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2 VULNERABILITY OF JSW 1. The following hazardous chemical are handled/used in JSW Steel Limited :- a) Corex Gas (Mainly CO and H 2 ). b) Blast Furnace (BF) gas (Mainly CO and H 2 ). c) LD gas (Mainly CO and H 2 ). d) Chlorine. e) LPG. f) Hydrogen h) Liquid Oxygen.

3 SITUATION 1 JSW-T is generating Corex gas during the steel making process and using it as fuel. Main component of this gas is carbon monoxide (CO) with maximum 43 % as basic composition. It has flammable & toxic characteristic. Various concentrations of other toxic gases in Corex gas are, CO2 – 28.5%, N2-3.5%, H2-20%, CH4-1%, H20-4% & H2S-0.0067%. JSW is holding 1,00,000 nmcub of Corex gas in one holder at single location. The IDLH value of CO is 1200 ppm; explosive levels of hydrogen are LEL = 4.1% by volume of air and UEL = 74.1% by volume of air. Explosive levels of CO are LEL =12.5% by volume of air and UEL = 74% by volume of air.

4 Scenario 1. Intelligence report indicate likely hood of anti national elements targeting some of the economic assets in Karnataka. Requirement 1 1.Additional precautionary measures which the Management of JSW would like to take? 2. Response of Bellary District Administration to this reliable intelligence input.

5 REQUIREMENT 1 1.Additional precautionary measures which the Management of JSW Steel Limited would like to take? 2.Response of the Bellary district administration to this intelligence inputs.

6 SCENARIO 2 Nearby the Corex gasholder there are two bullets of LPG Gas each with a capacity of 18 MT. At about 0330 hrs, on 27 th May 09, three persons wearing the JSW workers uniform, entered the complex scaling the wall between two gates. They walked upto the corex gas- holder area. When they were 50 yards away, two went towards the Corex gas holder area and one towards the LPG storage area. Taking out disposable rocket launchers from their bags, they fired three rockets, two in Corex gasholder direction and one towards the LPG storage area, killing one person on duty. Three blasts were heard almost one km away. Two breaches in the corex gasholder led to release of corex gas into the atmosphere. In LPG storage area there was gas leak initially leading to BLEVE subsequently.

7 Technical details Corex Gas 100,000 ncubm gas. Gas is inflammable and toxic due to mixture of various gases. Gas flow rate is 12000 ncubm/hr in the Gas holder. Gas flow is controlled by valves at limited places.

8 Technical Details LPG BLEVE IDLH 2100 ppm LEL 20,000 ppm, UEL 95000 ppm On BLEVE of 36 MT will have approximate damage distance of 0.6 Km Corex gas holder is coming in this BLEVE zone

9 REQUIREMENT 2 – For JSW Steel Limited 1.Your reaction as operational staff on duty at the sites. 2.Reaction of supervisory staff on duty. 3.Decision making by the Management of JSW Steel Limited looking at the diversified properties of LPG and Corex gas.

10 REQUIREMENT 2 (Contd) - For Bellary Distt Admn 3. On declaration of the ‘off site’ emergency, the sequential actions to be taken by Bellary District Administration, Fire & Emergency Services, Police, Medical Services, Municipal Corporation, Public Relation Officer, NGOs, NDRF & other Stakeholders.

11 Scenario 3 Corex gas is being transported through pipes of 2.5 m dia at various locations within the JSW Steel works area. These pipes are rested on steel structures. At about 10.30 hrs on 27 th May 09, Contractor’s truck carrying awkward load dashed against one of the pipes, leading to breakage of Corex gas pipe line with heavy leakage of Corex gas. Technical details are given below: Release of Corex gas duration = 15 minutes. Maximum Outlet Dia. = 2.5 m Flow rate = 12000 NM3/hr Total released quantity of CO within 15 minutes = 1410 MT For the purpose of calculation, 15 minutes have been taken as representative of time taken to control/manage effectively the release. Temperature = 40 deg C and Pressure = 0.1 bar The end point distance for toxic gas may go outside the boundary (5000-6000 mts)

12 REQUIREMENT 3 1.Reaction of JSW staff on duty who first noticed the accident at the site. 2.Reaction of Safety & Services Staff on duty. 3.On declaration of the ‘off site’ emergency, the sequential actions to be taken by Bellary District Administration, Fire & Emergency Services, Police, Medical Services, Municipal Corporation, Public Relation Officer, NGOs, NDRF & other Stakeholders.


14 MOCK EXERCISE CHEMICAL(INDUSTRIAL) DISASTER SIMULATIONS Sl.NoEventProgramme 1.Simulation of Blasts in corex gasholder, BLEVE in LPG area Smoke Candle/Dicalcium Phosphate Powder 2.Casualties75 (35 inside the Industrial Unit and 40 outside in near vicinity) 3.Specialist Response First Responders of industrial unit and & district Fire and Emergency Services 4.Evacuation of people including families 200-250 in buses to temporary relief camp with in the JSW and 200 from outside by Deputy Commissioner 5.Water Tankers for temp Relief Camp and for FF Deputy Commissioner 6.AmbulancesAll available with the Sanjeevni Hospital of JSW and CMO Bellary District. 7.Temporary PHCLocation near the incident site by JSW and at Relief Camp by district medical officer.

15 MOCK EXERCISE CHEMICAL (INDUSTRIAL) DISASTER SIMULATIONS Sl. NoEventProgramme 8.Food Packets450 by DC Bellary 9.EquipmentJCB-1 By Dumper -1 DC Loading Trucks-2 Road Roller-1 10.GeneratorOne by JSW unit. 11.Telephone Cordless, Mobile and Fax Machines For ICP by DC/Distt Commn Officer. 12.Sewage and Sanitation2 Moving Toilets & Bathrooms by DC Bellary 13.Observers20 to be nominated by Secreatry DM and Director of Factories & Boilers from other Distts/Industries.

16 SUGGESTED DETAILMENT OF NODALOFFICERS & OBSERVER FOR MOCK EXERCISE CHEMICAL (INDUSTRIAL) DISASTER 1.Safety Officer:-ADM/SP 2. Nodal Officer (District)- DC 3.Search, Rescue & Fire Fighting: a)Nodal Officer-District Fire Officer b)Observer-Fire Officer from neighbouring district. 5 Medical & Trauma Counseling: a)Nodal Officer-DMO b)Observer-Medical Officer from neighbouring District. 6.Law & Order & Evacuation: a)Nodal Officer-SSP b)Observer -Police Officer/ ADM/ SDM from neighbouring district.

17 7.Help Line, NGOs & Information Dissemination: a)Nodal Officer-District PRO b)Observer-Information Officer from neighbouring district. 8.Relief: Food & Shelter: a)Nodal Officer- District Supply Officer, b)Observer-Supply Officer from neighbouring district. 9.Equipment Support & Sanitation Provision: a)Nodal Officer- DC/Municipal council. b)Observer-EE PHED from neighbouring districts. 10.Communication: a)Nodal Officer- BSNL b)Observer-Communication Officer from neighbouring district.

18 11.Transport: a)Nodal Officer-RTO b) Observer-RTO from neighbouring district. 12.Water & Electricity Supply: a)Nodal Officer-SE, Water Deptt Municipal Corporation. b)Observer-EE from neighbouring district.

19 LOGISTIC ARRANGEMENT FOR MOCK EXERCISE 1.Ambulance & StructuresSanjeevni Hospital & District Medical Officer and hospitals earmarked by him 2.Communication Eqpt (Telephone,DC/Revenue deptt, Communication Cordless, Mobile Phone, Search Lights, Walky Talky Sets, Computer, Printer etc. 3.Transport (a)Four Buses RTO. (b)Specialist TransportDC/Municipal Corporation

20 LOGISTIC ARRANGEMENT FOR MOCK EXERCISE 4. Establishment of ICP DC. 5.Arrangements in ICP (a) Seating ArrangementsDC. (b) Tents ( if in open)105 (c) Chairs100 (d) Tables 30 (e) Public Address System One (Audible in the ICP Complex)

21 6.Water Tankers - TwoDistt Water Works Deptt ( one for ICP and one for Relief Camp 7.Media Coverage Distt Information Officer 8.Electricity Supply Electriciry Deptt. 9.Fire fighting Vehicle and JSW & District Fire Officer, Equipments. 10. Accessories DC/Revenue Deptt (Pens, Name Plates, Sketch Pens,, Board,Banners, Flags, L-shaped files( folder) and caps/ arm bands marked Bellary Mock Drill Optional)

22 11. Documentation DC Bellary. - Filming the Mock Exercise by JSW - Still Photography by JSW - Final Report > By all stakeholders > By Observers > By DC to NDMA by 30 Jun 2009 (inclusive of film of total exercise duly edited and complete documentation) > NDMA will finalize Report by 15 th Jul 2009 and share with all Stakeholders

23 ONE POSSIBLE LAYOUT OF INCIDENT COMMAND POST ESF 1 SAR & Fire Fighting Operation Section Chief Planning Section Chief Finance Section Chief ESF 2 Medical & Trauma Incident Commander Situation Unit Leader Resource Unit Leader Documentation Unit LeaderInformation Officer ESF 3 Law & Order Evacuation Incident Communication CentreLiaison Officers ESF 4 Helpline & Info Dissemination Logistic Section Chief ESF 5 Relief, Food & Civil Supply Medical ESF 6 Eqpt Support & Sanitation CommunicationFood Supply unit leader ESF 7 Communicati ons Ground supply unit leaderFaciliator ESF 8 Transport ESF 9 Water Supply ESF 10 Electricity Technical Specialists

24 FORMAT FOR SELF ASSESSMENT BY THE STAKEHOLDERS. 1.Name of the Organisation. 2.Type of Support Function. (Eg. Medical, Relief, Search & Rescue) 3.Name of Team Leader. 4.Designation in Parent Organisation. 5.Contents of First Message about Incident received and Communication mode. 6.Source of Information. (Who sent it) 7.Time Information received. 8.Starting Time from the Base Station / Organisation. 9.Time of arrival at ICP / Disaster Site. 10.Distance between Base Station and ICP/Disaster Site (in Km).

25 FORMAT FOR SELF ASSESSMENT BY THE STAKE HOLDERS. 11. Manpower Resources available and how much manpower carried. 12. Equipment carried. 13. Material brought. 14. Vehicle brought (Give type) (a) For use of ICP. (b) Self use. 15. Difficulties faced. 16. Support Agencies Available. 17. What was your Contribution in the Mock Drill? 18.Learning from Mock Drill. 19.Suggestions for Improvement. 20.Any other information, you would like to convey.

26 FORMAT FOR REPORT BY OBSERVER 1.Emergency Support Function (e.g Search & Rescue, Medical) 2.Nodal Officer (Name) 3.Observer (Name, Address and Tel. No.) 5.Immediate Response (Give brief details) 6.Duties undertaken by the Team Leader/s. (Give details of duties) 7.Resources Available (All resources made available) 8.Utilization of Resources 9.Observers Comments (Frank Opinion, Good practices and weakness/shortcomings noticed)



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