 577  Muster Official, Proxy, Schedule Creator and Reviewer - DD Form 577  Reporting Required via DM  APDs will no longer be reported via UDMIPS effective 15 June 12  FHDs no longer authorized if balance is less than zero Policy Updates 7

8 Helpful Tools  Reports  Drills Created Never Mustered  Drill Certified Not Exported  All reports exportable in PDF or Excel  Notifications  Notifications on Landing Page  Notifications sent via email  Corrective Actions(Muster Manager Initiate Action, See Paid Drill Matrix)  Delete Attendee  Change Drill Attendance on Exported Muster Sheet  Change EDP Determination  Research Failed Validation Muster Manager 8

9 AAU Guidance/Nice To Know  Ensure if Marine is absent for a day that reason is the same for both absences  Be sure to verify over 48 IDT’s for current FY prior to export  Do not change auto status for over 48 unless verified in MCTFS  Corrective Action Research Failed Validation, Units are not submitting  Pay Audit Drill Roster still required  Research Transaction Submitted By DM functionality  Verify Drills prior to Transfer  Unit Funded ADOS  Bring Marine Back  If member is schedule to make up a missed drill (EA/UN) and does not show up for the drill, the only action that can be taking is to canx the drill. Policy change is being reviewed.  Do not submit QUAD for payment without authorization from MARFORRES G-1  9

10 QR 1-11  Email Notifications  Update Attachment Capability  View Individual Drill History Reserve Viewer  Muster Official View Reports  Draft Drill Warning Message  24 Hour Time on Muster Sheet  Last Name Sorting Available From List View 10

11 QR 2-11  CC functionality  Drill Created In Past Justification  Decertify Muster Sheet  New Reports  Drills Certified Not Exported  User Contact Info 11

12 QR 1-12  Grade Restriction Warning  Over 48 Drill Notification For Approver  Drill Outside Current FY Notice  Reinstate Declined Drill  Edit Drill Dates For Muster Saved  Cancel Drill Muster Saved  Return User To Previous Filter Details To List View 12

13 QR 1-12 Cont.  DD577 (Muster Official, Trusted Agent)  Assumption of Command Letter (Approver)  Modification To Individual Drill Summary Report(Submitted By)  Drill Management Announcements  Aggregate Notices for Platoon Level(IMA) 13

14 QR 2-12  Scheduling Wizard  Multiple Attendee APDs(Proxy, Schedule Creator)  Corrective Action Redesign  HHQ Role Report  MSC APD Report  View Permission Requests  APD Request Comments  DM Training Link 14

15 QR 2-12 Cont.  Muster Sheet 4 Periods  Role Expiration  SMCR Hierarchy View  10 Time-out Pop Up 15

16 QR 3-12  Validation Check on Export(Invalid Pay Status and Strength Cat will not be sent until Marine’s status has been fixed)  Resubmission of Failed Validation  Nightly Scrub of Muster Sheet  EDIPI Search Account Management  Change EDP Determination  Static Notifications 16

17 QR 1-13  Regular IDT allowed on same date as Full Unit Regular IDT if Regular IDT Exported on Date  Pagination of Account Management  Pagination of List View  FHDs for IRR Marines  FHDs on No Drill Dates  Auto-Populate Muster Sheet 60 Days Post Mobilization with NS 17

18 QR 2-13  APD Manager can view Child and Parent APD Managers  QR 2-13 was released to production on June 27 th 18

19 QR 3-13  FHDs only managed by FHD Manager at MARFORRES  APD Allocation History 19

20 DEMO Demonstration 20

21 Q&A Questions and Answers 21

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